You still trust that ‘humane’ officer?!?

I am in shock this happened although I would NEVER trust any agency or organization with the word ”humane’ in it…I have experienced what that’s about and see the daily attacks on animals and their owners…If it is not a bonafide No Kill facility that is prepared to provide long term care, or working on placing animals in permanent homes, including placing  into  reliable and dependable foster homes; then don’t support it…They are NOT about the animals and all about the money-ALL at taxpayer expense…YOU just might be supporting an Animal Rights Extremist organization or agency-one that attends PETA or HSUS seminars…sends animals to PETA or HSUS recommended facilities-PHOOEY!!!

This happened in Ohio…They built Alcatraz for captive wild animals, shot a baby monkey from a tree and now a ‘humane agency’ using feral kittens as target practise while young children watch…I think I would avoid even driving thru Ohio with Rover…

North Ridgeville humane officer

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio – A humane officer shot a family of five kittens outside a North Ridgeville house on Monday and the homeowner says her young children saw the whole thing happen.

North Ridgeville humane officer Barry Accorti was dispatched to a house on Vista Lake Way after a resident complained about a family of cats living in her wood pile, police said.

The homeowner said the feral cats were causing a flea problem in her house and that she wanted them removed for the health of her family.

The homeowner and mother of four said Accorti told her the shelters were full and the cats would go to “kitty heaven.” That’s when he shot the five, 8 to 10-week-old kittens, with the woman standing nearby and her children watching from inside the house.

She said her children, ages 5 months to 7 years, were screaming and crying at the sound of the gunshots. The mother cat ran away and was not killed.

Police said the resident understood the cats would be euthanized, but she said she didn’t expect it to happen in her yard. The Ohio SPCA said Accorti discharged his gun about 15 feet from the family’s backyard patio.

“NRPD recognizes the concerns of those who believe feral cats should not be killed for simply trying to survive but also acknowledges the risks associated with these animals and the need to manage feral cats. Research and other animal organizations accept shooting as an acceptable means of euthanasia,” the North Ridgeville Police Department said. [BULLSHIT!!!]

Police Chief Mike Freeman said that Accorti’s actions were appropriate and he will not be disciplined for the incident. He also said they will work with humane officers about improving communications with the public.

A firestorm of feedback over the shooting forced the police department to take down its Facebook page Monday night. The department said while emotions run high, it will not tolerate any threats on its page. [SERIOUSLY?!?]

In April 2013, humane officer Accorti rescued a baby great horned owl at South Central Park. The owl was taken to the Bay Nature Center. [bloggers note; I see, he rescues an owl so that’s supposed to make this OK?!? I hate to tell them this but it’s not!!!-I hate Ohio!!! INHUMANE POLICIES for dealing with animals just doesn’t work for me!!!]

North Ridgeville employs two part-time humane officers.

The executive director of the Friendship Animal Protective League in Elyria told NewsChannel5 feral cats are a big problem in Lorain County. Greg Willey suggests trapping, neutering and releasing the cats to better control the wild population.

The general public may call their local spay and neuter clinic for help to trap cats, neuter them and then release them back to into the wild. The cost to spay and neuter a cat is about $30.

Oh I see they will come out and shot the cats and you’re supposed to trust who they recommend in handling an animal…I don’t think so!!! And what about their reply “The executive director of the Friendship Animal Protective League in Elyria told NewsChannel5 feral cats are a big problem in Lorain County.” Friendship Animal Protective League-HA!

Police Chief Mike Freeman said that Accorti’s actions were appropriate and he will not be disciplined for the incident.-So it’s OK to come out and take target practise on kittens while young children watch?!?-I think NOT!!!-Residents in Elyria need to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY!!! This guy should be FIRED!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned…PHOOEY!!!  -B


~ by topcatsroar on June 11, 2013.

40 Responses to “You still trust that ‘humane’ officer?!?”

  1. The OHIO SPCA has sent a letter to the Police Chief and Mayor. We are requesting that Officer Accorti be terminated and charged with animal cruelty. We don’t hesitate to take a stand against county or city officials. The OHIO SPCA is no-kill and operates a 40-acre farm sanctuary staffed by volunteers.

