Does the End Justify This?!?-Oh HELL NO!!!

Hounded to Death

May the Lord God bring solace to Cynthia Williams and her daughter after the death of her husband and son at the hands of animal rights activists. The activists will scream and whine that they didn’t actually kill her family, oh no! They just hounded, harassed, and destroyed the family until suicide seemed like the only way out.

You see, the animal rights activists wanted to pass legislation to outlaw dog breeding in North Carolina. But to accomplish this, they needed some splashy and lurid raids to drum up support for their false flag efforts.  To animal rights activists, the end justifies the means.   As part of their larger campaign, they carefully selected some targets, not hard to find in this long crumbling economy.  One of their targets was Joe and Cynthia Williams of NC Great Danes, Wilson County, North Carolina, a close knit faith based family who started out as dog rescuers but had turned to breeding Great Danes.

But first they had to seed the ground before raking in the crop.  The animal rights front sent in undercover activists to buy puppies from the Williams to then later claim the puppies were sick, a standard tactic of this movement.  They had to have claims of “complaints from consumers” to run to the po-leese with.  Every dog breeder victim of the animal rights movement reading this will know what I’m saying.   These activists are answering almost every single ad of a puppy for sale in this nation in an effort to track and stalk America’s dog breeders.

Leading the raid was HSUS’s North Carolina State Director Kim Alboum, with the brand new “Great Dane Rescue Alliance” along for the ride, who had only recently been organized. Sound suspicious yet?  A newly formed “rescue” is standing by to accept dogs of the same breed as a breeder about to be raided.  Sounds suspicious to me.  Even more suspicious is the fact that the Great Dane Alliance is represented by an animal rights lawyer.  More on that later.  As for Kim Alboum, HSUS hired her from a human resources consulting firm, which gives her such great experience and training in animal issues.   Since joining HSUS she’s been involved in such sterling animal rescue efforts such as the Alabama 44.   Then again, many animal shelters in North Carolina are death traps, far and beyond worse than any dog breeder could ever degenerate too.

After making lurid claims of animal abuse these activists got the Wilson County Sheriff’s department to swear out a warrant to raid the Williams. Even though these activists claimed to the media that the Williams were actively starving the dogs in their care on a daily basis and being inhumane and cruel to them, the Sheriff’s department sat and twiddled their thumbs before serving the warrant 34 days later in a more politically opportune time.

Then in August of 2012, the pre-arranged splashy raid of the “puppy mill” was held and immediately afterwards the activists started releasing their social media propaganda to further their cause.  HSUS said, “The HSUS Assists in Rescue of 28 Dogs from North Carolina Puppy Mill.”  Notice how the HSUS emphasizes that they took part in the raid with their ritzy raid trucks and did transportation of the animals but that they are not housing and caring for them.  But not content to stop there, the press release oozes on about how animal cruelty in North Carolina is reaching epic proportions because those pesky Carolinian’s just don’t have any laws against cruelty.  Shame on you!  If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.  Six days later the HSUS raid truck is in action again in Pamlico County scoring another 20 dogs from a breeder and whipping up the frenzy yet again that North Carolina just has no laws to prevent these horrible people from existing!  We need more laws I tell you!  Why isn’t anyone listening to us!  The animal rights activists whipped up such a frenzy that even the North Carolina Governor’s wife drank the Kool-aid and spoke out about the need for more laws to outlaw dog breeding in the state.

The activists moaned that the William’s were starving their dogs being careful not to say that one of the dogs was 15 years old and another was 13.  They talked much about untreated tumors but failed to say that to their massive disappointment, the dog they claimed had a tumor had actually undergone surgery that very day to treat an enlarged mammary gland, not a tumor, and that dog was under active veterinary care.  They talked about the dogs being “broken” but never mentioned actual injuries.  No, they were claiming the dogs were broken in spirit, something far more intangible and impossible to disprove.   But behind the splash and dash in this highly scripted performance are human beings.  Behind the lurid headlines was a nine year old boy who had to witness these yahoo’s dragging his 13 year old dog away by his neck with a catch pole, while the little boy screamed and cried.  After the raid force’s macho man fun and games were over with, the William’s were charged with 23 counts of animal cruelty amid a media induced defamation frenzy.

