Zoo Wars -Their so called EXPERT is NO EXPERT!!!

Once again, Jeff Kozlowski of Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue (WBCR) is passing himself of as some sort of big cat expert-this is no expert-In my opinion he’s a low life scumbag!!! A felon, con man and convicted bank robber who should not have these types of animals to begin with…You do not give a convict a loaded gun and I consider him extremely dangerous as he goes around the country stealing animals. He’s not rescued a single animal accept his own despite his claim as some sort of hero-far from it…Con men are habitual liars and his 10 years in jail gave him all the education he needed to pull off another heist.

Felons are not allowed to vote or own a gun-So, what the Hell is he doing with big cats and approved by a federal agency, the USDA, which is totally beyond my comprehension!!! Don’t they do background checks?!? -Like every other agency is supposed to do?!?! -Like the county SHOULD have done!!!

Link of interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/zoo-wars-whered-the-cats-go/ Make sure you follow this link for more information on this Kozlowski character!!!

Jeff Kozlowski is NO EXPERT…He’s a private exotic animal owner who should NOT be allowed to own big cats ANYWHERE!!!


Mequon learns of exotic cat, drafting ordinance to ban them

MEQUON (WITI) — A missing cat in Mequon has caused the city to consider drafting a ban on exotic cats. Officials say serval cats can be dangerous — especially when they bite. Meanwhile, the cat’s owner says it never hurt anyone.

“She played around with the kids. She was very good with the children. She played with cat toys just like any other cat would,” the cat’s owner, who did not want to be identified, told FOX6 News.

The serval is a medium-sized African wild cat.

Weight ranges from about 15 to 26 lb. in females, and from 20 to 40 lb. in males.

It is a strong yet slender animal, with long legs and a fairly short tail. Due to its leg length, it is relatively one of the tallest cats. The head is small in relation to the body, and the tall, oval ears are set close together.

Servals are nocturnal animals, and are native to Africa.

Although the serval is specialized for catching rodents, it is an opportunistic predator whose diet also includes birds, hares, hyraxes, reptiles, insects, fish, and frogs.

The serval has been observed taking larger animals, though over 90% of the serval’s prey weighs less than 7 oz.

A Mequon family called their serval “Cleo,” and the cat served as the family’s 16-month-old pet.

“She does not have the look of a normal house cat. I just like the appeal and her exotic looks, with the temperament of a regular house cat,” the cat’s owner said.

Cleo was purchased in April of 2012 from a Kentucky breeder for $3,000. The cat was declawed, and weighed 18 pounds, and was two feet long. It lived inside the family home.

Since June, Cleo ran away twice. Complaints were made and two citations issued for “animal at large.”

The second time, Cleo was found dead on Mequon Road — seemingly struck by a car.  She had been missing two weeks.

Jeff Kozlowski once cared for a serval cat at the Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue in Rock Springs.

That cat came from an Illinois man’s home.

“I just don’t think there’s any way you can domesticate a wild animal,” Kozlowski said.

Kozlowski says servals are high-strung and not family pets.

“Their teeth are sharp, they could tear you open.  If they decided to bite you, they could cause harm,” Kozlowski said.

Because of Cleo, the Mequon Police Chief asked the City Attorney to draft an ordinance banning exotic cats.

The news is disappointing to Cleo’s owner, who wants to buy another serval.

“She didn’t do any harm. She didn’t scare people,” the cat’s owner said.

Wisconsin does not have a ban on owning exotic cats — though many cities have adopted their own.

The Wisconsin Humane Society and Milwaukee County Zoo advise against owning servals


You’d expect the Humane Society and the zoo to advise against ownership-they all do…But certainly not a Private Exotic Animal owner which is all that Kozlowski is-Accredited by no one-a simple background check would take away that right!!!

Kozlowski started out by buying cubs and using them for photos…then he claims he found what happens to them after the photos sessions are over-Yeah, they grow up and become an expensive PET as he had no further use of them…his ‘business cubs’ became his ‘pet cubs’ and when he found he couldn’t make a living with the photos as the animals grew bigger. He went in another direction…preying on warm-hearted people for money (including FCF who also did no background check) to support his animals (now HIS pets) yet, the breeding continued which he claimed was accidental. People took aim at this Bastard…No perimeter fence at one location…the county demanded him to seek another location…Pictured, in the link above, demonstrates his idea for keeping big cats which is similar to a layout you’d find at a prison. His history an open book simply by googling his name…Previously called ‘Big Dad’s Big Cats’…Follow the link for the truth!!!

I have warned people he would also become a nightmare for them as he has been pushing the Wisconsin legislature to ban big cats from the state. and for federal laws t change which would actually FINALLY close his doors as well…

I will never forget this BASTARD and known for sometime that one day, other big cat owners won’t forget him either. Jeff Kozlowski  is one of the MONSTERS in my DAILY dreams…

He’s no expert.

Pictures can be s revealing!!!

FB there are several pictures of Kozlowski PLAYING with his Serval with house cat toys-What happened to the Serval?!?

These pictures are a screen shot from a public page taken at Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue…’Playtime with the Serval’ that he now claims:

“I just don’t think there’s any way you can domesticate a wild animal,” Kozlowski said.

Kozlowski says servals are high-strung and not family pets.

“Their teeth are sharp, they could tear you open.  If they decided to bite you, they could cause harm,” Kozlowski said.

Because of Cleo, the Mequon Police Chief asked the City Attorney to draft an ordinance banning exotic cats.”

and my favorite picture says it all:

I will be contacting the Mequon Police Chief and the District Attorney… Anyone concerned about this BASTARD shooting his mouth off to have big cats banned in Wisconsin should do the same!!!

