Call this an editorial if you like but exactly how many people in Texas have lost their animals in the Justice of the Peace Court?!?

The Animal Rights Extremists wanted in to be easier to take the animals ‘back’ to the ‘Pet Shop’ -at the same time, they wanted to make the animal cruelty laws stricter by making it a “Class A Misdemeanor”…”state felony”…But the plan has back fired.

Although the opinion from a federal appeals case in the Eastern District of Texas occurred many years ago it actually received very little attention from animal owners that can not afford attorneys and, the court appointed attorneys surly weren’t telling anyone as they pretended to fight on behalf of their client-the accused…or they simply didn’t know!?!-No matter as to why-the fact is 100s maybe thousands of people have lost their animals in courts lacking jurisdiction.

This little ‘boo-boo’ will cost the sate millions should they now have to pay for these seizures and owners for the loss of animals taken in a JP Court. Instead of saving a buck by placing these cases in JP Court-the truth is exposed!!!…I can’t begin t imagine the countless claims that will be made. Including Laurie in Rains County-JP Judge Don Smith was out of his jurisdiction to hear that case!!! -opps…

The Texas Constitution also stipulates when a JP Judge is allowed to issue a warrant and I imagine in many of the cases he wasn’t allowed especially if there was no animal control officer and therefore those warrants can be recalled.

Citizens are also protected from ‘blanket warrants’ for the taking of ‘all animals alive , dead and unborn’…the property is supposed to be levied for it’s value…

Please follow the link for further explanation and included here if you missed looking that over:

The Hoog-Watson case reveals the truth and now the mantra for the accused as there is no jurisdiction for the JP Court to hear the case and most importantly, there is NO statute of limitations for filing a case in any court that actually hears cases concern constitutional issues, and having the judgment declared moot as  unconstitutional as it was a case decided in a court with a judge acting out of his jurisdiction.

Furthermore, The JP Judge can be sued for acting outside of his jurisdiction and can be sued for treason in his personal capacity…a matter that must be pursued for retribution for the lost ‘property’

If you are a seizure victim and lost your animals in JP Court, please send me your contact information-it will not be exposed-Can you say class Action Suit waiting to be filed?!?


Chapter 27 of Texas reveals that citizens are protected against suits filed for speaking out/protected against claims of defamation…such as I am doing in this matter and other matters concerning Animal Welfare…No one is backing cruelty but you never falsely accuse and hold the case in a court or courts lacking jurisdiction, as what happened to us. Rather than settle this matter out of court, The defendants have these cases have decided t fight us on these matters-OK then-game on…we are proceeding as Pro se Plaintiffs in both state and federal court-ALL eyes will soon be on these cases as lawyers will proceed to argue against our claims.

We fear no evil…Living as victims from civil liberty abuse and abuse of media trespass on private property to get their stories for heightened ratings was illegal and nothing short of 2 counts of criminal trespass by the media employees and sub-contractors by sending them for the story-no one forced them onto our property and the trespass occurred during the service of a warrant-MAJOR BOO_BOO with their stories that circulated the Internet, that are the proof and evidence of it…

All the same…Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

reference link:


~ by topcatsroar on August 2, 2013.

One Response to “Follow UP-SERIOUSLY!!!”

  1. Sounds like a total nightmare – BUT … if you could do it – challenge; so many people who lose their animals just want to crawl into a hole and pull it in after themselves. Still – if you can get enough of them to participate, and publicize the successful result – wow. Something like that, with the right marketing could put us back on the rational path. Where animals are concerned anyway.

    Would take time, though :-/ Still, every bit. When does it get off the ground?

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