The info here will not be found anywhere else n the Internet at this time…This needs to be shared as it exposes exactly what is going on in Texas with animal seizures in Texas.

OMG!!! Laurie has been arrested!!! -Remember the lady in Rains County, Texas whose donkeys were seized?!? [Links provided below]

06.12.2013_SPCA KILLS DONKEYS_No.1

Now charged with 3 counts of animal cruelty-The ‘calvary’ (NOT Calvary Group-calvary-a smoking gun!!!) has been notified and this “smoking gun” is on this case!!! This case and other illegal unconstitutional animal seizures in Texas will likely get national attention!!! -Actually, with the already posted information it already has but I am insignificant to anyone in Texas I suppose.

Out on PR Bond although the District Attorney stated that he’s going to ‘rack her’ -What the Hell that means is beyond my comprehension…But doesn’t seem like the thing that any DA should state or even think-US law states-citizens are innocent until proven guilty….So…Can you say “WITCH HUNT”?!?

The Facts in this case:

  • Approximately 8 mos ago-Rains Co sheriff dept ran three donkeys onto Laurie’s property (which is not fenced) Reason-Because these donkeys were loose and on the roadway…
  • Rains Co sheriff deputy told Laurie she could keep these donkeys if she could catch them. This without searching for/or consulting the donkeys actual owners-Can we say DUMPED the donkeys on Laurie’s property?!?
  • Donkeys at the Emory sale barn might-that’s MIGHT bring $5 or less with a required coggins check at a cost of around $30 for this test-Let’s do the math shall we-What this means is that the sheriff’s dept made a decision to dump these animals on Laurie rather than go to this small expense…HELLO!!! (Approximately $90)
  • Laurie and her husband have been out of work and supporting 5 children, one of which is a special needs child
  • How could the sheriff’s department expect unemployed  parents with 5 children to go to the expense that they weren’t willing to do themselves; How could they expect them to provide for these animals knowing they were unemployed?!?-WTF?!?
  • Once winter set in she was, of course expected to fed the donkeys and continue with the required continued care of them -THowever, the donations of Hay just didn’t cut it and these donkeys were already in poor condition when they had arrived but Laurie thought she was being a good citizen, helping the sheriff’s dept out and doing what she was able to do for these donkeys
  • Laurie hadn’t tied the donkeys out until recent when the sheriff department demanded that she contain them during one of their continual periodic visits to make sure they were contained-there wasn’t much concern for the animals what-so-ever or how she might be handling feeding them. It really wasn’t necessary to tie them out, those donkeys loved her and weren’t going anywhere anyway; all the same, Laurie complied as ordered to do and continued with her ‘civic minded deed’; doing as instructed by Rains County deputies, and tied them out
  • Fast forward LINKS:

  • Without warning or citation, a SPCA of Dallas ‘worker’ goes onto Laurie’s property with no warrant and cuts the rope bringing the donkeys out to move the animals
  • about then-Rains Co Sheriff’s deputy Holt with her partner (name unknown), arrive and hand Laurie a blank warrant and then proceed to take the donkeys-Actually, they were taken from the neighbors property (no fences ) and an important point here as to what follows…
  • An unknown vet tech, with the SPCA of Dallas, with no professional vet evaluation, with no blood panel to determine the condition of the one donkey that survived the SPCA of Dallas raid or with any any evidence that necessitated the killing of the two donkeys that this so called ‘animal rescue’ KILLED on the spot. Do keep in mind these donkeys were in no danger of dying until the SPCA was on the scene and there is no scientific evidence to prove that the situation necessitated euthanizing either of the two…no threat to public health or safety can be proved
  • Reminder…Laurie was told to bury the animals w/in 24 hours BUT, what you don’t know is that she was advised that she would go to jail if she did not complete this task!!! and What happened to “ALL animals unborn, dead and alive” which was about the only thing stated on that blank warrant to BRING IN as evidence? see the warrant at the links -note: she was told that if she did not get this done, she not only would be arrested but rather, that she would be put in jail for 2 months-WTF?!?
  • They used shovels to bury the donkeys into a large hole as instructed; where they laid dead
  • One of those donkeys was put down on the neighbors property. The neighbor freaked and insisted that the dead donkey be moved…imagine that…the decomposing bodies did not hold together and the horrifying scene and REAL life experience was in Laurie’s neighbors yard Note: it is not known whether any of the children saw what was going on with this entire hellish matter from beginning to end…
  • Laurie has now been made a criminal and the one donkey given away illegally by the Justice of the Peace Court Judge, Don Smith, who is out of his jurisdiction…see Hoff-Watson  case opinion #436:,37 and the opinion of the Federal appeals court of the 5th circuit…