    • Great!!! And while you’re at it…go after Lutz the Putz (Zanesville) for killing those animals and the wildlife officers that shot a baby monkey…or the men that shot the wolves in their cages-Oh there’s the ‘claim’ that they were abandoned-I don’t believe that for a single minute!!! Even so, there are people who could have done something better than to take a riffle and go on a canned hunt of animals trapped in a cage …I am appalled with what is going on in Ohio!!! Just because they have a badge and a gun they need to be held accountable already…Lutz killed animals in their cages and all that had to be done was to close the damn door-YOUNG animals that were raised with people and no threat to anyone-SLAUGHTERED!!!
      Each one of the cases is alarming and upsetting…
      Can you change my mind about the ASPCA by reviewing these cases!!!-and do something about it!?!
      Take a stand FOR animal welfare and NOT animal rights…
      Is that possible!?!…Keep in touch…I look forward to hearing from you!!! Best -B

      • I understand where you are coming from and these cases are sad and wrong to say the least. We are not affiliated with the ASPCA and we operate month-to-month on a shocking shoe-string budget. We do the best we can and our victories have been many. Our county pound reform has been successful for the last 12 years and we are almost finished with making Ohio a no-gassing state. One dog warden shot 600 dogs behind his dog pound. The horrors are many and never-ending in society. We will continue to right wrongs, but I think you know what we are up against. We have encountered corrupt law enforcement along with many good old boys.

      • So where’s the petition to the governor and the legislators?!? Are there pictures and witnesses?!? You better believe I will promote it here…I am so angry over this!!! Considering ALL the damage HSUS has done to the state where are they on these issues-NOWHERE to be found…Too busy invading farmers and owners of wild captive animals…lest anyone forget they supported Lutz the Putz, the ban bill and ALcatraz for captive animals…PHOOEY Ohio!!!-the governor is out of control!!!

  2. “Law enforcement” should be held to a higher standard of conduct. I

    • Should be HOWEVER…They claim it legal??? They claim immunity and worst of all is the impression it gave those children for life!!! I am appalled!!! How dare this BASTARD do this and not be held accountable for his actions!!! Anyone else taking ‘POP SHOTS’ at kittens would be charged with a FELONY and animal abuse…I am sick of the double standard…NO ONE-AND I MEAN NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO USE KITTENS OR CATS FOR TARGET PRACTISE!!! No wonder so many people are ‘harboring’ cats and kittens…they call that hoarding…In their hands they kill them like it’s no big deal…there is no excuse for it…NONE!!!

  3. If people would keep their pets in their home , and not let them run loose , there wouldn’t have been kittens in the first place.
    No they shouldn’t of been desposed of like that.
    But , they would need to be desposed of just the same.
    Irresponsible owners are the problem in the first place.
    Yes it’s sad , but keep the emotion out of it.
    Make irresponsible pet owners start to pay fines to help cover the cost of finding homes or taking care of excess pets.
    Cats need a shot and license program the same as dogs.
    Along with a leash law also.

    • These kittens and mother cat were NOT family pets…they were feral…She placed the call-Can’t you please read the article before posting.
      More BULLSHIT…”Make irresponsible pet owners start to pay fines to help cover the cost of finding homes or taking care of excess pets.” Solves NOTHING!!!
      Put a price on turning in animals and the problem escalates…The tighter the restrictions the more ‘lawless’ animal ownership will become!!!
      Educational programs are needed…and I suggest that YOU go get one with ‘humane officer’ Barry Accorti. Gezzzzzzzz…Sometimes the stupidity of a comment is overwhelming…Especially when I’m on a rant over something as serious as this…Those children learned something alright…the animal police will come and kill animals with their guns…some lesson that they will learn soon enough I suppose, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr OK…just breath…

      • You jerk , I know they were feral!
        It’s jerks like you that can’t get it through your thick head that the problem is you hold an animals life above another humans !
        We have laws that no one pays attention to.
        You let emotions control your thinking.
        You seemed to miss the fact that I didn’t agree with killing the cats in front of anyone.
        But there are so many feral cats because of people like you that think it’s ok to let them run loose.
        SPCA has the program to spay and neuter and release back to a colony !~
        Real smart ! Irresponsible pet owners like you have a bunch of kittens and take them to the colony to dump them off.

        The problem just gets worse.
        If they were spiders or snakes you wouldn’t think twice about killing them.
        The ASPCA and HSUS know you have no control of your emotions and bank on it.
        They get rich off your emotional thinking.
        They don’t want to solve the problem , they would loose all that free money and their self made jobs.
        Feral cats don’t grow on trees , they depend on jerks like you to populate the colonies that spread disease in your neighbor hoods.

