Zoo Wars -Another Exotic Animal Owner Arested

Follow up to previous news: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/zoo-wars-looking-for-a-reason-to-press-criminal-charges-sound-familar/

Well of course they found a reason to make him get rid of the animals…easy enough-HA! This time there were no fake charges of animal cruelty-the media not trespassing for the story on private residential property…but they published his mug shot-wasn’t that mighty nice of them?!? I guess the local Humaniacs didn’t have any use for those animals…no matter the value…


Police make arrest in exotic animals case

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WTVA) — The Starkville Police Department says a man is now behind bars in connection with an exotic animals investigation.

According to investigators, police arrested Huyanh Ralph Tran, 35, on Thursday, September 5.

Tran resides in Starkville on Park Avenue, where a search warrant was issued on August 28.

Officers responded to neighbors complaining of loud animal noises coming from the residence.

Once inside the residence, investigators discovered a commercial exotic animal breeding farm with dozens of large constrictor snakes, African cats, rare frogs, parrots, macaws and other large birds.

Tran turned himself in after two misdemeanor arrest warrants were issued charging him with violating public nuisance and safety as well as operating a commercial business in a residential area.

Tran was served, processed and released after posting a cash bond of $1,000.

Tran has complied with instructions made by police in the removal of the animals.

Most of the animals have been safely removed and the remainder are currently in the process of being relocated.


So if you have a commercial business in a residential area you can be arrested??? Many commercial businesses are run out of peoples homes-Maybe they need to make a clean sweep of  it…arrest all the people who run a commercial business out of their homes?!? Mighty nice the way they can twist the law to apply to circumstance…even when there was no real reason to do it…shhhhhhhhhhh, quiet please…you might be charged with being a public nuisance even tho you have no animals-watch out…you might be next on this hit list. And get this-they can arrest you for it-huh??? What the Hell happened to a citation first?!? Oh wait, they can just skip that step these days-What BULLSHIT!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


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