MS Pet Holding Facility: Hell on Earth

Many shelters lack regulations that meet any standards for an animal shelter. -Even without regulations, why is the community (and the mayor) accepting this?!? I believe that if the USDA set regulations with registration required so the new ‘Pet Shop’ (animal shelters); we then would see a uniform standard in animal shelters with far less abuse and less killing of animals.
Why leave it up to the state to make laws when there is a USDA (paid with taxpayer money) that can efficiently do the job.
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B


The city of Ellisville in Mississippi does pick up stray pets but doesn’t offer pet adoptions. Instead, it holds the pets in rusted cages inside a small concrete building with just 2 windows and no air conditioning.  A quick check of the weather forecast for Ellisville shows temperatures in the 90s this week with humidity this morning at 85%.

If no owner claims the animals after 5 days, they are killed.  It’s unclear to me how an owner would find their lost pet at this building since no one actually works there.  There is a city employee assigned to feeding, watering and cleaning the facility but that person works in a different department and tends to the animals on the side.  The mayor says everything is fine:

[Mayor Tim] Waldrup added the facility is not new, but it’s adequate and it meets all the laws they need to meet. He…

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