Zoo Wars -Update -One of the funniest posts coming from BCR EVER!!!

Big Cat Rescue ~CEO Carole Lewis Baskin made a big Boo BOO and while this ‘titter of a mistake’ went by and was posted…then suddenly, was removed…obviously hadn’t expected that the link was saved. Recently, BRC aligned themselves up to force a longstanding animal owner to give up his animals with HSUS, the Kansas Zoo and In-Sync Exotics…and being the BULLIES that they are, not only did they seize those animals but brought law enforcement in tow so the owner was arrested as reported previously on this blog. Also reported on this blog was a most recent post from BCR as the funniest ever especially since BCR could not be found on the list…well well well one of my personal associates noticed that In-Sync Exotics was on the original list and had recently been changed…oh my my my if GFAS adds a new member or HSUS approves then Mzzzzz Baskin most certainly had better not say anything bad…oh no no no might be in a world of hurt if she does-SHE DID-What and idiot…Let the cat fight begin!!! From the original post-Most of it complete BULLSHIT!!! Check it out…her list of too big to fail facilities that she believes will fail-HA! How many Exotic cats does BCR have and will she give them all to Scott Loope?!? BECAUSE SHE IS A FAILED FACILITY HERSELF!!! (Wonder what excuse she will give -HA!) Scott Loope, a fraudulent and fake  animal rescuer-notice his big claim to fame TV show was gone after a few-very few episodes because the entire thing was a set up and fake-a SHAM!!! http://web.archive.org/web/20130617044830/http://bigcatrescue.org/failed-big-cat-facilities/

Too Big to Fail?

The following acilities housing huge numbers of big cats that are cause for concern because it is so expensive to properly house and maintain big cats.  These are places that should be carefully scrutinized and monitored to protect the cats.

Center for Animal Research & Education lists 36 tigers on their 2011 USDA census Central Florida Animal Reserve, FL  Their 2011 USDA report only shows 36 tigers but in 2010 they claimed to have 75.  They have a 2011 deadline to leave the property they are on due to zoning issues with little resources to do so. Doug Whitehouse, OH lists 28 tigers on their 2011 USDA census Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Clay County, IN owned by Joe Taft  appx 175 – USDA  lists 117 tigers in 2011 In Sync Exotics, TX lists 20 tigers on their 2011 USDA census and took in 8 more big cats in 2011 Jeff Kozlowski, WI lists 20 tigers on their 2011 USDA census [of course you KNOW I agree with this one but only because of the reasons already explained] Josip Marcan of Adriatic Animal Attractions and Bengal Tiger Encounters appears frequently at fairs and has been sending inbred white tiger cubs to roadside zoos to use for pay to play session.  While his USDA inspection of 2011 only lists 10 tigers he appears to be actively breeding. Siegfried and Roy, NV The show ended with Roy’s near fatal mauling in 2003.  They had 45 tigers according to USDA at that time.  In 2011 there were 19 tigers on their USDA census but backyard breeders have been claiming to sell more than a dozen tigers to them in 2010 and 2011. Tiger Missing Link, TX lists 35 tigers on their 2011 USDA census Tiger World Inc, NC lists 29 tigers on their 2011 USDA census Tigers for Tomorrow, AL lists 24 tigers on their 2011 USDA census Turpentine Creek in AR lists 65 tigers on their 2011 USDA report.  They had 110 on their 2004 USDA census. West Coast Game Park Bandon, OR Only lists 9 tigers on their 2011 USDA report, but staff tell visitors that they supply hundreds of zoos with baby tigers. Wild Animal Sanctuary operated by Pat Craig lists 55 tigers on his 2011 USDA report, before taking in more than 20 lions from Bolivia.  There were 89 listed by USDA for him in 2004.

These only represent the most high profile cases.  There are hundreds of other places in similar circumstances that are just too numerous to list here. ________________________________________________


I am rolling on the floor laughing out loud over this shot!!! Wondering if the feud has begun yet…Is the fur and are the hair balls flying…Both of these places proclaiming themselves great rescuers and again I ask -of WHAT and for WHOSE benefit…the animals…oh Hell no -Allf it for their own benefit as they trot home with their free animals…begging for donations, those little piggy’s ran all the way home going whee, whee, whee…and had their owner jailed…

For more: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/zoo-wars-are-you-baffled-by-the-bullshit/


Thanks for the laugh Carole…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on September 24, 2013.

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