Is it workin’ out for ya?!?

What are all those groups doing or have they done to help protect you against animal rights taking your rights…I know of only one organization that has put  themselves on the line to protect animal ownership-At the rate regulations are changing for the 2% of the population’s agenda and the infiltration into the government, there is NO insurance that will protect you against animal rights.

No one is holding anyone accountable for this and already the new regulations boggle the mind…Don’t look at me, I’m just a messenger…Who did you vote for?!? -Did you even bother to ask about the issue of animal welfare vs animal rights…

How are Those Dues working out for ya?

When you pay for car insurance and something bad happens, you expect the insurance company to handle to matter for you.  They hire the lawyer, go to court, and all you might have to do is make an appearance or make a statement.  So what do you expect when you join a group that is “insuring” your right to own animals?

The insurance is there in case animal rights activists attempt to seek and destroy your rights in regards to animals.  There are many groups out there that toot their own horn saying they encourage your membership to protect your rights.  But really, what are you getting for your money?

In just the past few days after the USDA APHIS division made the proposed regulation against home breeders final, I’ve seen emails, articles and letters flying from these so called animal welfare groups.  Have any of them suggested that they are actually going to fight this regulation with a lawsuit from the money that you have been paying them?

While all of those emails, letters, and articles sound wonderful, there isn’t one hint or suggestion that any of them are willing to take this task on that will prohibit EVERY SINGLE DOG BREEDER and PET OWNER in the country FROM OWNING A DOG unless you are one of those lucky millionaires with gobs of money to throw away!  The new regulations are an attempt at Price Fixing! IMO.

So who are those groups and what are they doing?

The NAIA: Well, the co-founder Patti Strand wrote a nice article the other day

The Cavalry Group:  Email sent out that asks you to write a letter to your government Reps.  Good idea although that should have been done when the regulations were proposed LAST YEAR and why are they asking YOU to do something.  Shouldn’t they be using your INSURANCE money to fight this regulation?

SAOVA: Ain’t got a clue.  Sent out an email asking for you to send a letter to your reps through the Cavalry Group website.

MPBA:  Haven’t heard word one.

American Kennel Club (AKC): Got a nice letter about all the things within the regulations that “they don’t like.” BTW: AKC had enough extra cash a few years back to send $7Million to China.

PIJAC: Ya gotta be kidding!

AVMA: Completely against any type of rebuttal to the new regulations/law.  You won’t hear a peep out of them, unless forced.

Those are just a few off the top of my head.

They all talk a good talk but I ain’t seen one of them “walk the walk.”  Hopefully, I’m just jumping the gun and every single one of them will join together and file a nice little lawsuit against these regulations.  Don’t let’em fool ya.  They’ve been taking your money for years and years.  Believe you me, they got enough in their bank accounts to not only fund a lawsuit, but win!


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on September 19, 2013.

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