Zoo Wars- Hatari Safari, 3 years later…Still doing Battle but REMAINS!!!

Going strong in a positive direction in spite of the continued legal abuse……



I always knew I saw things from both sides, is it because I am a gemini, or because I am smart enough to actually seek out the truth, that others are too hypocritical to understand-

In June 2010, a friend from San Antonio called me in shock that the county was coming to take my animals.  Too which I replied “Liable, Slander, Outrageous Lies!”, then the newspaper reporter kindly emailed a copy of the lawsuit attacking my husband.  The county attorney, served Clint those papers 48 hours, after they sent it to the newspaper-

The next 6 months was a never ending court battle, because every time I won, the county attorney filed something else.  Even after the the Supreme 4th Court won in my favor, the county attorney tried to get the county officials to change the law, IN THE MIDDLE of the lawsuit!!!

 So then the county gave me special provisions, and I promised not to sue,

and then what happened you say?  Well the County Attorney wrote HB251, sponsored by Harvey Hildenbran, endorsed by the Cailloux family, (yes of the Kathleen Cailloux Humane Society) to wrap up the bill, it was trying to shut me down, but the last line of the bill read (in its original form)-


Of course the bill went nowhere, but umm excuse me KERR COUNTY, exotic hunting capitol of Texas, who pays these people?

When I found out that there were some heavy players against me I tried to move, but when I offered my property for sale I was accused of exortation. It is not just me taking hits from the Humane Society, or HSUS, they are trying to take away all animals, and all hunting, piece by by piece, bring discord amongst the ranks because we are stronger in numbers if we could put aside our differences and band together-  It doesn’t matter if you hunt, how you hunt, or if you eat meat, if you truly love animals, learn how we can REALLY ENSURE their survival-

President, Amy Tuma-Everyone always asks, how did you get started in this?  Well let me tell you……

When I was younger my Grandpa and I watched together the classic John Wayne movie, Hatari.  I instantly fell in love with the idea of an animal sanctuary, and having my own set of baby elephants.   As I got older I volunteered at Tiger Mountain Sanctuary and learned a passion for big cats.  I went to school and majored in Wildlife Management.
Then I met my husband of 16 years.  He helped continue my education with field experience, we have  captured over 50 different species of animals all over texas, and with that comes the knowledge of darting, animal wellness, infant care, and a knowledge that can’t be taught in books.  Over the next several years we adopted and took care of several cougars, tiger, and even a few bears!  Unfortunately these animals are all expense and boy can they get expensive!  Between Vet Bills, Facilities and Insurance I was about to drive us to the poor house.

On Discovery Channel, I found my answer in a program called “Tiger Next Door”, it discussed several animal and big cat sanctuaries and I knew in my heart this is what I had to do to create a legacy for my daughter and ensure Exotic and Endangered Species would survive and thrive for future grandkids.

Mandy, our Vice President went to school pursuing the veterinarian field but life took her in a different direction and she successfully runs her own restaurant right now, but always wanted to get back to the animals, and now she can!

Ashley, Secretary,  has had the magic touch with animals since birth, almost literally!  She has had the unique opportunity to raise and care for more animals than most adults in their entire life have even seen.   She is has more patience, care & understanding and her youth gives her advantage that no schooling could beat-


What a beautiful facility!!! What more do these people want?!? Where’s community PRIDE?!? Are people really so blind?!?

Not only did Hatari Safari keep their word and not sue the county for wrongful and deliberate attacks on their livelihood, their facility but also their animals; they built an absolutely beautiful facility!!!…. They were and remain registered with the Secretary of the State of Texas  folks-no further registration was/is required in Texas. Furthermore, EXEMPT from any other registration.

This prosecutor continues to attempt to change the laws and once again, has failed and will continue to fail…GIVE IT UP ALREADY…Take PRIDE in what a new member of the community has brought. They should be ashamed of what they attempted to do and their continued attacks!!! Hunting licenses bring in state revenue-HELLO!!!-WHAT’S HE THINKING?!? Imagine what a loss it would be to shut it down!!!-OMG!!!

Maybe that humane society should stop seeing other animal facilities as a threat and support this wonderful facility-Ya think?!?

That being said, I guess there is now a breach in their agreement so looks to me like it opens the door for the Tumas to file suit…if I were to throw my 2 cents in…


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B


~ by topcatsroar on June 10, 2013.

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