“They can go in, take somebody’s animals, say they incurred all these bills and then just take off, and that’s what they do sometimes,” Farris said. “The breeding facility operated by the Williams family in 2012 had been approved both by the American Kennel Club and the local sheriff’s office prior to the illegal search of their property, which resulted in the illegal seizure of their animals in August of 2012. The condition of the animals was greatly exaggerated both by the plaintiffs in the allegations contained in pleadings and the news media.”

What the HSUS and others were not expecting is that the Williams family fought back.   They hired local lawyer, Will Farris and fought, and fought, and fought.  They claimed that they were perfectly good breeders who had made $15,000 in improvements to their kennels after inspections by deputies and the American Kennel Club.  They fought back and they won.   The Judge ruled that the search warrant and seizure of their dogs was illegal.  The prosecution quietly dropped the charges against them and HSUS tucked their tail between their legs and left town leaving the Great Dane Rescue Alliance holding the bag.    

Because dog breeders never get their dogs back, as you can expect, The Great Dane Rescue Alliance sued for custody of the stolen dogs represented by their animal rights lawyer.   Hearings and testimony dragged the litigation out wracking up costs for the Williams.  Ultimately they came to a settlement with the Alliance were they got just one dog back and small monetary settlement for the 27 other stolen dogs.   What if someone stole your car and then sued you for custody of it and then settled later saying, “I”ll pay you $50 for the car and I’m keeping it.”  What then?   Would that be right?  The Judge ruled the raid was illegal yet the William’s only got one dog back.  

Think this was the end?  Of course not.   Animal rights activists do not care about people like Williams, they are just propaganda for the cause.  Now out of the woodwork crawls a previous puppy buyer to sue them for their dog supposedly having caught Parvo, a highly contagious disease.  The Williams continued to fight back pointing out that the first exams the puppy underwent after it was purchased, the puppy was healthy.  It was only after that that it contracted Parvo from the new puppy owners care, not the Williams.  However, these “puppy buyers” are lawyers and more than willing to continue to drag out the horror and pain for the Williams and their children.

What the media never focuses on in these cases is how much trauma the children go through when they are involved in armed police raids of their home.  The Williams children, especially their nine year old son Bobby, were so traumatized by this life shattering event that they had to undergo counseling to deal with the pain.  People who have never been through a police raid have no idea of the tremendous level of stress involved.  Even years later, just seeing a cop on the street is enough to bring on panic attacks and flashbacks.  Parents will never forget their children’s trauma and will remember until their dying day the screams and distress of their children watching cops rip their beloved pets out of their arms.  Due to the animal rights defamation frenzy against them, Bobby and his sister were taunted at school by their classmates so badly that they had to be pulled out and homeschooled.  Children can be unbelievably cruel to each other.  The social devastation is the worst part of it all.  Overnight you become a pariah just at the point when you need the most support.  Their lawyer, Will Farris said, “At the end of the day, when you go in and you make a splash for media or courts, it’s important to remember there are children and family and animals affected.”  “When you have these types of cases, there are so many misimpressions, misimpression (that) they don’t care about their animals. 

Looking at this picture of the family and one of their beloved dogs makes my stomach hurt. 

In the aftermath of this tragedy, the family was ultimately forced to give up their home and move to Nashville in an attempt to start their lives over.  Joe Williams tried to get training and certification as a refrigerator repairman to support the family and they were forced to move into a small duplex.

The Williams family underwent eighteen months of humiliation, torture, hell, and harassment.  Their reputations destroyed, their children so traumatized they couldn’t go to school.  Their financial stability ruined both now and for decades into the future.   On August 12, 2013, both Joe Williams and his son Bobby were killed in what authorities say was a murder/suicide.  It is being reported that Joe shot his son and then turned the gun on himself after setting the duplex on fire, but we weren’t there.  Internet armchair quarterbacks who continue to slander this family, right now today, are not there.   Only Joe, his son, and the Lord God knows what happened.  Let’s leave it at that.  Shall we?  Can we be good citizens, good neighbors, and give our support to the remaining surviving family members and stop with the mudslinging over events that we did not witness, did not live through, and can only speculate on?  There has already been enough pain for a lifetime for this family.

