Zoo Wars -Tarzan and Jane’s Big cats have been returned-YIPPEE!!!

Update from previous post: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/zoo-wars-cat-fight-give-tarzan-and-jane-their-cats-back/

The judge compelled their safe return from Vernon Yates who claims he spent $60,000.00 on those there cats in a year and a half-What a moron…we all know better!!! Yates’s claim is not one of honor or for lack of greed…His claim that he’s all about the animals is a lie!!! What he put those cats thru for their safe(?!?) return, the threats to Steve and Melanie…Who invited those news crews any how…we KNOW it wasn’t Steve, Melanie or Sue…Yates still after his claim to the money…The big cats returned-now in the loving arms of their owners, are safe and sound in their new home but it was no easy task getting them there…The leopard moved easily…the two tigers scared and no one knows exactly what Vernon Yates did  but we know that if the cats remained, he was going to charge an hourly fee…What a creep and supposed to be representative of a big cat rescuer with a legitimate sanctuary in Florida…Some people are lucky enough to get an HONEST judge!!! He got next to nothing and Tarzan and Jane have their cats now-YAY!!! -The backstory:

From Sue Pierce-Owner Animal Adventures Live:

“We’ve been really busy today so I’m just now able to give an update.”

“Oko was no problem to load on Wednesday but Lepa and Bo were still under the effects of a sedation they were given sometime prior to our arrival. They would go from being aggressive to sleeping. It was impossible to load them into our transports. We were not allowed on the property so the cats were rolled outside the perimeter fence. We chose to roll them into my closed in trailer and lock ourselves in to carry out the moves.”

“We made the decision after several hours that we had to come up with something else and started making calls for a vet to come and sedate the 2 tigers.”

“The facility vet was on the property and said he would sedate them but it would cost me $14,000. Yes, you read that right.” [bloggers note: As you read, please tell me that you believe that Vernon Yates cares about the animals!!!-crock of shit if you ask me-What a piece of garbage he is!!!]

“We had no choice but to have the cats boarded at the facility for 24 hours so I could get my vet up from Palm City the next day. We were charged $325 for 24 hours. I was told I would need to be there at 4:00 p.m. and would only have 30 min. to sedate and load 2 cats. If it took longer it would cost $250 per hour starting with the first minute over the 30.”

“When we got there at 3:30, we immediately paid the $250 for the extra hour to insure the well being of the cats, the safety of the public and my staff. We sedated Lepa and transferred her to my transport and brought Bo in and the vet immediately realized that he was under the influence of some type of drug. She discussed this with the facility owner and he refused to give her the name of the drug. So this began the administering the sedation in small doses, waiting 10 – 20 minutes and then giving more in small doses. We all knew the danger for Bo’s life and were worried sick. We finally were able to get enough in him and move him to my transport. They were given the reversal at 5:30, which was the end of our time paid for.”

“The vet explained to the Sheriff’s department that she needed to monitor the cats for a while and to make sure we were on county property so we didn’t have to pay the facility for another hour of.the facilities’ time.”

“The facility had stated we were not allowed on their property nor would they assist in any way. They had also contacted the media so with deputies, FWC, media and onlookers, there were 30-40 people around when the cats were brought out which added to their stress. Any of you who have experienced a drugged tiger knows the danger of moving them in that state. We are all very capable of moving cats safely and always patient with them and give them time to be moved stress free. It was stated we were stupid and incompetent. Those are only words used by an individual who tried everything to make the move impossible.”

“It’s behind us now and we are focusing on helping Lepa, Bo and Oko to trust humans again and give them a loving life.”

“For the record, Steve and Melanie are not being charged a boarding fee, so if you hear any different…it’s not true.”

“It’s taking longer for Bo to totally come out of the sedation because of the drugs in his system prior to sedation. He will be fine and we are monitoring him closely and have been in contact with his vet several times today.”

“Please pray that they will be able to adjust quickly and calmly to their new environment.”


