Message from RPOA-Preserving Pet Ownership in Texas

>From RPOA Texas Outreach and
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
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June 3, 2013

By Mary Beth Duerler,
E-News editor:
Sometimes there’s no way around it. I have to get personal. As a
co-founder of RPOA over 20 years ago and the only “unpaid” executive
director of any nonprofit organization in the U.S., I’m owed an occasional
“vent” and this one is long overdue.

Having just survived another Texas Legislative Session which included 10 top
priority bills to oppose (sometimes in House and Senate Hearings), 9 bills
to support, and studying 7 animal related bills that we didn’t even know
about until now — I’m in the process of preparing our Final Report which
will be posted soon. This is in addition to administering our statewide Pet
Education, Assistance & Rescue Program every day. RPOA is about programs
and solutions to animal problems, in addition to our legislative efforts.

RPOA has reached a new plateau this year and become well known to media,
legislators and by many dog and cat fanciers, who had previously felt that
anti-pet legislation would never affect them. Why would it? They were
doing nothing wrong! HB 1451, the Pet Elimination Bill, changed all that.

This was a good legislative session for RPOA but we must do more by bringing
our existing circular firing squad of animal groups into a “protective”
circle of wagons for our animals in Texas or face the consequences.
RPOA is an “Alliance” of many nonprofit organizations and animal loving
individuals. PIJAC (representing pet shops nationally) really threw us a
curve this session – costing us precious time and expense to kill their

It has become increasingly obvious that out-of-state national “animal
rights” organizations are writing Texas animal laws, such as: HSUS, ASPCA,
Best Friends Animal Society, and the HSUS lapdog “Texas Humane Legislative
Network” (THLN). The extremists are now assisted by many anti-pet
municipalities (believing no pets = no problems), Texas Animal Control
Association, Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation, and the Texas State
Bar Animal Law Section (led by many THLN attorney members) who are filing
their own bills or supporting other anti-pet legislation. Animal ownership
is under never-ending attack in Texas and all other states.

The attack on breeding purebred dogs and cats has accelerated nationwide and
we’ve recently expressed our concerns to AKC as we feel they have done a
very poor job of promoting purebred dogs vs shelter or rescued dogs. As a
dog person, I’ve learned from our cat folks that cat breeds also have very
different personalities which enables potential pet owners to seek the cat
breed of their choice. We need changes everywhere — beginning with RPOA —
but it takes funding and your participation. More on this later.
We must have major ongoing advertisements and press releases on why a pet
owner would want a purebred vs a shelter dog or cat. Aren’t there really
enough homes for both kinds, regardless of the extremists’ propaganda?
Really? RPOA doesn’t think so!

The following AP article in the San Antonio Express-News this morning set my
mood for the day:
Be sure to look at the 12 photos of purebred and a few mixed “purebreds”
performing a public community service as airport therapy dogs. Are all dog
breeds suitable for this activity? No! But every breed was bred for a
special purpose and each use benefits us “humans” in so many ways — even if
it’s only as a very special lapdog to lower blood pressure! Or a working
dog breed earning his supper!

Take a look at these fabulous dogs guiding their owners on a leash: “Finn,”
the Irish Wolfhound, “Henry James,” the Golden Retriever, a Dalmatian,
Lab-Pointer Mix, Field Spaniel, 3 Australian Labradoodles, and a Doberman.
Don’t you just love ’em? And if anyone believes there’ll “always” be mixed
dog breeds available in shelters, think again. Look at NE animal shelters
that have to import dogs to “sell.” You can’t “mix” dog breeds if we lose
those purebred gene pools and bloodlines. With mandatory pet sterilization
laws, they will be lost forever.

In closing, let me say I have always felt that RPOA would receive the
financial support we need … if we do the “right” thing. Please don’t
disillusion me and do join us on this open announcement only e-mail list to
stay informed on all Texas animal issues. Subscribe at the link below.
Your animals will be glad you did and may God bless our efforts.
Mary Beth
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