Wayne Pacelle-In His Own Words


Wayne Pacelle-CEO HSUS (Humane Society of the United States)

I see, they have other things they want to do with the donations sent in to- help animals. Isn’t that false advertising?!?

Do not donate to HSUS if you intentions are to help animals. Local no-kill facilities need help as long as they do not participate in seizing animals from longstanding animal owners for the inventory for their new ‘Pet Shop’.

The animals owned by breeders are not necessarily ‘puppy mills’ as they want you to believe…and most animal shelters are looking for puppies to sell rather than helping that starving dog that you see starving in the street. “Puppies-Puppies-Puppies” a quick sale while the homeless dog remains in the street…Easier to take ‘many’ at one time for the inventory and easier to get the FREE media attention for donations by proclaiming a ‘rescue’ -that starving dog -the REAL rescue dies from dehydration, lack of quality food or is hit by a car…Demand accountability for the things these shelters do. As many shelters are the problem REAL problem rather than providing a solution to a REAL problem.

So, if you are convinced that your local shelter actually needs your donation to help animals then donate…And NOT because they need some obscure building that they claim they need to help animals. These building then used as a money maker that they claim will be helping animals-more like putting local vets and pet shops out of business…S/N is not the answer to a problem-the answer is education and going into the community (schools-free of charge) for educational purpose and awareness.

Don’t be deceived…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on July 29, 2013.

5 Responses to “Wayne Pacelle-In His Own Words”

  1. I DO donate to HSUS because they DO help animals. Because while rescue makes you feel better in the short run, it does nothing to stop the never-ending flow of animals into rescue. Only changes on a national level is going to stop that, and only groups like HSUS are going to make that happen.

    • What a waste of hard earned money-You make me feel so badly for you at your misguided attempts to help animals.
      The money you donate goes into their pockets with rather high salaries and their slush funds -a retirement program that I doubt you will enjoy.
      Much of the money is invested (of shore accounts) and NOT used as you believe it is-HA!

      Please view their IRS filing and you might have a change of heart.

      Furthermore what is done today in their claims of animal cruelty are usually not valid, leaving long standing animal owners devastated with charges dropped or without conviction with their animals gone as the cruelty laws in this country become a situation of double jeopardy-There was no cruelty to animals yet WAS cruelty to fellow US citizens who often are not granted any rights in these cases to be able to form any defense.

      Time and time again, when a long standing animal owner takes a stand to fight back against the civil liberty abuse and theft of property, the animal owner wins the case whether the animal seizure done with or without the aid of HSUS, SPCA, PETA, and/or others…Step back and take a look at the entire picture before stuffing that check into an envelope and sending to HSUS. I am so sorry you are willing to provide HSUS with your hard earned money that can be put to better use with regards to animal welfare!!! -B
      By the way, what an outstanding dog!!!

      • You make me think you’re a troll for the animal agricultural industry. And that’s a far greater shame than any money I will ever waste.

      • I’m certainly not a lover of any Animal Rights Extremists Organization (HSUS,PETA,SPCA, Others) if that is what you are stating -That’s a given…No harm done over a friendly encounter or discussion of the topic of an issue that concerns us both-Animal Welfare-is there?!? I assume you are concerned with Animal Welfare -no matter how misguided I believe you are in your intentions-And that is a beautiful dog -Likely yours and Hard Core Animal Rights Extremists do not usually own any animal although, you have been supporting an Animal Rights Extremists Organization. They all want to ban all animal usage including pet ownership, including your HSUS so, please be careful with your contributions and what you wish for!!! -B

  2. Once animal shelters have national regulations so that animals that they claim as un- adoptable or un-treatable animals that they dispose of them and not something that an animal breeder or pet shop would ever be allowed to do or even consider; there will be a decrease in the large numbers of animal seizures and ‘their claims’ of ‘puppy mill’, hoarder or some other obscure claim with ‘deplorable conditions, filth, the stench, etc.; will slow down to a quick halt. Hold animal shelters accountable for what they do and how they do it!!! -B

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