More BULLSHIT!!! The following articles tell the story on their own…many of these links have a video…but all tell the same story of an unhappy vengeful Vernon Yates and running his mouth against longstanding animal owners…so typical of a NFP WHO DIDN’T CATCH A BUCK FOR THEIR ‘GOOD DEEDS’…WHAT A LYING, THIEVING BASTARD!!!


LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. —It has been 14 months since Steve Sipek had his three big cats taken away from him.

‘Tarzan Actor Gets Court Victory, Still Can’t Take Animals Home’

Former “Tarzan” actor and big cat enthusiast Steve Sipek gets a victory in court, but he still won’t be able to take his two tigers and leopard home.

The former “Tarzan” actor had his two tigers and black leopard taken from him after the state said he didn’t have the proper cages.

Since then, a long court process has ensued, but it finally looks like the cats will at least be closer to Sipek.

The cats are currently being cared for in a Tampa facility, but they will be transported closer to Sipek to Animal Adventures in Okeechobee.

While he’s glad to have them closer to home, Sipek is still upset he can’t get his animals back.

“I spent $10,000 building new cages,” Sipek said. “According to them, they say, ‘Well, if you can do that, we’ll give you your cats back.’ They came. They passed the cages. And what happens now? We don’t get the permit.”

The cats are supposed to be in Okeechobee any day now.  He says that he will fight in court again to get them back at his residence.



Caretaker fuming over big cat fight

It was a move that didn’t go as planned, and it has one man very upset.

For four hours, crews tried to move a pair of tigers, but they wouldn’t budge. And it all has to do with an ongoing court case involving their owner.

The tigers and a leopard were confiscated a year-and-a-half ago from a Palm Beach facility owned by “Tarzan” actor Steve Sipek.

He, however, won a court battle to get them back, but according to Vernon Yates, who has been caring for the cats since they were removed, the movers had “no idea what they were doing.”

The move failed Wednesday. They’re going to try again Thursday.

For more than a year, Yates has been caring for the cats at another facility in Seminole County. Their food and medical bills have all been on Yates’ plate, and he says that totals about $60,000.

He’s not happy.

“They obviously don’t know how to handle big cats that are mean or scared,” he said.

A judge has ordered the cats be removed from Yates’ facility and moved to another near Sipek, who is still not allowed to keep them at his home facility.

Yates said he’s glad the cats are leaving. He said they haven’t been friendly in their time with them, but he was hoping to not be out of pocket for their care.

[bloggers note-litigation is over]



Wildlife expert won’t get money back for taking care of big cats



SEMINOLE — A local wildlife expert won’t get his money back for taking care of someone else’s big cats. [bloggers note: Who says he’s an expert?!? And an expert of what?!?-Looks like an attempt at extortion to me]

Vernon Yates loves animals. He has three pet tigers and the rest of the wildlife found on his Seminole property are rescues.

“Between monkeys, alligators, snakes, parrots, and everything else, there’s probably about 250 animals here,” said Yates, who own Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc. in Seminole.

When the state called Yates to take two tigers and a leopard that had been confiscated from a Palm Beach facility owned by “Tarzan” actor Steve Sipek, he agreed.

As Sipek battled with the courts over the cats, Yates cared for them at the state’s request.

Over the last year and a half, the two tigers and a leopard have gone through about 70-80 pounds of food every day. Yates said it has cost him about $60,000 to care for them.

A judge ruled that Sipek will get the cats back but they cannot be cared for on his property and Sipek does not have to pay Yates a dime for caring for them.

It’s frustrating for Yates but he said he is not going to fight it because the cats have been so ferocious.

“I’m really glad. The whole legal system, I could drag it out for another year. Um, theoretically I’m glad to be getting rid of the cats,” said Yates. “Unfortunately, people like myself… we lose in the long run.”

He said he is ok with that because he does it for the animals. [bloggers note: What BULLSHIT!!! He got hurt-HOW?!? He no more spent $60,000.00 caring for 2 tigers and a leopard -EVER!!! NOT in all the years he has been robbing people of money!!! Rather than have good press-He chose his own path…]



UPDATE: Tiger transfer not as easy as crews hoped


A local wildlife expert attempted to hand over three big cats he was keeping on Wednesday because of an ongoing court case with their owner but moving the large animals wasn’t as easy as crews had hoped.