        Years ago wild dog packs were everywhere.
        To solve the problem , they sure didn’t promote dog colonies.
        They killed them on sight , and enforced laws of ownership.
        Why do you think you need shots and a license for your dogs?
        And if a dog warden finds a dog without a license , it is killed after a state mandated waiting period.
        A cat shouldn’t be any different !
        Dog owners are fined for not complying with the law . So cat owners shouldn’t be treated any different.
        A cat defecates in a neighbors flower/vegetable garden , and the gardener gets infected by that crap,.
        Spends a week of more in a hospital because of the infection .
        What if said person dies ?
        Who pays for that ?
        If I can prove your can defecated in that garden , you should be charged with murder !
        No different than a dog killing some kid !
        A pet needs to be under the owners control at all times.
        Not running loose roaming the neighbors property !
        If you can’t do that , you don’t deserve to own a pet !

        Besides at least he didn’t club or torture them.
        He killed them as quick and painless as he could.

      • You really aren’t familiar with this blog are you?!?
        I am in agreement about control and containment of animals and have had to deal with ferals myself…I have NEVER allowed an animal to just roam…
        I am NOT animal rights and for animal welfare and appears your emotions have run away with you…
        The guy used these kittens as target practise-That IS animal abuse-FELONIOUS!!! It in itself is unacceptable in itself…Anyone else doing such a thing would be arrested and you know that!!!
        But if the killing and procedure wasn’t bad enough; the children in the house heard and saw…Children are of great concern and what they learn at that age is primary!!!
        That memory now implanted there by this jerk-there’s no taking that back now is there!?!

  4. Like I’ve said before on other pages, the police today are coming to view their guns as all-purpose “tools” of their trade. They are just too damned trigger-happy. They all need to go back to gun-school or Police Academy. Their gun is, just like for the rest of us, a last resort, NOT the first thing they should grab! Did this jerk save the owl by shooting it? Whatever happened to the “humane” animal traps? And, this was within city limits, I presume. Anybody but a cop would be arrested for discharging a gun in city limits. But the cops can get in their target practice just about anywhere and get away with it “under color of law.” They shoot dogs for no other reason than the dog was barking, or the dog “rushed” them, tail wagging. If we are going to have stricter gun control, it needs to include these “cowboy” cops too! The private citizens who take a concealed-carry training course are more dependable and responsible than those idiot “police” officers!

    • Amen brother…

      • Here is a prime example of how careless pet owners cause world wide problems.


        Could a housecat’s litter box be the culprit in the death of a marine mammal hundreds of miles away in the ocean?

        The answer could be yes, according to a study released by the National Institutes of Health and first reported by Scientific American magazine in its May 2013 issue.

        Feces from cats and other land animals commonly contains a single-celled parasite known as Toxoplasma gondii, which can cause encephalitis (swelling of the brain).

        The parasite can also find a welcome host inside humans, which explains why expectant mothers are cautioned never to touch a cat’s litter box while pregnant.

        The NIH conducted a six-year study that monitored marine mammals in the Pacific Northwest like dolphins, porpoises, sea otters, seals and sea lons, and found that among 5,000 dead animals found on coastal beaches, many of them carried the T. gondii parasite and suffered from encephalitis.

        How did the parasite get inside them? Outdoor cats spreading their feces in areas where it could be washed into rivers and other waterways that later run into the ocean. They also made their way into the ocean from homes, when cat owners flush their cats’ waste into their toilets.

        A solution does exist that will combat this, noted Dr. Michael Gregg, the lead researcher with the NIH study.

        (MORE: The World’s Most Extreme Places: Death Valley)

        “Chlorination does not kill T. gondii, but filtration eliminates them from the water supply,” he explained. “The public health message here is that people can easily avoid the parasites by filtering or boiling untreated water. Limiting serious disease in marine mammals, however, will require larger conservation efforts to block these land pathogens from flowing into our coastal waters.”

        The study notes that T. gondii has been made even more deadly by combining with another parasite, Sarcocyctis neurona, typically found in Virginia opossums, which have thrived in the Pacific Northwest since they were displace from their native regions in the eastern U.S. in the 1900s, the study notes.

        “Researchers found that while the T. gondii often cause long-term, low-grade infection alone, coupled with S. neurona, the result is likely more lethal,” MSN News reported.

      • Oh, so you are back for more of what I can dish-HA!
        Frankly, I don’t have the time to be bothered…
        They were called to take these cats away-NOT to take target practise of kittens in front of children!!!
        It was the procedure that I am questioning although it is thru I am pro no kill
        Feral cats can be controlled-The good they do is greater than any ‘possible’ harm they cause…

        Don’t become such an AR and we just might get along…’Could be’ doesn’t fit into the equation…
        ‘The cat sneezed so I had to kill it’ with no scientific evidence that it could spread disease to any human…also unacceptable
        There has always been wild cats and they do their job efficiently…
        WOW-Go get a life rather than attempt to protect someone who committed REAL animal abuse and REAL child abuse!!!

