ACTION ALERT-ZOO WARS-Do you know the where abouts of…

There has been an animal killing at GW Exotic Zoo:

“Notice to which ever Animal Rights Group Responsible for this…..
This time we got you…. Got you on video tape and witnesses to your pathetic act.
The man and women in the surveillance footage we have and customer witnesses of you placing dead animals in front of the zoo’s fence that you appear to have broke their necks and stood out there crying while your male partner made the video of you crying saying we killed them from lack of food and water was one of the most desperate things I have ever seen to make a fake video about us. But this time we have your license plate and I will not stop raising hell this time until you set your ass in jail and who ever put you up to this. Its a sad day in this world when you have to live under the gun to the point people kill animals and try to blame it on you.”

“Please share this post until we get world news coverage to get these people put in jail……………”

There are no chinchillas at the zoo-This was a set up that was caught on camera!!! Most exotic animal owners these days have security cameras in place…

Any information leading to the arrest of this person will get the reward

“We got a name to go with the tag on the red jeep to go with the license plate.

Found this through a Police friend .

Christopher Angus
6895 K Road
Nebraska City NB

2002 Red Jeep

Now lets get the law to do something about this……….”


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned and share this post!!!  -B


~ by topcatsroar on August 6, 2013.

2 Responses to “ACTION ALERT-ZOO WARS-Do you know the where abouts of…”

  1. Hopefully, the FBI are on it!!!

  2. Good work G W Zoo and you too, Top Cat! It has come the time that all homes, vehicles, animal related businesses, shelters, whatever, must have a surveillance system, as the word of honest men and women have become useless in the light of slacking purjury penalties and suits against those who are obviously lying! Our justice system has become a farce. The killing of innocent, non-threatening animals to point the finger at those who care for them is absolutely uncalled for and unacceptable!

    thoroughly disgusted!

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