For the last year and a half, at the state’s request, Vernon Yates has been taking care of two tigers and a leopard that were confiscated from a Palm Beach facility owned by “Tarzan” actor Steve Sipek.

After around four hours of trying to move Lepa and Bo into transfer cages, the tigers refused to budge. Only Oko, the leopard went into her cage without a fight.

Yates wouldn’t help Wednesday because of the ongoing court battle that got the cats there in the first place.

“We’re not going to do it. They don’t want to pay us to do it. We’re not doing it,” he said.

Yates just wants the cats gone since he’s out $60,000 for caring for them. A judge had ruled he wasn’t entitled to compensation for caring for them.

But he’ll have to put up with them for another night. A vet will return Thursday to anesthetize the animals for safe transfer.

Yates will be paid about $320 for keeping the tigers overnight. [bloggers note: Guess those animals were stealing the air they breath…Quest likely provides most if not ALL the meat needed for his entire facility!!!]


Vernon Yates has flushed his credibility down the toilet if you were to ask me!!! His claim to be all about the animals is a lie!! Steve and Melanie (Tarzan and Jane) had the rare occurrence of a safe and happy return just not to their home…apparently this Vernon Yates is in cahoots with another facility and when Steve chose Sue Pierce’s place all Hell broke loose…So taking a closer look at this ASS-WIPE!!!-The true meaning of being all about the money is exposed in this news from his past. While I am sure there is plenty more out there this combined with his current issue over trampling an owners rights to their animals exposes the true nature and truth about Vernon Yater!!! from 6/20/2012


ST. PETERSBURG (FOX 13) -A St. Petersburg woman says a Pinellas County wildlife rescue is basically holding her pet bird ransom. But the rescue claims it must charge certain fees in order to release the parrot back to its owner.

Vanessa Munoz has had birds since she was 11. She’s in love with cockatoo Sunshine. Her exotic parrot Kelly is special too. But, it’s her dear Lucy, a 40-year-old Yellow Naped Amazon, that’s gone and it’s breaking her heart.

“I don’t want a big fight,” a tearful Munoz told FOX 13.

The exotic parrot flew the coop three weeks ago. She had chewed through her cage before and Munoz admits it wasn’t completely secure.

“I went out and called her and she wasn’t answering me, which was very upsetting to me because she always answers me. She yells back ‘What! What!'” said Munoz.

A neighbor found Lucy and called Wildlife Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation in Seminole to pick her up. But now, Munoz can’t get her bird back, unless she pays up.

“He said ‘You can be here by 5 o’clock and you can have $400.'” recounted Munoz. “And I said ‘What? $400 for what?'”

But Wildlife Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation director Vernon Yates says a policy is a policy.

“We charge $100 initially for picking it up. We charge $25 a day for every day we have it,” he said.

As of Wednesday, the rescue wanted $575. Yates says the fee only grew because, at first, Munoz couldn’t give an accurate description of the parrot or provide proper proof of ownership. She has since, but Yates says the fee is not negotiable.

“Those people who want to feel bad for her and want me to just give her the bird, I don’t think they have the bird’s interest really totally at heart,” said Yates. “The bird has escaped multiple times.”

Munoz says Lucy has gotten out five times, but she plans to get a new cage. She also says she didn’t realize the bird’s clipped wings had grown back. In the meantime, she and her husband, an Iraq war veteran, say they just don’t have the money to pay the rescue.

“I would like to have my bird back,” said Munoz. “That’s all.”

Munoz took a Pinellas sheriff’s deputy with her to the rescue, but she says he told her there’s nothing he can do.


We’re definitely talking extortion!!! And, this seems to be a pattern for Vernon Yates…He’s doing nothing good for the community or the longstanding animal owners whose animals he holds captive!!! I guess Florida has a lot of creepy things going on that most of us would NOT approve of!!! Is this how you want or expect an Iraq War Veteran to be treated?!? -ANYONE for that matter!!! A man who fought for freedom!!! I do not know how this turned out but hoping the courts returned a very valuable bird to it’s rightful owner as it did with Tarzan and Jane (Steve and Melanie).

