Media Trespass and possibly gets away with it…

We will appeal!!!

Well, well, well…oh what a nasty, dirty, filthy, disgusting (deplorable) web we weave when the media trespasses on your property for the sake of a story, at the invite-That’s right, INVITE of the District Attorney’s office of Marion County, Texas…of course he’s now retired and a new District Attorney is on the job but that doesn’t excuse the media from what they did to get their story…It was a stronghold attempt to make their search and seize and their dirty county activities appear legal and appear as if we were guilty of something when we weren’t…Lack of registration (which wasn’t actually true either and certainly not a jail-able offense) was not a reason to STEAL $207,000.00 of property and an important point for another day…and with each mistake they made another maybe two to cover up the previous mistake, on and on it went until the story appears unbelievable!!! But if you actually take the time to listen and read the documents…all will be revealed soon enough…it will be obvious that the two people who have stood stead fast to telling the truth about the events as they happened, deserve the justice they seek.

This isn’t a game although lawyers seem to think so and frankly I can’t blame them when a media representative is dismissed from a case because he trespassed, trespassed during  search and seize…INVADED MY PRIVACY and theft of pictures gets off using the Texas Chapter 27-anti SLAPP law-Citizen’s Protective Act when there was NEVER any claim for the defamation they did…the statute of limitations was up…it’s the damage they did…the actual fucking trespass, the act of a criminal activity is being ignored, The CPA states it can NOT be used when criminal activity is involved -What the Hell is trespass if it’s not criminal?!?

The journalists rather than showing any shame or remorse for what they did are laughing at the judge who made that decision, set a  precedent and gave then carte blanch to go do it again!!! The lawyers enjoying all the loot it brought in-no mater what harm all those people did -the journalists and their damn attorneys, did to the people and ultimately the animals-Where’s the rest of their damn story about the animals seeing as how they claimed it a rescue…WHO RESCUED WHAT is the question and WHERE ARE THEY TODAY?!? Who started the whole ball rolling is laughable to say the lest when a call comes in from Wisconsin about the noise in East Texas…then trots off with 6 off the very valuable animals and he’s a convicted felon who gave up his constitutional rights the day he decided to rob a bank…Jeff Kozlowski shouldn’t be allowed to have a USDA and he shouldn’t be allowed to be in control of big cats!!!…Where’s the IRS accountability for giving him a 501-C-3?!? Sure makes it look like a credible facility, Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue (WBCR) when in fact it’s run by a convicted felon…Where’s the accountability?!? Where’s that winning journalist report about the crimes perpetrated on US citizens when a thief manages that?!? The FBI has been informed, yet the men in black suits are doing nothing about it…You bet it’s an act of animal terrorism (AETA)!!!

For two years I was on this blog on and off screaming about what was done to us…I then went quiet as if it all went away…But that’s not true either…we decided to file a federal suit and not supply anyone with any information as I knew and KNOW they follow this blog…EVERYTHING they did from start to finish was an effort to destroy us rather than protect us as the law stipulates-as the oath they took stated to protect citizens…the  responsibility to protect people from the possible abuse of the law…Possible my ass…they sure did abuse us!!! -How many others?!? Worse yet the animals!!! It was no rescue and when the legal system finally released the animals, 1/2 of those animals were DEAD!!! Where’s the story?!?! After all they claim public concern as their excuse for their crime…There is more concern over their trespass and the abuse of the law than the fact I owned big cats…It was no secret…

There is no question they were alive and well with us being kept sheltered and warm from inclement weather that was neither expected or the norm…a gripping winter that year (2009-2010)…Just the taking -exposed them to the weather…

Yesterday I learn that the Angel of Death-DR DEATH DVM is working once again as a ‘relief vet’-huh?? Never know who’s going to provide when you step inside that vet clinic with some other vets name on the door…I can only imagine the continued abuse to animals…but the cat sneezed on me-What BULLSHIT!!! How about the recommendations for euthanizing peoples pets without medical testing or just doing the deed without permission from anyone-after all, that’s what she did to my animals, why not yours?!? With access to ALL the vet records where ever she works!!!-Imagine an AR VET having access the vet records and the number of fake animal ‘rescues’ escalates!!!

