So, you haven’t realized the BIG bucks in animal re-homing!?! Of course there is!!!

“This Idaho shelter is soliciting puppies on Craigslist! [bloggers note-CRAIGSLIST!!!]

They’ll buy your puppies for $25.00, then sell them for hundreds of dollars at the shelter, all the while claiming “dog overpopulation.” ~Stop the madness!

“Puppies~Puppies~Puppies” she exclaimed as she entered and saw the FOUR puppies-this was no ‘puppy mill’ Oh, well then it’s the home of a ‘hoarder’-More BULLSHIT -she stole the property!!! 

I guess the over population is over, LOL!!! Who knew-Animal trafficking is alive and well in this country but only thru a Not For Profit who has replaced the pet shop!!!



Our dog adoptions at Canyon County Animal Shelter are doing great and we have a large demand for puppies right now. If your dog has had puppies, we will pay $25 per puppy and spay the mother for free. We are trying to make sure that puppies adopted in the Nampa-Caldwell area are vaccinated and spayed/neutered before being adopted to cut down on the pet overpopulation. If you are interested in having us find homes for your puppies, please TEXT Andrea at xxx-xxx-xxxx for all the details, or call the shelter at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Some restrictions apply. We are located at xxxxxxxxxx, Caldwell ID and our hours are Mon-Sat 10-6:00 and Sun 10:00-4:00.
Oh yes they are BUYING puppies, charging a higher fee and free spaying-guess that’s supposed to make this madness OK?!?-NOT!!! “Some restrictions apply”-huh?!? Oh I get it, once you call the sell them the puppies that turn around and charge you with being a puppy mill-HA!
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on July 5, 2013.

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