Message from TX-RPOA -Thank you Mr. President (Did I just say that?!?)

Not everyone supports the animal rights movement-including the Obamas. ..Proving that all breeders are NOT “puppy mill” as the animal rights extremists want you t believe just like large numbers of animals does NOT mean that yu are a hoarder!!! This belief is attributed to the brainwasking effects that the animal rights movement propaganda machine would have you believe.

There is no shame in purchasing a full-bred animal-You get what you pay for from the breeder knowing full well what to expect of the breed and the bloodlines of the animal. IF you don’t give a hoot about such things then by all means get a mutt from the shelter where they guess at the bred or breds (whatever the case might be) or offering stolen animals from an illegal animal seizure. Take your pick for a 10-20 year commitment to an animal that you will love and consider as part of your family.


>From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach
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August 23, 2013

“Sunny,” the Portuguese Water Dog, is the latest addition to the Obama 
family in the White House. Sunny came from a breeder in Michigan, purchased 
for around $2,300 and seems to have been born through frozen sperm, 
MailOnline is revealing.

The Animal Rights Industry is all a-twitter, aghast that this was not a
“Rescue” or “Adopted” Dog. All breeders are “puppy mills” in their eyes and
their breeder hatred was front and center when the Obamas obtained “Bo.” If
you remember, VP Joe Biden’s German Shepherd Dog puppy purchase set off a
firestorm for that breeder. So the White House is not naming the breeder
except to say Sunny was born in June in Michigan.

For the full story and gorgeous pictures of well bred “purebred” pups go to
this link:

The breeder said: “We work very hard to match our puppies with the
appropriate family, first and foremost. We do take into consideration sex
and coat type but those are secondary to matching families with the right
Remember we have raised these puppies from birth and have spent countless
hours caring, loving and studying them.”

Meanwhile, Wayne Pacelle, Vegan President of The Humane Society of the
United States, wrote on his blog yesterday and questioned why the Obamas did
not take in a rescue pet, obviously unaware at the time of where they did
obtain Sunny.
He wrote: “As we always say in such circumstances, we hope the Obamas
considered adoption or rescue as the first choice in obtaining a pet. We
are pleased to learn that the First Family made a donation in Sunny’s name
to the Washington Humane Society, which shows the family’s awareness of and
concern for the problem of homeless dogs and cats in our nation.”

HSUS considers all breeders to be “puppy mills” – whatever that means?
Purebred dogs and cats face extinction from never-ending “animal rights”
propaganda and legislation written to regulate them out of existence. We
cannot let this happen. Congratulations to the Obamas! May they have years
of companionship and pleasure with their beautiful dogs.


Disclaimer connecred to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  Best  -B

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  1. its not safe in bc to own a gd dog or cat it can be stollen legaly then sold what can we do any answers

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