Imagine you leave your pet there and come back and she claims she had to euthanize him!!! -She hates house cats…To top it off, she didn’t even give you the opportunity to give one last hug cause in her opinion it didn’t matter how you felt, and had to be done immediately…BULLSHIT!!! There was no medical test to prove it or sign of the animal even suffering -Hell, she’s already done that-DID IT TO ME!!! And had the gall to claim rescue. So while the Angel of Death-DOCTOR DEATH DVM lost her practice, but she’s back out there with her filthy, dirty hands on more innocent animals. How many more animals will die at her hand?!? Why does she still have a license?!? Oh I forgot, her claim was that I abused them-HUH?? Where’s the conviction for that?!? There isn’t a conviction because it was all a lie and what fun they all had at our expense and those animals!!! Those poor animals-MY animals snatched from there home as she stood watching (supervising my ass) as others tossed them out the door.

We drove past her old office on our way to court yesterday, the sign is still there ‘The Jefferson Animal Clinic’ the fool is too stupid to have taken it down and I doubt she still owns that property -opps, it stays…Over grown with weeds and a perfect ‘Halloween scenario’ with the ghosts of my animals roaming inside waiting for justice to be served. NOT THE FIRST MEDICAL CHECK BEFORE DOING THE DEED!!!

The records show what she did, her own logs demonstrate that she did no testing…she claims the District Attorney gave her permission to kill animals when a fact that isn’t part of his job and his records indicate he had no idea of what she had done. No permission from the Judge and certainly didn’t have my permission…after all they were still my animals…And then to top it off, the records of where some of those animals went show that they were in worse condition than any claim that she had made against my husbandry skills…a claim that she made yet there was no conviction and the county claiming the case bankrupted them…What?!? How’s that?!? Last I heard they hadn’t paid her bill…as well they shouldn’t as they based everything on her ‘expert’ opinion…that’s some ‘expert’…Oh they will try to show pictures of the animals-Where were those pictures taken?!? Not at my property-NO. Was that picture taken before of after those animals spent the cold ass night outside, stacked in cages soiled from the spill of food and water bowls because no one took the time to change them after they were taken to her nasty clinic, stacked those animals inside an un-insulated storage shed and with no heat provided-About my only question is if they left they doors wide open-HA!! Wait I think I have that information already… This stinking bitch is back out treating animals…I say piss puss poorly!!!

She’s back and advertising that she’s a ‘relief vet’-relief for who?!? The vet?!? That’s another nightmare and ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Other vets who don’t know what she’s done?!? Well that’s BULLSHIT!!! The way I see it, her dog breeding business (OK for her to be a breeder just not anyone else-BULLSHIT!!!) is not doing so well…Her expensive attorney must be demanding payment…Her insurance company, if any insurance company would still provide, (Do they even know seeing as how has not gone to trial…have they forgotten that all those animals died at her hand-this isn’t maybe died at her hand-she fuckin euthanized them without good cause for having done it-the public was in no danger either immediate or otherwise!!!) wants payment…’Relief’ for who, (rescue-of what from who?!? I know, recued the cages they stole from me) her debtors-HA! Has she already claimed bankruptcy?!? How many times can someone do that?!? The federal suit didn’t go away…and she did join in on the seizure…billed the county directly…works for the Humaniac-well at least she did…plenty of time on her hands since she closed the doors to her clinic-the Humaniac still out there abusing people and stealing property-it’s on FB and on utube of a claim that they found abandoned dogs…were they, really?!? There was no search warrant or a sheriff accompanying them as they enter the property and the home!!!…Yup,likely still does work for for the Humaniac but maybe business has fallen off seeing as how no one trusts the Humaniac or …DR DEATH DVM’s clinic connected to the Humane Society at one time-the Humaniac’s not for profit Humane Society…that had existed out of a PO Box for years and now holding animals in substandard conditions and no one gives a shit!!! (Told I should see that place during and after a big rain…more dogs being abused by them!!!) Those that don’t get ‘adopted’ (REHOMED) end up at the next county over animal control with a high kill rate for them to do the deed and keep their hands clean because no one is looking…What a bunch of liars they all are…From the perpetrators themselves to their attorneys…OH, but don’t say that in court…don’t say the Esteem Attorney Anderson is lying when he is…

