This just received from a close source to Lori Gonzalez, victim of the SPCA of Dallas and the Rains County law enforcement and judicial system-all working together in a sickening symphony of collusion…I did not write this or take these pictures but believe this as needing exposure so maybe once and for all people will start understanding how this works in Texas…

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The “SPCA” Shocking Killing Spree!!

 On Wednesday afternoon, June 12, 2013, the SPCA – Society for the PREVENTION of Cruelty to Animals – of Dallas, Texas, went on a killing spree, with NO “legal” authority!!

SPCA of Dallas, Texas converged on the home of Lori Gonzalez, in Emory, a very small community in Rains, County, Texas. The story is shocking, and one that every citizen of the United States should be outraged about. With NO “legal” authority, the SPCA of Dallas, Texas, invaded the Gonzalez property and proceeded to “kill” two Donkeys kept by Gonzalez. Then they loaded up the third Donkey and drove off – leaving the two “dead” Donkeys in their wake.

With NO warning and NO notice, a “man” drove a late model Ford pickup displaying an “SPCA of Dallas, TX” emblem, onto Gonzalez property, The young man stepped out, and proceeded to walk past Gonzalez and her husband with NO word, in nothing less than “trespassing” onto Gonzalez property. The young man wore a brown T-Shirt with SPCA insignia, denim jeans, and black gloves with velcro fasteners at the wrist – like a SWAT officer. This young man – who remained nameless throughout – walked to the rear of Gonzalez yard area where a very old, arthritic female donkey was staked out to graze. The young man ran his gloved hands over this old jenny and then proceeded to walk to the back of the property into the trees. Shortly, he returned, leading a much younger and larger jenny, who had been staked out to graze at the back of the five acre property.

About that time, a Rains County patrol car arrived, and two young female officers approached the young man. One of the officers, “Holt” went back to the patrol car and filled out a paper, which she then proceeded to give to Gonzalez. The “paper” is titled, “Warrant For Seizure Of Animals.” This “Warrant” was issued by “Holt” from her “patrol car.” This is completely “ILLEGAL”!!

The procedure for issuing Seizure Warrants in the state of Texas is governed by Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 18. Section 18.01(c) states that ONLY judges, who are licensed attorneys can “legally” issue search/seizure warrants. So, what is this Rains County Deputy doing writing out and issuing a “warrant for animal seizure” from her patrol car????

A close look at the “Warrant For Seizure of Animals” that “Holt” filled out and “issued” shows to any reasonably minded person that the document is worthless – not legal – without any legal power or effect. There is NO County listed. There is NO date listed. There is NO citing of the applicable “Code” which the warrant should be issued under. There is NO probable cause listed. There is NO name of ANY “Judge” listed. There is NO signature of ANY “Judge.” There is NOTHING filled out as a “return”. And, there is NO description of ANY particular animal which is to be the subject of this so called “warrant.”

This “warrant” completely violates the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution; Article 1, Section 9 of the Texas Constitution; Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 18; and Texas Health & Safety Code, Section 821.022(b).

Yet, even though this act of issuing a “warrant” from her patrol car is “illegal” and in complete violation of Gonzalez’ “Civil Rights” guaranteed and protected by the United States Constitution and the Texas Constitution, “Holt” proceeded to ramrod the “killing” of Gonzalez two female donkeys and the literal criminal “theft” of Gonzales male donkey. “Holt” had NO “legal” authority to allow ANYONE to “kill” Gonzalez donkeys.

After “Holt” and her deputy partner arrived, a late model pickup with trailer in tow arrived, and six people sporting SPCA insignia’s climbed out. None of the SPCA people ever identified themselves. A middle aged woman, using a crutch, walked out and immediately stuck a needle in the jugular vein of the old jenny and killed her. The woman than directed the rest of the SPCA personnel to load up the other two donkeys. The male donkey was loaded first. He was in good condition and good weight. Then they attempted to load the younger jenny. As she was stepping into the trailer, she panicked and fell down. In the process her rear leg slid under the trailer, scraping the hair off. Once she got back up, the middle aged woman said she couldn’t take that one “anyway”, because it’s backbone is sticking up and it is injured. This woman proceeded to have the younger jenny walked back to the Gonzalez’ house, and within 40 feet of Gonzalez’ back door, proceeded to stick a needle into the jugular vein of the young jenny and killed her. The SPCA people then got in their truck and left.

