This ‘Pet Shop’ is out of control-NO REGULATIONS!!!

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A Story of Neglect, Cruelty and Death
Galveston County

By Kym Ann Dabadee-Denton and Kim Schoolcraft
Reprinted with permission

Look closely at each photograph in this story. They tell an important story – a story of NEGLECT, CRUELTY and DEATH.

If pictures such as these were set against the backdrop of a rescue organization or individual, the animals would immediately be seized. The owners would be jailed. The media would arrive in a hot minute to cover the story. Not so, apparently, if you’re a governmental facility.

These pictures were taken at the Galveston County Animal Resource Center in Texas City, TX on Saturday, July 13, 2013.

On that weekend, there were more than 100 animals in crates lining the hallways and in storage rooms at this facility. Many of them had been kept in their crates in “intake” for up to 2.5 weeks, unvaccinated and flailing in their own feces and urine, without food or water. Dated pictures prove that some dogs were left in their waste for as many as 3 days without the crate ever being cleaned. This was NOT an isolated incident. There have been hundreds of animals (prior to the ones pictured here) who have had to endure deplorable conditions at this facility over the past several months yet NOTHING has been done. Time and again, lies are told by management, and the authorities turn a blind eye.

Unfortunately for GCARC, many eyes are upon them and the heat was turned up on the facility’s management this past weekend. Knowing that complaints were being lodged against them, the facility’s answer was to rush all of the caged animals out of the hallways to an outside area where, one by one, a majority of them were yanked from their cages and euthanized. Inmates from Galveston County were brought in to clean up the mess left behind. A dump truck was brought to the facility to haul away the plethora of dead bodies from the facility’s freezer. It was a vision of Hell that will haunt many of the employees and volunteers who witnessed the massacre that day.

These animals never stood a chance. They were never moved from the intake area to the adoption center even though many of them had been there far beyond their 72 hour hold time. They lived in their own waste until they were killed – faceless lives lost forever.

The State Department of Health performed an “un-announced” inspection of the shelter just a day or two before these pictures were taken. Despite the horrific conditions, this facility passed inspection! No complaints or warnings were issued. Clearly, the cover-up goes all the way to the top.

While I have struggled to find a way to list the numerous atrocities that have unfolded in recent months, the reality of it all is best set forth in a letter recently written by GCARC’s former director who left her position last year:

To Whom it May Concern,

I left the Galveston County ARC in December of last year in utter frustration at the lack of vision or support for programs designed to reduce euthanasia and promote the release of live animals into responsible homes. The health district’s insistence on a “business” model was the last straw. I forsaw the movement toward putting in useless and unneeded processes designed to make busy work for the new business manager would be at the expense of animal care. I could not have forseen how bad the situation could become.

One of the first new processes was to reduce the quality of the food to a cheap brand. Many dogs and cats would not eat it, and when the administrators saw the bowls of food were untouched, they required staff to cut down on the amount of food being offered to reduce waste. They did not know, and did not care after being told, that the animals were not eating because of the poor quality of the food. The shelter has regularly run out of food and cat litter, and if not for volunteers bringing in special food for puppies and kittens these little ones would starve.

I was shocked when the health district recenly published that the shelter was holding in excess of 600 animals. The capacity of the shelter is approximatley 325 animals, with a slight seasonal increase because of puppies and kittens, but no where near 600. There is not enough staff to care for that many animals, even if they were at full staff, which they are not. The manager, business manager, dispatchers and animal control officers are all tasked with duties that do not include direct animal care and as a result the standard of care has deteriorated to bare minimum, or less. The state of the art cleaning system has not worked in six months, the crematory is still not operational, and the strain has lead to a high turnover rate of employees. Recently an employee resigned in protest after recieving a disciplinary action for removing 4 dogs from the euthansia list that were slated to be picked up by a rescue group. Had the employee not removed them, they would have been killed when there was a live release alternative. While the health district has the services of a chef to prepare healthy lunches for their staff, the staff at the shelter had their Ozarka water service discontinued.