So I went quiet but when I hear DR. DEATH DVM is back out their putting her dirty hands on animals and had acused a longstanding animal owner with extremely valuable animals, I am asking who and why anyone would hire her?!? (Maybe the relief happens when the other vets loose their practice…ya think?!?) Are these vets so desperate for relief while the rest of us wonder where their next meal is coming from or how they will pay an electric bill…Sorry but I will not stay quiet any longer and if you don’t like that I was accused yet convicted of no crime, NO CONVICTION yet the animals were not returned and you chose not to follow this blog any longer, then leave…Because now you know…No one is forcing you to read my blog…

Bad enough that court didn’t go well and learning that the judge still has not actually read those papers…stacks of papers never opened-what is that?!? So we decide to refute them in court, why bother with paperwork when it’s perfectly acceptable to refute in court (state court against the media) and get there after a driving at night during a down pour of endless hard rain that took 4 hours to drive to learn that the poor certified court appointed interpreter had complained to the curt that it was too hard and couldn’t keep up so the judge actually puts a time constraint on us-WTF?!? This is not some simple argument against dismissing the defendants, London Broadcasting, to keep the case from going to trial in front of a jury…I paniac…Fred is lost for words as we had both expected to take our time and after all, our witnesses were right there in the court room wit me glaring at Sheriff McKnight…

You don’t just file suit and go to trial…oh no, can’t be that simple…when the proof is in those news articles…we are going to join the District Attorney in his search and seize” Not only did he have no business leaving his desk but what was he doing inviting them?!? They had no permission from anyone to come onto the property…not the Judge who ordered the search and seize and most certainly not us!!! (By the way a JP Judge in Texas can not issue a search and seize warrant when the county has a District Judge…Marion County has two)

People, we are pro se and these lawyers are fighting harder than they would any attorney if we had one to represent us…And dare I say they never would argue this hard or lie about the facts of the case if we were.

Mr. Anderson you are a no good liar and you know it…It’s pretty damn interesting that you never gave the court the doctored video that you used when you took our deposition (the evidence had been tampered with)and that you didn’t have an interpreter there during the entire deposition as you claim to have provided…LYING SAC OF SHIT!!! Enjoy the appeal if you get your client, LONDON BROADCASTING dismissed…


If you want an ambulance chasing, lying attorney give these guys a call…Tyler, Texas…I’m sure they are more than happy to take you on as a client…Imagine if they used their skills as attorneys and did their jobs properly adhering to the oath they took, for Justice rather than against it…

I don’t know why I bother with the disclaimer seeing as how…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned for more about this state case against the media trespass on my property and more!!! More about the Angel of Death DR. DEATH DVM, Jeff Kozlowski and Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue (WBCR) and Marion County, Texas Hell on earth filled with corruption of their law enforcement and Judges presiding over cases that is out of their jurisdiction and a JP Judge who issues search warrants he is not authorized to issue…More on all of it some three years after they abused us and slaughtered our animls in the name of rescue. Including the poultry with a state hold order in place-B


~ by topcatsroar on September 22, 2013.

3 Responses to “Media Trespass and possibly gets away with it…”

  1. Keep your head up and your shoulder pads on–INJUSTICE of t all can not PREVAIL in the end…Continue your blog and get your story out to the senators and representatives, give them hell. There are way too many similar incidents involving the so called “humane societies” and I know for a fact, all these VICTIMS (and that’s what they are), ARE NOT LYING! Their stories are too similar and they are hundreds and thousands of miles apart with the same wording and accusations used against them. Stand up ELECTED OFFICIALS and do your job per the oaths you have taken. IF THE ANIMALS do not look abused, why would you even think twice about siding with a society who gets the majority of their operating funds from SELLING other folks PERSONAL PROPERTY. It may sound cold, but animals are still classified as personal property in our country. IF the proper procedures that have been put in place to conduct confiscations such as this and they are not followed—-THEN, THE CHARGES SHOULD BE DROPPED AND ALL DAMAGES should be RE-COUPED by the property owner. If indeed the abuse/neglect is/was legit….it will still be legit when the proper procedures are followed to inspect and possible confiscate per written law as conditions will not change that much with care being provided by the same owners??? AND,even if they could not CATCH the conditions in the same shape they say they were in the 1st (illegal) visit, then ALL IS WELL and GOAL MET, RIGHT? RIGHT…animals are being cared for! JUST SAYING…..DO YOUR JOB! WE will ALL be held ACCOUNTABLE before GOD and that does include JUDGES, LAWYERS, PRESS MEMBERS & EVERYONE else involved……..What will you tell him when he asks? Have you thought that one over? HE WILL KNOW the answer before he asks and any SANE individual is AWARE of this…BETTER MAKE IT RIGHT & JUST……..