Disclaimer connected to this clog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned for more Zoo Wars and more!!! Best to Steve and Melanie-Much thanks to a friend who provide the links for this post!!! Go going Sue Pierce!!!-B

animal seizures and rescues are being conducted by a very sophisticated network of 

organized crime who have developed a very sophisticated scheme by which they are 

criminalizing longstanding animal and livestock owners; divesting them of

ownership of entire herds of livestock and commercially valuable animals.

all of it done at taxpayer expense and thru a highly developed scheme to collect


follow the animals…follow the money!!!


~ by topcatsroar on June 21, 2013.

12 Responses to “Zoo Wars -Tarzan and Jane’s Big cats have been returned-YIPPEE!!!”

  1. Thank you for the truth.

    • All three cats are safe in their new enclosures. Pictures are available at Animal Adventure Live. What a great lady. Sue Pierce. She’s in it for the animals.

      • I forgot the most important part. Sue is very Professional. Not unprofessional.

      • What a mistake of all these comments I made. The truth about Sue surfaced within just a couple months. Beyond horrific.

    • Update. All cats are comfortable in there new enclosures. Bo looks to be seventy pounds underweight. This is my opinion and only my opinion. This is something that should be addressed when these type of seizures take place. When the animal suffers at the hand of confiscating exotic animals for not having the proper enclosures or having your license in limbo.

      • The cats are doing much better. Showing improvement each day. This has been a traumatic event for the cats.
        Also Melanie and Steve. We can only wish and hope the best for everyone involved. This is a sad wake up call to all private owners. Plus anyone that cares for exotic animals. The cats are in a good place. Melanie appreciates all the people involved, from start to finish of this

  2. i am disappointed that you are saying negative light about our facility. . after all we did for Melanie, Steve and the cats. i spent money and time helping set up your non profit, i did 2 fundraisers to get the new cages for you and kenny delivered them from our source at a discounted rate and also put them together. . he helped work at your facility to clean it up and we spent hours helping your attorney and going down to testify all at our expenses – we paid our employees time and a half to come and help with the fundraisers and travel as well as our animals for the encounters etc. What did I ever do to work against you??

    • My name is not Melanie…I am not her…Many people know who I am…apparently you do not…Maybe one day we will cross paths…
      I write it as I see it as presented by the media and some ‘inside information’ I received which did NOT involve Melanie although I have tried to make contact with her on this, however she is a friend of mine.

      My issue is with Vernon Yates and I had no idea you were connected to this man and his sanctuary er, facility…I do not like a con and know a con when I see it!!! If you helped Melanie and Steve well that’s great…If you were part of the deception then there’s as much shame on you as there is on Yates…

      I am sorry (well maybe not) if you don’t like the presentation or that the TRUTH has been exposed on my blog but was reported by the media and many others long before it came to my camp and written up on this blog. Matter of fact, I know very little about you however I do know your facility and have, on several occasions, stuck up for your facility…I hope that you do not give me reason to say you are a hypocrite because I like what you do with the tiger cubs.

      This crap in Florida has gone on for years…owner against owner…breeder against breeder and certainly this Yates guy is in it for the money…Time for Private Exotic Animal Owners to ban together before Baskin gets her way and no one (except her of course ) has the right to Private Exotic Animal Ownership!!!

  3. why are you deleting comments??

    • No comment was deleted-ALL comments must be approved…I do have a life…see my reply TY-

      • This is not over with. The truth will be told. So hold on to your socks, all the corrupt people will be called out to air all your dirty laundry.
        Check back soon

  4. Thank God I found you guys! I talked to Melanie just after he was killed and not talked to you guys since. I am Donna Boyce and I was the friend of Doc. I was at Stephanes (the lion) birthday and came by a few times after that to leave food for the animals. We are now in Texas. I want to be able to help whenever I can. Please email me and I will give you my phone number. Love, Donna

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