New Animal Welfare proposal Massachusetts

Standards for one, most certainly should be for ALL especially since these NFP animal shelters sell the animals, pay no taxes and accuse people of cruelty for standards they themselves can not do, want to do and objecting to. I’m all for this and leveling the standards that should apply to all involved in animal care and it most certainly would slow down the seizing of property as well. Unfortunately, this might mean an increase of euthanized animals as they can not meet any standards that are imposed on other animal owners and caregivers. Will no longer mean the unnecessary theft of animals for the purpose of getting more merchandise!!!

A battle over animal welfare is brewing in Massachusetts. The state says new,  proposed regulations will improve conditions for animals in shelters.

But animal shelters and rescue groups say some of the regulations could  force shelters to close and put animals at risk.

The state is proposing new regulations that say “foster homes shall be  subject to inspection” by the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture.

“If a police officer wants to come in my house they have to have a warrant,  if my landlord wants to come into my house he has to give me 24 hours notice,  but I’m supposed to let this stranger in my house,” Gayle Mahoney, a foster dog  keeper, said.

Animal rights groups say the state’s proposal doesn’t only impact foster  homes. It also calls for shelters to have more oversight than pet shops and  breeders. And it will even hold shelters to standards higher than some national  guidelines.

[Bloggers note: Tables turned when the rules for equal standards will have a major impact on animal health and safety…yet they are fighting against a law proposed for animal welfare-So which is it a money making business that is fighting proposed law or a NFP not willing to go the extra mile for animal welfare!?! How interesting as they supported the laws where ‘others’ have to live up to the standards that they themselves can not or not willing to do themselves. I believe that animals from a less fortunate situation require higher standards and should have been the case all along.-Hoping that other states will follow Massachusetts in increasing he standards!!!]

The MSPCA worries even it may not be able to afford some of the proposed  modifications and is concerned about smaller shelters.

“It could close animal shelters. It could mean the euthanasia of more  animals,” Mike Keiley, of the MSPCA, said.

The director of the Second Chance Animal Shelter in East Brookfield  estimates the new rules would cost her thousands of dollars in remodeling and  mandated vet check up’s. Its money she doesn’t have.

“Putting more responsibility on the organization to ensure that they’re  placing animals that are both healthy behavior wise and medical wise is  important,” Michael Cahill, an employee of the Massachusetts Department of  Agriculture, said.

The Department of Agriculture says it wants to hear your opinion on the  proposed rules. You have until October 8th to give the state your feedback.

If you’d like to check out the proposed regulations:


Shelter and Rescue Program

The Division of Animal Health Shelter/Rescue program ensures the health and safety of animals coming into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts , through registration of individual shelters and rescue groups who operate adoption programs within Massachusetts or adopt animals into Massachusetts from other states.

[Bloggers note: follow the link for more information on the proposed shelter and rescue program]


If you’d like to send the Department of Agriculture your comments regarding  the proposed regulations, please email Michael Cahill at:<>


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of other…Stay tuned  Best -B



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6 Responses to “New Animal Welfare proposal Massachusetts”

  1. I find it amusing that these groups will cry and moan that they do not have the money to comply but heaven help a private citizen say the same thing. They will at least loose their animals and at worse loose their freedom and be convicted of abuse/neglect. So I am all for an even playing field. If you can not afford the care then you should not have the animals and I do not care if you call yourself a rescue or just a pet owner.
    Now to be totally honest I am NOT for any more regulations regarding pet care and pet ownership there are plenty of GOOD laws already on the books that are not being enforced why ad more?

    • Agreed but these shelters ARE selling animals and pushing for breeding laws, calling all breeders “puppy mills” or “pet millers” while stealing from good breeders, not providing proper care, euthanizing the “unadoptable” (something a breeder would not do), are NFP, NOT paying taxes and are private citizens like you and me who benefit for seizing animals and should NOT be given a free pass…I am pushing for regulation concerning these animal shelters, after reading all the horror stories especially, and regular inspections the same as what would be expected of any breeding operation. Best -B

  2. It is far beyond time that the “other side” have to meet and maintain the same or higher standards that are expected to be met by private owners and breeders! Full support!!

  3. When people run a foster home or daycare center for children, they too are subject to inspections. Strangers? No, if you sign up to be a foster home, you can expect the inspectors to visit. They’ll only be a “stranger” the first time, till they introduce themselves. No law says a foster home has to allow any Tom, Dick, or Harry who happens to decide to visit and “inspect” your home, for whatever reason. Any legit inspector will have proper ID. And those official investigations are not going to bankrupt the foster care system. It’s something that they should have been doing all along! If the humane society and animal control think they can walk in on private owners at any time for a so-called “inspection due to anonymous complaints,” then what’s so horrible about scheduled and required checks on foster homes?

    By the way, flashing a business card like so many humane society people do, isn’t “proper ID,” That business card could have been picked up at the society office by just about anyone (or printed out on any home computer), and means nothing. They should at least have a photo name tag.

  4. from Yes Biscuit:

    Proposed Legislation in MA Would Impact Shelters, Rescues and Fosters

    Massachusetts is considering a set of state regulations that would subject foster homes to inspection by the Department of Agriculture, require rescue groups to register with the state every 12 months and establish minimum standards of care for shelters, rescues and foster homes. These standards of care include:
    ◾Animals must be removed from cages during disinfection which is required “periodically and always before introducing a new animal.”
    ◾Animals must be kept clean and dry.
    ◾Veterinary care must be provided in a timely manner.
    ◾Animals must be allowed exercise outside their cages “regularly” and “be housed in compatible groups without overcrowding”.
    ◾Facility must maintain a temperature between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, including offsite adoption events.
    for more, follow the link -B

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