In speaking of the tragedy, the families lawyer said, “This is just the accumulation of everything that has happened to them over the last year and a half,” Farris said. “The financial, emotional and physical stress of the court battles that continue today has been overwhelming for every member in the family. The overwhelming negative pressures and harassments by several animal rights groups contributed to this tragic event.”

Where’s the Governor’s wife now?   

How many more people will die for this Animal Rights cause?!? There is blood on their hands and no ne pays the price for what they do…nor do they give a crap…How many times does it run thru a victims mind to die?!?…How many prople have been killed?!?…Well, I give a crap and too many have already died-Stop the INSANITY!!!
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on August 20, 2013.

16 Responses to “Does the End Justify This?!?-Oh HELL NO!!!”

  1. HSUS involved/SPCA involved -are they still so proud of their ‘good work’ of ENDING LIVES?!? Is the MEDIA still so proud of their reporting and creating the frenzy?!? DO they even understand or even care that it is their fault?!?—28-dogs-seized

  2. I could not have said it any better. OUTRAGED is what WE all, as fellow human beings should be feeling. If you have read this blog and seen actual news coverage of this sickening event and are not OUTRAGED, you lack a common decency about your own being. These raids more often than not are illegally carried out and the people they are carried out against do not have the means to represent themselves or to pay legal fees associated with these suits. I have spoken with or communicated in one way or another with so many of these “VICTIMS” OVER THE PAST COUPLE YEARS, and even sat through an entire trial related to false animal cruelty charges & have come to the honest conclusion that AMONG the animal rights radical believers, are a “LOT” of misfits, who have found a niche that supports their UNSOCIAL & NARCISSISTIC personalities. A niche for which there are occasional horrific finds (the EXCEPTION not the rule) that feeds the fuel which supports their endeavors. TOO MUCH is taken from their INNOCENT VICTIMS to allow this INSANITY to go ON. UNLIKE the societies and groups who survive on DONATIONS and the illegal SALES DISGUISED AS ADOPTIONS (wording taken from our own CHILD CUSTODY/ADOPTION CASES & MISAPPLIED TO ANIMALS to portray sentiment), the ANIMAL OWNERS DO NOT HAVE MONEY WHICH IS NOT THEIRS TO SPEND ON FRIVOLOUS AND NECESSARY LEGAL REPRESENTATION. I spoke with one animal owner who has become one of their victims and his LEGAL FEES have been over $800,000, and another over $50,000, and both these people have had the JUDGES in the respective courts order the animals RETURNED, but have not yet seen their animals. WTH?????? Just like the Williams’ they are VICTIMS and dealing day to day the best way they can–SURVIVAL–, I can only HOPE THAT SOME SORT OF JUSTICE can prevail for this surviving woman and daughter and that the TRAGIC LOSS OF HER HUSBAND AND SON are not in vain. I sure would NOT WANT TO BE one of the OFFICIALS INVOLVED IN THE UNLAWFUL ACTS committed against this family or some of the others and HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS ON MY CONSCIENCE. I know some do not POSSESS a conscience, but MANY DO……AND TO THEM, I HOPE and PRAY they will STOP AND THINK about THEIR actions, before doing this to others and if they do not, MAY GOD help them as we must believe “VENGEANCE IS MINE, SAYETH THE LORD”……

    p.s. Check into the LIFESPAN of a Great Dane….it is UNHEARD OF, for them to live to be 13 and 15 years old as a couple of the WILLIAMS’ dogs were—–NO way could they have lived through an abusive or neglectful life.

    • HA! I just assumed that everyone would know the lifespan of a large dog was short-Thank you for all that you wrote and pointing that out!!! -B

  3. Yes. The HSUS should still be proud. What people do not realize, or, I suppose, care about, is that puppy mills DO exist. The AKC approval of an operation is irrelevant. The AKC cares only about breed purity, and does not worry about the qualities of the lives of the animals in question. In another recent case in Wilson of an AKC sanctioned breeder, the ammonia levels from neglected urine was so high that dogs were blinded for life. Let me say that again. The dogs were forced to live in their own filth until it BLINDED them. Anyone who believes that a person capable of that kind of cruelty deserves any consideration whatsoever has no right to call themselves Christian, and should be investigated for cruelty, themselves.

