Zoo Wars -Tiger Talk -Both Educational and Entertaining

I have known Doug Terranova for many years-more than two decades actually. He’s wonderful with animals and trains the animals with dignity like the majority of trainers; his show providing insight into training techniques. His show is on tour and traveling throughout the United States as Tiger Talk. I highly recommend this show; as both educational and entertaining.


Tiger Talks is worth a listen (Photos)

Doug Terranova’s Tiger Talks is more than expected, giving a lesson in tiger behaviors. While the entertainment value is there, so is education about training according to the animals’ known behaviors. Tiger Talks highlights each tiger’s personality giving a true glimpse into the world of a performing tiger.

With the dwindling numbers in the wild, the tigers in captivity outnumber them and may offer the only hope for survival of the species in the future. Rather than detract from their wild cousins, they enhance interest, education and the desire to see the species survive. As people walked by, they were drawn to watch and even lined the sides of the show.

For more on this story and more pictures, follow the link above…


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~ by topcatsroar on August 25, 2013.

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