The lack of care and management has now led to this 6 million dollar facility, a beacon of hope for the future, becoming a house of horror that rises to the level of animal cruelty. Rescue groups and volunteers have witnessed (and photographed) animals with chemical burns on their stomachs and private parts, mother dogs with puppies in cages so small they are forced to defecate on their babies, cages stacked on top of cages in hallways, and storerooms with dogs, cats and infant animals so close together they can touch, sick animals not separated from healthy, injured animals not recieving even minimal care, and animals in the same dirty cages for days, some without food and water, dogs in crates so small they cannot stand up, covered with fleas and ticks, and the list goes on. Animal shelters are not immune from cruelty laws, and these conditions fit the criteria for cruelty under the Texas Health and Safety and Penal codes.

A mass euthansia is inevitable, and again the health district will claim it is not their fault. True that they are not responible for uncaring pet owners that throw their animals away like garbage, but NOT true that there is nothing they can do. The sad fact is that killing animals is easy, finding a live alternative is hard work, something the health district is not willing to do. Their vision of animal sheltering is based on the catch em and kill em model that was rejected by compassionate animal control agencies ages ago.

The cities that contract with the health district are now in the position of paying a great deal of money to operate a poorly run, high kill facility that has a bad reputation with other animal agencies, is a source of shame to decent people, and operates in a manner that constitutes cruelty to animals.

I am urging all elected officials, advisory committee members, city managers and tax payers to demand change and move the administration of the ARC to county government, where there is hope for progress and this facility built with our taxpayer dollars can become a source of pride for our communities instead of the shameful mess it has become.
Kim Schoolcraft

YOU, the tax payers of 14 cities who contribute to the expense of running this facility, are funding these atrocities. YOU can make a difference! YOU can speak up now and demand that these injustices come to an end. YOU can be the voice for the animals that have suffered NEEDLESSLY at the hands of the Galveston County Animal Resource Center. We are counting on YOU, the public, to help us to bring awareness to the situation and to demand changes that are LONG OVERDUE.

We are recommending that the management and control of this facility be handed over to the Texas City Police Department (which is the city in which the physical location of shelter is located in) and out of the hands of the Galveston County Health Dept. We are asking that the current director and manager of GCARC be terminated IMMEDIATELY. No longer should these people be receiving tax payer’s funds for their paychecks. The Galveston County Health Department, which currently oversees the operations of GCARC, has proven that they are incapable of using sound judgment, or showing compassion or intelligence, when making decisions that affect the animals that come through their doors.

Please contact the Texas City Chief of Police, Robert Burby, via email at to let him know that you are asking his city to take over the management and control of the Galveston County Animal Resource Center. Please “cc” Jess Colwell, Sargent of Community Services, at Additionally, please contact other governing officials and any and all media outlets to let them know that we, the public, will no longer stand for the travesties that exist at GCARC. Animal neglect and cruelty charges need to be executed against those responsible for the pain and suffering these animals have endured. The District Attorney’s office needs to launch a full investigation and bring justice for the animals who have no voice. These animals deserve that justice – and this nightmare has GOT to end PERMANENTLY.

Keep in mind that the “Powers That Be” are the same people who allow this facility to operate in this manner. Putting a temporary Band-Aid on a slit artery isn’t going to solve the problem. Until this shelter is out of the hands of Galveston County, things will never change. The shelter is “clean and pretty” after their mass euthanasia of animals and clean-up efforts – just in time for their “Open House” on Tuesday night. How ironic. While we encourage the adoption and rescue of the animals that remain there, the problems stem much deeper than those that will be visible to the public who visit them that night.

PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE. Regardless of where you reside, your opinion matters. You can help us to make a difference for the forgotten pets who end up at GCARC in the future, and be the voice for the animals that never had the opportunity to enjoy a forever family of their own.

The animals are counting on us to make a difference. Thank you for your support!


How is it, in a state that is over-regulating breeders, is not regulating animal shelters, their new ‘pet shops’, that courts with no jurisdiction and judges who will go along with whatever the district attorney wants, helps to provide with the merchandise…the media providing the free advertisement…too bad I have no interest in running a ‘pet shop’ who wouldn’t be interested in so much support, free help and advertisement for their business?!? Bit then they abuse the animals they receive and get away with it while other citizens throughout the state are jailed and didn’t do the crime?!? Certainlt nothing compared to this!!!

Ready for the pictures?!? This is where the dogs and cats may have gone… Please watch the video see more pictures at the link!!!




Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


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