Gonzalez was told by “Holt” that they had better dispose of the two dead donkeys within 24 hours, implying “or else.”

Citizens of the United States – you had better get incensed about what this Rains County, Texas officer – “Holt” – and the SPCA of Dallas, Texas have done. If you don’t, they will come for your animals – or your children – or YOU – NEXT!!

The back story to all this is: On the morning of June 12, 2013, Rains County officers found a donkey dead in the roadway ditch about 160 yards from Gonzalez property. They “assumed” it was Gonzalez donkey, and just because of this, they criminally trespassed onto Gonzalez private property, killed two of her donkeys, and criminally stole the third donkey. NOTHING “legal” about it!!!

And, the “rest of the story” is that a year ago, Rains, County deputies herded this group of donkeys onto Gonzalez property stating “…If you can catch them you can have them – we need to get them out of the roadway.” Gonzalez tried to get the local Emory sale barn to take the donkeys. She asked for help from the Rains County Sheriff. She tried to find homes for them. But, the sad fact is, that because of the long running drought conditions in Texas, donkeys have little to no value. They sell for approximately $5.00 at the Emory sale barn, but to sell them, they must have a negative Coggins test, which costs around $35.-$45.

Gonzalez husband is out of work. Emory has a population of about 1,700. Rains County is the fifth smallest county in Texas. Gonzalez is raising three teenage children and a 6 year old. Times are very tough for this family, yet they cared enough to take care of these Donkey the best they could. And now, the SPCA of Dallas, Texas is using Gonzalez as a tool to evoke emotional donations to keep their organizations operating.

There is a whole “nuther” story about animal rescue organizations, which will be covered in another article. For now, it is very important to remember – these SPCA people are nothing more than “PRIVATE CITIZENS” who have filled out the applications, and have obtained 501(c)(3) non-profit status which gives them the authority to operate “tax free.” The SPCA has NO “official” authority – they are just private citizens. But, in an interview on June 13, 2013, Stephanie Daniels of the SPCA of Dallas, Texas stated that they could not provide ANY information about the “seizure” of Gonzalez animals because they were still conducting their “official” investigation. When asked where this SPCA group get their “official” authority, Daniels could not provide an answer. It is very important to note that these “private citizens” have created a “mind fiction” by which they try to convince the general public that they have “Official” Authority to “take” animals from their owners, and they have NOTHING MORE than approval to operate “tax free.” They are supported by the taxpayers, and to keep themselves funded, they cannibalize the very taxpayers who are paying their way. More on this to come.

Images: [GRAPHIC]

06.12.2013_SPCA KILLS DONKEYS_No.1

06.12.2013_SPCA KILLS DONKEYS_No1: Lori Gonzalez and her husband, with their two dogs and their now “dead” younger jenny

06.12.2013_SPCA KILLS DONKEYS_No.2

06.12.2013_SPCA KILLS DONKEYS_No2: Photo of the younger jenny

06.12.2013_SPCA KILLS DONKEYS_No.3

06.12.2013_SPCA KILLS DONKEYS_No3: Photo of the younger jenny


06.12.2013_SPCA KILLS DONKEYS_No4: Photo of the old jenny


06.12.2013_SPCA KILLS DONKEYS_No5: Photo of the old jenny

06.12.2013_SPCA KILLS DONKEYS_No.6

06.12.2013_SPCA KILLS DONKEYS_No1: Photo of the roadside ditch where the dead donkey was found which led to the SPCA killing spree


06.12.2013_SPCA KILLS DONKEYS_No1: Photo of the rope which SPCA personnel cut. They couldn’t just untie the ropes which were used to stake the donkey out – they had to “cut” them – guess that is a sign of “authority.”


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned!!! -B

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