See my blog post on this issue:

  • Rains County District Attrney, Robert Vititow, Who is responsible for prosecuting all of this is an “upsanding member” of the Emory Baptist Church; the very same church Laurie attends
  • Justice of the Peace Judge Don Smith is also a member of the very same church
  • DA Vititow has admitted that he knows Laurie her family and has stated that he knows she is struggling-WTF?!?
  • Smith likely does as well-Question: Isn’t this praying on a member of the congregation-What happened to loving and helping thy neighbor
  • Rev Joe Perkins must be in shock at the behavior of the members of his congregation behaving in a ‘nazi-like’ fashion!!!
  • Calls were made on Lauries’s behalf so she is out on PR Bond
  • The topper-Laurie has NEVER been provided with a court appointed attorney
  • All this done because the sheriff’s department didn’t want to spend $90.00…I would estimate that this has already cost the taxpayer over $5,000.00 to rack a member of the community and church and the SPCA of Dallas wants their $3,000.00

Where is the community…where are the church members to help Laurie protect her God given Rights?!? So does this mean it’s a ‘free for all’ in Rains County, Texas?!? And guess what…this is actually a common occurrence in Texas

I think it is time to make it stop!!! Demand that Rains County drop this matter. And STOP the Justice of the Peace Courts from hearing these cases.

Texas citizens are not being prosecuted properly and loosing valuable property. MAKE IT STOP-YOU the taxpayer have the power; embrace it and inform your legislatures!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion ad the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on August 2, 2013.

7 Responses to “Recapping the SPCA of Dallas KILLING SPREE -EXTREME UPDATE!!!”

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  2. From the evidence it looks like the sheriff’s office set these people up, and why?

    • Here’s what I think…grant you -just guessing…They received some sort of notice from SPCA Dallas about ‘helping’ animals-HA! (after how many months and following the winter and drought that continues) decided that they need to call the SPCA abut these donkeys and take away this burden that they laid on Laurie. Then the SPCA of Dallas wanted payment to do it so they called it cruelty and set the ball rolling because someone now had to pay to rehome them-now down to ONE…If they weren’t willing to pay the $90.00 to take to the sale barn, they certainly weren’t will to give the SPCA of Dallas any money. If they can’t afford their ‘concern’ for animals, then they shouldn’t have done what they did in the first place!!!
      Any AR organization getting involved is there for the money-this case demonstrates how little they actually care or follow the law.
      A JP Court is out of it’s jurisdiction to hear any case above a class c misdemeanor-Can’t keep the animals without conviction-so they have to appear as if they care when they didn’t in the first place…How many other laws have been pursued in this fashion to save a buck- Now costing the taxpayer thousands!!! Now I have no proof but is my opinion from studying the points of this case and bet you agree!!! Happening all over this country but most severely in Texas!!! They forget there is federal case law addressing the 821 seizure laws in Texas…so this type of wrongful prosecution can not be done in Texas any longer and should have stopped in 2009 with that ruling-they ignore laws so wh cares about the case law?!? It’s of my opinion that Rains County is screwed!!! -B

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