  5. Another thing to think about.

    About 70 % of the population in this country , live in close quarters , in cities or suburbs .
    They aren’t exposed to many ailments like people that live in the country.
    People that live in the country , build immunity to many ailments .
    Urban residents don’t build up those immunities .
    Now inter the feral cat , it’s a carrier of diseases .
    It’s a time bomb waiting to go off , just like the Black Death plague during the middle ages.

    Go kiss your cat after it’s been running around with the feral cats in the neighbor hood.
    And do the world a favor !
    Once you get sick or get an infection from your cat , you will understand why something has to be done about excess pets ! Especially cats !

    • ROTFLOL!!! I wish I had the time for reply…maybe tomorrow or maybe someone else will jump in here (Hey Thomas, you go a second?!?)…and you say I’m running away with my emotions…hahahahaha

    • You are a fucking idiot, William. I hope you have been neutered. I mean really…. to take this line of ‘logic’ in this example makes me think that you are a complete sociopath with nothing better to do than stoke conversations like this in lieu of actual human/animal contact.

      • John, I find your comments humorous…But do not attack my readers and followers-go back to the hole you came from!!!

  6. this is not the way to handle things, good god I have so many animals on my farm that I have rescued, taken in, and I have a lousy neighbor who keeps calling animal control on me because she doesnt like the dogs barking or the peacock screaming, so now animal control tells me I have to get rid of most of my cats I have about 15 on the farm, and also I have to get rid of some of my dogs to the humane society, I have 35 acres and is dedicated to animals

    • There’s not much to say , except you seem to be realizing that , you can’t keep taking care of other peoples problems , and responsibilities .
      Even if you had a million acres , you can’t please everyone or take care of every unwanted animal.

      • Not interested in taking care of other people animals that’s for sure…Neighbors dog gets loose, he get an immediate phone call from me!!! His responsibility -not mine!!! I don’t pick up animals-people need to assume their responsibility when they decided to take in and home an animal…I used to provide educational programs-considering where I currently live, I haven’t in the past three long dreadful years since I’ve lived here…Instead, I produce this blog…and on an entirely different level than working with children…I must admit, I do miss the kids…

  7. Feral cats are among the top worst invasive species in the world. Over 95 million live in the U.S. as of 2011. They kill over 530 million native species bird and small animal, not to mention starve larger natural predators. TNR programs do not work in this respect. Feral cats also carry disease: feline leukemia, feline HIV, and rabies. According to the ORC, shooting to kill is not cruelty to animals, particularly feral nuisance animals. Please quit being ignorant, people.

    • Maybe OK to you but NOT with me!!! NOT to the mother of those children…Are you William’s friend?!?

      • I agree there’s no taking it back.
        But there is no felony evolved here.
        He is doing his job.
        Granted , he used poor judgement .
        But a feral cat is a feral cat. No one wanted it in the first place.
        Education isn’t the answer . Most know better , and just don’t care.
        These people that let their cats run loose could care less.
        When the one they have disappears , they just go , and get another one.
        There’s no end to the cat problem.
        Make everyone get a license for their cat.
        Just like dogs, there are fines for the dogs behavior , that the owner is responsible for.
        Then see if they let it run free , when they know it can be caught and traced back to them.

      • I don’t KNOW that ‘no one wanted the cat or her kittens’ in the first place…no one was given the opportunity to find out or asked…

        I hate cats being allowed to roam…I never have…The ones that were found and cared for always seemed to have a yearn to go back out…
        I guess ‘the call back to the wild’…if you weren’t careful, they’d dash out between your feet…

        Next thing you know, you’re at Tractor Supply purchasing a live trap in hopes of getting your cat back…
        By the time you’ve turned around you have an entirely ‘new family of cats’-HA! All because you friended one and concerned about it-Way too funny when you think about it.

        I agree that everyone should vaccinate their animals and be responsible for them however, to severely punish people who don’t, makes the thing go backward rather than forwards-No idea why!!!

        The vaccinate laws were created for animal and people protection…not to make some vet rich!!! Used to be you could do it yourself but that didn’t last…
        It’s a known fact that the rabies vaccine goes longer than a year yet the vets want it yearly…need I say more as you are charged for a well-pet visit!!!

