The Insanity of it all…

“The manner of attack against us has been calculated to make us sick of exotic animal ownership, sick of any animal ownership, and sick of each other.  The tricks that they pull have been so stupidly simple it’s like failing the world’s easiest intelligence test.” ~Kirby

“Abuse being condoned and ignored, lies, manipulation, whitewashing, not protecting future victims, invalidation, being treated like an idiot, having my intelligence insulted, people who falsely claim to be Christians who don’t have balls to act like decent human beings, let alone have Christian virtues……
All things that make me really angry!
And I have every right to be angry about them. And I am….
The added issues they cause is the affect this has on me psychologically, reflecting so much abuse I have already endured, adding to my deep distrust issues I have worked hard on to change.
And not trusting my own instincts. I am so annoyed with myself about that.
Those barriers I had up, that I have worked hard on to chip away at, well they are now back up.
It’s my highly skilled protection system cranked up to the highest  mode. That hyper-vigilance protection system that goes into full alert when emotions run high.
If you relate to any of this, please know I absolutely understand how you feel!”

from a previous post Does the End Justify This -Oh Hell no!!! featuring an article ‘Hounded to Death’: [bloggers note: follow the link for the full article]

 “What the media never focuses on in these cases is how much trauma the children go through when they are involved in armed police raids of their home.  The Williams children, especially their nine year old son Bobby, were so traumatized by this life shattering event that they had to undergo counseling to deal with the pain.  People who have never been through a police raid have no idea of the tremendous level of stress involved.  Even years later, just seeing a cop on the street is enough to bring on panic attacks and flashbacks.  Parents will never forget their children’s trauma and will remember until their dying day the screams and distress of their children watching cops rip their beloved pets out of their arms.  Due to the animal rights defamation frenzy against them, Bobby and his sister were taunted at school by their classmates so badly that they had to be pulled out and homeschooled.  Children can be unbelievably cruel to each other.  The social devastation is the worst part of it all.  Overnight you become a pariah just at the point when you need the most support.  Their lawyer, Will Farris said, “At the end of the day, when you go in and you make a splash for media or courts, it’s important to remember there are children and family and animals affected.”

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others Stay tuned  -B

To help the fight against the abuse against longstanding animal owners or if you are a victim, go here:

~ by topcatsroar on October 3, 2013.

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