Mequon Police Department, 11300 N. Buntrock Ave., Mequon, WI 53092  Attention Police Chief Steven Graff, Phone: 262-242-3500 

District Attorney Adam Gerol 262-284-8380

USDA -So why was there no background check?!?


Mailing Address:
4700 River Road, Unit 84
Riverdale, MD 20737-1234

E-mail: ace@aphis.usda.gov
Phone: (301) 851-3751
Fax: (301) 734-4978

Western Region 
Mailing Address:
2150 Centre Ave.
Building B, Mailstop 3W11
Fort Collins, CO 80526-8117

E-mail: acwest@aphis.usda.gov
Phone: (970) 494-7478
Fax: (970) 494-7461

Eastern Region
Mailing Address:
920 Main Campus Drive
Suite 200
Raleigh, NC 27606-5210

E-mail: aceast@aphis.usda.gov
Phone: (919) 855-7100
Fax: (919) 855-7123


I guess this ass-wipe, Jeff Kozlowski, just doesn’t realize, I will be watching him the rest of my life as others are as well!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B

~ by topcatsroar on July 27, 2013.

9 Responses to “Zoo Wars -Their so called EXPERT is NO EXPERT!!!”

  1. One of the monsters of this whole business was Frank David Garcia of various humane societies in Texas, who was featured in a segment by John Stossel for robbing people of their dogs and horses at gunpoint under color of law. I mention him because it became known that he spent time in jail in the 1970s for rape, using a weapon. There is no way that Tom Reily of the Lousiana SPCA did not know that Jeff Kozlowski spent time in jail for bank robbery, and he gave Kozlowski five hundred thousand dollars to operate his “rescue.” The Wild Animal Orphanage which has also been involved in this mess and received some of the animals, received money from IFAW, used to brag about receiving half a million from them.

    • Appreciate the share of this information!!! People need to know the truth before they give their stamp of approval and most certainly where they donate and WHO the so called expert is-This the MEDIA proclaiming him an expert…as like in most animal seizures because people stamped-‘with the human society’ or from some ‘local animal rescue’ or owner of WBCR…they assume these people are knowledged experts-They are not experts!!!
      Kozlowski and others played with a Serval that apparently he had for a very short period of time…WTF does Kozlowski know about Servals?!? And to top it of, he and others, sure did enjoy playing with the one he had so, why is he now saying otherwise?!? Owning ONE Serval does not make for an expert…animals have teeth-WTF?!? -B

  2. The District Attorney above has nothing to do with this and wouldn’t come to the phone, lol -BUT the City Attorney is and call be reached at the same number as Police Chief Steven Graff who, by the way, was very nice.

    He understands that a ban would be a last resort and would make things worse, not better, however he does want to address the keeping of captive exotic animals in their ordinances-one bad incident and suddenly there is a problem when there wasn’t one before these incidents…Why after the first escape extra precautions weren’t taken to prevent it from happening again, I just don’t know and I don’t know how soon after the first that the second concurred so I am not jumping to any quick conclusion-we did not discuss the situation.
    I did get the impression that Chief Graff is interested in knowing more about private exotic animal ownership and what reasonable regulations they might consider to protect the community and the animals.

    I explained that most owners are responsible and that this incident was singular and rather unfortunate.
    Other things were discussed including WHO should be considered an expert and WHO should NOT as far as consulting with an ‘expert’…I made a few recommendations and he hopes to hear from them soon. -This post will be shared with him.
    The Chief is just trying to do his job and issues now raised after all the ‘numerous calls’ concerning the Serval who was missing for 2 weeks. Including Kozlowski sticking his nose in it and obviously attempting to ban the keeping of captive exotic animals there-What an idiot!!! -B

  3. Sadly, the politician type people on this issue can afford as many skeletons in their closset as they can fit since theres not really an organized opposition or pro exotic cat movement on the other side to reveal them to the public, we really need to get a political pro exotic pet advocacy organization to protect our rights, btw Topcats, do u own big cats in texas? Iv been considering it but am kind of confused about the laws here

    • MOVE!!! Texas is a mess…Longstanding animal owners in the state living in fear of seizure…or forget it -B

  4. Is he wearing WELDING GLOVES in the photo?? Hahahaha. I have handled rolled-up hedgehogs bare-handed, not to mention an adult serval. And I have never had a need for a firearm when dealing with an “attack” breed of dog such as Doberman or Rottweiler mix, unlike some cops in recent news stories. Even when the dogs were charging at me. I was able to get the dogs to back down and respect me, and in no way do I consider myself to be an expert on dogs! Good grief, what’s wrong with people? Is it because no one grows up on a farm anymore?

    • Or is it that they can and will get away with/or THINK they will get away with doing things lawlessly…no one fights back, however, the law is our protection not the other way around-no matter how they try to ‘smoke screen’ the REAL issues!!! -B

  5. BTW, the HSUS put in 126 hours of lobbying effort the first half of 2013 on the matter of private possession of “dangerous” (meaning: ALL) exotic animals in Wisconsin. Total costs of all their lobbying efforts in Wisconsin so far is over $14,000. No bills yet, but since they do have 2 people on board from a firm that specializes in legislative access & writing bills, there will probably be something introduced within the next few months.

    • That’s not happening in Wisconsin…of all places…Then agaon, Kozlowski is there and not smart enough to realize he’s a private owner who shouldn’t be allowed to have a USDA in the first place thus less those animals!!! He should just shut up, try to keep his own butt out of the wringer and certainly stop stealing animals from other people!!! -B (my opinion)

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