Zoo Wars- Cat Fight -Give ‘Tarzan and Jane’ their cats back!!!

The judge confirmed his order to compel Yates to move the animals. Says a lot about this man that he’s holding those animals for the loot!!!…I hope he is held in contempt of court and throw his butt in jail for not releasing these animals!!! What’s with these Florida people anyway?!?


[Video at the above link]

‘Tarzan’ actor Steve Sipek gets court victory, still can’t take animals home

Judge rules that 2 tigers, leopard be transferred to Okeechobee facility immediately

‘Tarzan’ actor wins battle to get tigers, leopard to Okeechobee facility

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. —Former “Tarzan” actor and big cat enthusiast Steve Sipek got a victory in court Tuesday, but he still won’t be able to take his two tigers and leopard hom

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials seized Sipek’s cats more than two years ago, citing his lack of proper licensing and prior animal escapes.

The cats have been in possession of an animal shelter in Tampa and were supposed to be sent the facility in Okeechobee, as long as Sipek paid a $4,800 restitution fee to the FWC.

According to Sipek’s attorney, the man who owns the Tampa facility, Vernon Yates, refuses to releases the animals unless he is paid $50,000, the costs of caring for the animals. Sipek’s attorney, Rob Melchiorre, said that was not part of the deal.

[Bloggers note: I’d like to see the receipts and list of the expense claim specific for these three cats-BULLSHIT!!! Ever hear of the Quest program!?! Did the leopard get the surgery it was supposed to have before this happened?!? Was there even any vet care provided for any of these animals?!?]

The judge agreed, ruling Sipek did not have to pay the $50,000 and ordering that the animals be released to the Okeechobee facility.

An attorney for the FWC said by telephone in court that the agency was blindsided by the motion and insisted the $50,000 payment to Yates was agreed upon by all parties.

The judge ultimately sided with Sipek and ruled the animals be released to the Okeechobee facility without the $50,000 payment.

Melchiorre said his client’s goal was to make sure the cats are being properly cared for.

“In this new facility, that will accomplish that task,” he said.

Sipek and his attorney said they did not know when that might happen, hinting this latest court motion will likely be challenged.


Steve Sipek in Tarzan outfit

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. —A court fight is unfolding in Palm Beach County over two tigers and a leopard that belong to a former “Tarzan” actor.

The cats were seized in February by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The agency says Steve Sipek was keeping Class 1 animals without a USDA permit. Since then, Sipek and Melanie Boynes, who lives on the Loxahatchee property with him, have set up a non-profit called Tarzan’s Big Cat Sanctuary.

The wildlife agency recently refused the sanctuary’s request for a permit to own big cats, citing inadequate care, poor food and lax security.

The South Florida SunSentinel reported Boynes has gone to court in hopes of reclaiming the animals seized Feb. 27.

An attorney for Boynes and Sipek told the newspaper the charges are false.



[A MUST SEE Video at the link]

Steve Sipek: Ex-Tarzan actor’s big cats to be moved from Tampa to Okechobee

A Palm Beach County judge will allow former Tarzan actor Steve Sipek to move his big cats from Tampa to an Okeechobee facility.

Sipek’s attorneys filed the motion two weeks ago after they said the Tampa caretakers violated court orders.

Facility owners in Tampa say they are owed money for the care of the cats.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers seized Sipek’s two tigers and a leopard from his Loxahatchee property last year after his permit was denied.

Sipek says he has not been able to see his cats since they were taken, but is happy to have them closer.

“This has not been easy for us. We’re in a position where we just want to give up and that’s where we are, but today was a great day,” Sipek said.

No decision was made on exactly when the cats would be moved.


This was a setup. The charges were false…Had it not been for the return of the animals, it would have been no deal!!! So now they have tacked on a $50,000.00 fee that Yates is demanding…If he spent that kind of money on those cats then I’m a monkey’s uncle which I am not…What a creep!!! (and I thought only animal rights organizations were abusive to animal owners-this is an animal owner abusing another and attempting to take advantage of a situation…

On the other hand…How much did ‘Tarzan and Jane’ (Steve and Melanie) spend for the new APPROVED facilities at their home and yet their animals won’t be allowed to go home-WTF?!?

I have  the impression that FWC has lied from the start!!! A known FACT they have wanted a piece of Steve for years…The days of target enforcement has now gone beyond belief…Especially when there was no reason for this!!!

**Side note-Has Yates now teamed up with Baskin?!? They seem to belong together like 2 peas in a pod…PHOOEY!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B



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4 Responses to “Zoo Wars- Cat Fight -Give ‘Tarzan and Jane’ their cats back!!!”

  1. Even if he did not have a USDA permit, when are those idiots going to get it through their thick heads that the USDA permit is NOT required unless he’s A) a dealer, B) a breeder, or C) an exhibitor (open to the public)? If he runs a closed facility, they cannot require USDA registration.Do they ever actually read the rules they love to quote and claim non-compliance with?

  2. When are they going to go after HSUS, PETA, and other groups for their TV ads showing all those poor, suffering, sad-faced animals (in their own facilities) that are photographed and displayed in the ads without any USDA licensing? ANY animal use in a TV ad must be under Class C USDA Exhibitor’s license. Where’s theirs? (And how do they happen to have cages full of such sad animals to photograph? Are those animals specially trained to frown and shiver on command?

    • One can only hope that will happen soon!!! I am so sick the these animal rights people and their rhetoric!!! Pacelle has to go!!! Unfortunately he’s already done the damage and will be an act of congress to correct!!! So if we all donate now ($!.00), does that mean we can get on the class action suit that will be filed against HSUS on behalf of the people who donated?!? LOL…

  3. […] Update from previous post: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/zoo-wars-cat-fight-give-tarzan-and-jane-their-cats-back/ […]

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