    • Are you serious?!? Ammonia made the dogs…all the dogs go blind-where did you get that information?!? NEVER and I do mean NEVER heard of such an occurrence…Please provide a link for that…What was the metered sniff test?!? Do go on -B

      • Apologies for posting the initial reply as a new post.

      • Just fine with me darling…I got the message-please investigate…amazing how much you can find out with a few simple phone calls and Google search…

  4. The information came from a local vet that helped the dogs.
    I don’t know if this video includes anything about the blinding or not, i am on my tablet and can’t watch it. Not sure what the metered sniff test was, but the sheriff’s department wore hazmat suits to go into the building behind the house. And yes, I had never heard of this before, either. Nonetheless, the vet who checked the dogs out had. Not all of the dogs were blinded. I do not recall the numbers regarding that.

    • Hazmat suits are very impressive aren’t they?!?…Often worn for the purpose of photos and impress the public…Not all large numbers mean there’s anything wrong at all accept that someone wants the free ‘merchandise’ or impress the public as a ‘hero’ and ‘rescue’…Most these cases aren’t real at all…
      To make such a claim is truly poposterous…in all my years (25+) with animals have never heard of this from an ammonia level or even a high sniff test…Make them tell the truth if it was real or fake…Were they pedigree dogs?-HA! There is so much BULLSHIT with these rescues you wouldn’t believe!!! There may have very well been a blind dog there and “Hey wouldn’t it be fun to blame the conditions for this blind dog?!?” and not true at all…FAKE rescue is frequent and perpetuated by HSUS, PETA, American Human etc…How many did they kill in the name of ‘rescue’ (was there a medical test to back them up…was the public in any danger…was the dog suffering to no end and had to be done?!?-Doubtful!!!) Trust me, you are in for a big surprise when in approximately 10 days maybe 2-3 weeks, those animals are instantly healthy and ready for ‘adoption’ -REHOME…the ones they didn’t kill that is…Go investigate this tall tale PLEASE!!! You might be surprised when you learn the truth behind animal rescue-more sickening than any claim made…Never support a group that actively seizes animals…That’s your tax money and the government has no interest in animals!! NFP private group reaps the benefits from animal seizures-NOT the animals and NOT the people!!! -B

      • And hazmat suits are primarily used for photo ops? I suppose the moon landing and September 11th were hoaxes, too?

      • ROTFLOL!!! Some seem to think so…you’re not holding up to your end of the bargain…I remember that moon walk…I thought they were wearing space suits…never heard them compared to hazmat suits before…maybe they should contact NASA for a space suit for the next ‘killing spree’ and ‘fake rescue’…blinded, LOL!!! Maybe by the light but not some LYING media report and LYING Animal Rights Extremists (including the AR Vet that’s not worth shit!!! You haven’t bothered to link me or my readers yet…We’re waiting and getting impatient) -Damn was really looking forward to it too!!! The end does NOT justify the means-never does!!! Best -B

  5. […] %5Bbloggers note: follow the link for the full article] […]

  6. Rod -I will not post your most recent comment -1) I never received a link to the article 2) you fail to realize and understand what you are talking about 3)fail to accept that the above case was dismissed 4) fail to understand that the animals should have been returned…Finally and most important…you are a BULLY rejoicing in the deaths within an abused family and US citizens that have been abused by the law and should have NEVER been prosecuted in the first place….This in itself angers me beyond trying to reason with you on another case that I have no link to…
    The ONLY link that you provided is about the effect of ammonia exposure on PEOPLE and NOT animals…example-a slow ammonia leak from a refrigerator might have no effect on a person yet would be fatal to a bird…So I can not accept the information you provide.
    I couldn’t be more pleased that you won’t be staying tuned when you fail to understand conditions for people are completely different to animals and species of animals…Alga in water would have no effect on an animal yet if it was blooming alga another mater of concern. All of which means citation and not instant arrest and prosecution to correct.
    You are assuming that citations for correction have been issued when they are not with no animal in danger for it’s life…including that ‘blanket, unconstitutional warrants’ are totally illegal with US and State constitutions in place concerning search and seize warrants.
    Unless you do the PROPER research and provide links to the case as I asked for you to do and what information that pertains to animals…nothing can be or will be considered…so asking me to consider it, as you are implying makes no sense; not to me or anyone reading your opinion and/or argument. -B

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