I call this animal TRAFFICKING…the new name for Pet Shop-‘Animal Rescue’ -requires no licensing, permits or inspection!!!



Six weeks after Paul Barlow and his wife adopted the fluffy white puppy they were dreaming about, it was dead.
Emma, a 10-week-old Great Pyrenees puppy, had canine distemper, a highly contagious but relatively rare disease in Massachusetts.
But Emma wasn’t from Massachusetts. Her real name was Serena, and she was born in Arkansas.
Emma, along with a growing number of dogs each year, came to New England in a truck, hauled from a rescue shelter in the south to a Connecticut parking lot, where eager pet owners greeted their new puppies.
“It was just tragic for us,” said Barlow, of Southborough, who even three years later sighs when he remembers Emma.
Barlow is part of a growing trend of people who each year purchase dogs via online pet search engines like Petfinder.com. And he isn’t the only one who didn’t get his money’s worth.
John Ober, in Mendon, ended up with a pit bull that bit his son, tore up its cage and defecated all over the floor.
Kelli Brown-Dore, of Mansfield, loves her new dog Barkley. But he had tapeworms, parasites, coccidia, giardia, hook worms and diarrhea.
These dog lovers wanted to rescue unwanted dogs. But in doing so, they had no idea they were also part of a system designed to skirt the Bay State’s strict rules on rescue dog importation. It is a system veterinarians, in-state shelters and other experts say endangers the state’s animal population and causes unnecessary headache for dog owners.
Meanwhile, legitimate dog haulers like Kyle Peterson of Cookeville, Tenn., who obeys laws and health codes, detest the underground dog hauling industry, saying it unfairly throws him into the same category as haulers who shuttle litters of sick puppies cross country in the backs of minivans.
Good intentions, tragic ending
Now Barlow is an expert on adopting out-of-state rescue dogs. He has two healthy dogs that love his rolling green lawn. But in 2010 when he got Emma, he had no idea about the Massachusetts rule that has prompted so many dog sales to happen out of state.
In 2005 the state Department of Agricultural Resources issued an emergency order requiring all dogs brought to rescue shelters in Massachusetts be isolated for 48 hours and declared healthy by a vet before being adopted. That emergency order is still in effect today.
The primary reason animals are transported out of Southern and Midwestern shelters is because more lax spay and neuter laws in those regions have led to overcrowded shelters, which end up killing many unwanted dogs.


Gee, seems they don’t like having a wrench thrown in their grinder, How sad-NOT!!! Thieving fools need regulations!!! Oh I forgot…they are exempt and excused while no one else is-WOW!!!

Unless you want to be a Pet Shop owner, do not get into ‘animal rescue’…Sure the merchandise is ‘free’ but you have to have that all important selling feature…These animals need your help and of course the willingness to STEAL animals from your neighbors animals!!! Or be prepared to be charged with cruelty yourself!!!

The new face on the scene for dogs, cats…especially puppies and kittens is to be ‘animal rescue’!!! Within a few years even the rescues won’t be operational and many will disappear as fewer animals will be available -Required S/N laws will be their final demise…Raiding breeders (and even each other if threatened by a new game in town that just might take away business and notoriety)…Hard to believe?!? -Is it really?!? They don’t grow on trees you know!!!

It’s not the new face of ‘animal rescue’-Get it right…It’s the new face of ‘animal rescue’!!!

Article of interest: http://www.thedogpress.com/SideEffects/Rescue-Raids_LP.asp

Disclaimer connected to this blog…things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on July 18, 2013.

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