        My vet never did that…never charged for a yearly ‘well visit’ and allowed his technicians to do the check ups-weighted the animas, took temp…checked to make sure the animals was doing well and healthy…charged min for worm checks and such…Now that was the popular vet that was always busy as a trusted member of the community and was making money…Those vets are getting harder to find these days!!!
        There’s low cost vaccinations and S/N clinics however the prices have shot sky high!!! A really good vet sees the animals at no charge and vaccinates at a minimum charge…He just wants to check the animals each year, not sell a bunch of crap he has for sale in his office and advise his clients as the animals get older and what they might need. Get more of those vets back and we’re in business!!!-He remains reasonable with his S/N…
        When laws become unreasonable, even the simplest won’t be followed-sad but true…

      • When I was growing up on the farm .
        I had chores to do, and one was to catch chickens every Sunday , so that dad could chop their heads off .
        We ate chicken every Sunday , it was a part of life to understand life is death , death is life.
        You can’t have one without the other.
        That’s the difference , I understand the why and you don’t !

      • Hey guys-I eat meat- I don’t hun or raise it but I do know where my food comes from…I’m far from being and Animal Rights Activist…Actually envious that you experienced what more of us should have… But I just don’t see it as part of his job or humane!!! -No one was given that opportunity of homing those animals and providing…I believe he wasn’t doing his job properly, should be fired and possibly charged!!!
        How many people have be wrongfully accused?!? How many lives did this guy help destroy-animals and people?!? This just the kind of guy who shouldn’t be enforcing laws!!!

      • Don’t even pay any attention to someone like that !
        They probably live in their mothers basement.

      • Thank you -that’s pretty scary!!!
        I was threatened like that a few years ago!!!and I’ve never gotten over it… But right is wright and wrong is wrong and when it doesn’t jive I just need to make the information known!!! I believe as a US citizen we bear the responsibility of not allowing the government to control us. There are laws they must abide by just as we are required…

    • Your statistics don’t matter. Generalization, hyperbole, etc. You are nuisance to me. Should I shoot you? Fuck you and your ignorance.

      • Seriously?!? Should I take that as a threat-should William?!? I published this comment to make this threat public…No one asked for you to comment, your choice…You can go way now…Side note: You are traceable you know?!?-right???

      • I have a sister-in-law , that thinks she and her family are better than everyone in the world.

        She wanted me to come over and trap a red fox that was in her neighborhood.
        This is a high society neighbor hood .
        Coaches and players from the local NFL team live there.

        Now mind you she wants me to kill this fox , just so she can let her cat outside.
        To run the neighbor hood like a feral stray cat.
        My brother , after I told them no , that fox has more right to be there than they do.
        Just keep the cat in the house.
        Found out it was legal to shoot it , so he did.
        I rest my case on education solving the problem.
        They know better , but chose to do as they please.
        Now if that cat was shocked collared like their dogs , it maybe a different story.
        Could shock collars be used with the invisible fence like for dogs ?

        But other than that , isn’t a licensing system a better idea ?
        You are always going to have those that won’t follow the law , AND NOT GET THE LICENSE .
        But then the cat can be removed from the area with reasonable legal resources , without someone protecting their property being charged with a felony.
        Seems like everything is becoming a felony charge any more.
        Remember it’s against the law for a felon to own or use a firearm.
        Is this a way around the Second Amendment ?

      • I get what you are saying, believe me I do!!! But isn’t there a licensing system ALREADY in place. I vaccinate according to the law even when I think it’s overkill to do yearly with an already approved vaccine for 3 years and we know will go for 10!!! With the high incidence of rabies here I hope others are doing the same, I don’t know, I don’t know my neighbors and no plan on associating with any anytime soon!!!
        ARs want all cruelty to be classified as a felony-way over the top!!! Especially when more often than not the accused are entirely innocent and/or improperly ‘processed’ -no one looking and they are counting on that!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      • You live in your mothers basement don’t you !

      • no…I live on 10 acres…my family would like for me t live in her basement or spare bedroom actually…

      • LOL My computer is acting up , that comment about the basement was for John with the nasty mouth !
        Not you , sorry it came out that way.

  8. Just be careful what you wish for topcatsroar .
    Many laws that start out as good intentions , wind up causing more grief than it helps.
    Next thing you know the HSUS will be saying a farmer should be charged with a felony for butchering beef or chickens for his own use.

    • You just quoted me, “Careful what you wish for” My favorite line…I believe that HSUS would support the killing of those kittens, not be against it…Unless you’ve seen a post that I have missed…
      PETA sure would…They happily kill ferals…no they happily kill just about all animals they come in contact with!!!

      I notice your HUMOR-hsus, LOL!!!

      • HSUS is out do away with all animal use , as pets or anything else clear down to food source.
        But they would jump at the chance to use this to get more donations.

      • Ever hear of UN Agenda 21!?! That government is allowing it-full control -Hello China…Keep your eye on the IRS scandal my friend…It just might turn things around. Sorry I haven’t been around-my Internet access has been screwed up-hopefully will last now!!! -B

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