Joe Exotic Smear Campaign Clearly Just To Fraud The Public

Over the last 5 years a worldwide smear campaign of lies about Joe Exotic in regards to animal abuse and neglectful care of his animals in his care are now clearly just that, lies to profit from those around the world who read the internet and make donations thinking they are helping animals.

For years Carole Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue of Tampa Florida along with the Humane Society of The United States has put out fake videos and allegations of abuse about Joe Exotic and his animals. Raking in tens of thousands of dollars making the public think this abuse is going on and they are going to help Joe’s animals by getting them out of his care is now recorded in court documents in a Western District Court of Oklahoma. Joe Filed bankruptcy listing 43 Tigers and 5 bears in his care. This gave Big Cat Rescue and working alongside of the HSUS a chance to get these animals out of Joe’s care if he truly was abusing or neglecting his animals; however on May 21, 2013 Case # 13-11430NLJ they agreed with the court to abandon the animals and leave them in Joe’s care. So Joe Exotic must not have been that bad of a guy after all that two animal organizations that claimed so much abuse just left them in his care.

This just goes to show you that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet and if it were me I would be outraged and want my donations back that was given to Big Cat Rescue to help get Joe’s animals away from him “says Joe Exotic” this just goes to show the public it was nothing more than a smear campaign to generate funds on someone else’s good name “he added”

The animals are still on display located in Wynnewood Oklahoma which are viewed by the public for anyone to see just how much Joe Exotic loves his animals and how well they are all being taken care of.

To see that truth about sanctuary scams watch this video:


And you didn’t think there was a spark of truth to Zoo Wars…It’s real alright and damaging Private Exotic Animal Owners throughout the United States…The fear of private wild captive animals and public safety issue are all hogwash-not just what was done to Joe but to all owners…Zoo Wars far from over…

“Here is some proof of Carole Baskin STEALING ANIMALS as well. She stole 3 baby bobcats from the state of Alabama. She had an import permit from the state of Florida, but listed the baby bobcats on that permit application as LYNX CATS. Not bobcats. Because if they were listed as bobcats, the state of Florida would have turned down her permit application. I wrote the state of Alabama to ask about the situation and this is what they told me. Also, please remember… ALL BABIES DIED UNDER HER CARE!! She stated the reason for their deaths was that they had been exposed to a disease that only DOGS can get and her followers swallowed yet another one of her lies hook, line and sinker. Here is the letter I received”:



Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opiion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned for more Zoo Wars and more -B


~ by topcatsroar on June 11, 2013.

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