    • Someone please explain to me how the anti-SLAPP law applies to a media trespass when there was nothing stopping them from remaining at the gate for the story…nothing on the damn warrant providing permission…Sheriff McKnight didn’t own my property -why was he forcing us and threatening us not to touch the gate if he didn’t know the press had been invited for a ride along…and it most certainly was a caravan from his (the sheriff) parent’s property where the helicopters landed-that’s right, the press came by helicopter and buzzed us several times before landing (I called and complained about that before they arrived-little did I know what was going on a mile down the road-HA!) before joining in the caravan, they even waited for the journalists to arrive…The defendant that claimed CPA was dismissed when the Act itself clearly states it is NOT protection against illegal activity-Appellate court will get a laugh off that but I don’t believe we should have our tax money wasted this way when they use a frivolous defense if you can consider such a claim a defense…or me having to be raped once again by the in-justice!!! Did the Judge actually read those documents-if not he should to save himself the embarrassment…

      If they had the permission then prove it…don’t make me out to be a liar!!! And stop wasting taxpayer money on this!!! Seems these days they claim that people filing suits are tying up the court when there are reasons to file suit and the only ones tying up the courts are lawyers giving their profession a bad name!!!

      On to the next defendant…I said I would like to call witnesses…now present in the court…he said we lacked evidence-We have evidence and witnesses-HELLO!!! ‘I have witnesses your Honor’-Anderson jumps up out of his seat fast…I thought his chair was going to fall over backwards(too funny)…Objection that is not allowed…WTF?!? Aren’t we trying to get to the truth of this matter or are we allowing them to take on frivolous claims for journalists behaving badly-now attorneys behaving badly!!! -What’s those newspaper and media reports if they are not evidence of their crime?!? This attorney now as always, lying thru his teeth-and not sure how he kept a straight face!!! Evidence presented at deposition was tampered with (doctored) -Anderson submits the deposition without the exhibit of the video and I imagine the video deposition showed the tampering and that there was no interpreter present the entire time so he didn’t use that either…after all the last defendant got of for trespass using the Citizens Protection Act…why not with-hold evidence…&@%%@^*!&%

      You know, this would be funny if it wasn’t so damn serious!!! So our story remains the same and he twists it to suit his need to have his client dismissed knowing our story remains the same all this time and the TRUTH…theirs keep changing-not ours!! Is this what they call a good attorney?!? WOW!!! Never made a claim for defamation when it’s beyond the statute of limitations…it’s the damage as a result of the trespass…

      Those ‘journalists’ ~IF~ they had remained in the road, even with the slanted story, there could be no complaint if beyond the statue of limitations now could there be…Oh but their story would not be so thrilling to the public without that big cat pictures now could it have been?!? They had to trespass to get those pictures…

      I value my privacy and the privilege of being a US citizen and entitled to that privacy…For me this is still a 1983 charge but the courts have decided it’s a state issue of trespass…so if it’s not a 1983 charge and not a trespass, invasion of privacy, trespass during a search and seize, and theft of pictures…then wtf is it?!?

      Certainly NEVER asked for permission…not given permission from the Judge…

      Now here’s the importance to all this-We count on ‘journalists’ to be truthful and do their reporting honestly…Now hiding behind lawyers to get away with breaking the law rather than just saying yeah…that’s what we did -not one bothered to stop and ask us for permission as they streamed by with lust for their story and the pictures they stole during that trespass…right past us where we were being held although, there was no warrant issued for our arrest…under armed guard and not mirandized…By maybe the only 1/2 honest sheriff present who said they we’d have to take it up with the court…so we are the only way we can…with the truth!!! Maybe it’s just crazy to expect justice after all this where there was none and breaking the law every step of the way!!!

      Now remember, we went thru all this even jailed for a week and never convicted of any crime…the animals never returned-1/2 dead…How can you call that justice in America when it is anything but and that’s the God’s honest truth. -B [Sorry, still ranting, sorry about the edit]

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