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Beware the HSUS olive branch

Attendees at the recent Animal Ag Alliance meeting in northern Virginia were probably surprised to receive an email from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) afterward. The email, from food policy director Matt Prescott, offered to “work collaboratively with the industry” toward “win-win solutions.”

Prescott was with PETA before he joined HSUS, and his claim to fame is designing PETA’s “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign. The campaign, which was banned in Germany, traveled around the country comparing livestock farms to Nazi concentration camps. Prescott’s message to the media was, “We’ve kept the systems and the attitudes – just changed the victims.”

Let’s repeat: If you’re running a hog farm or a henhouse, Prescott and his PETA pals think you’re running a concentration camp. And if you eat meat, you’re a Nazi-enabler.

This guy is now the food policy director for HSUS. His and HSUS’s “food policy” is to put hog farmers, ranchers, egg farmers, dairymen, and poultry farmers—present-day “Nazis”—out of business. Now HSUS has the arrogance to send around a letter to folks in the ag community to let them know that “our door’s always open.” Please.

Prescott so smugly has violated Godwin’s Law, but he actually might be onto something in terms of historical perspective. As we all know, Adolf Hitler made plenty of “reasonable” demands in the interests of keeping peace. He rearmed the Rhineland, devised the Austrian “Anschluss,” and asked for the Sudetenland.

But it was never enough. Hitler just kept asking for more, and naïve people like Neville Chamberlain kept showing weakness in appeasement. HSUS is an aggressor against agriculture, and appeasement won’t work.

In 2010, HSUS cut a deal with the Ohio Farm Bureau and then Governor Ted Strickland to avoid a ballot initiative. The industry made concessions. It was peace for their time. But peace didn’t last long.

Last month HSUS announced the formation of a state agriculture council in Ohio to promote so-called “sustainable” and “humane” farming practices. Translation: Attack the ag community’s most common forms of raising animals by deeming them less humane and environmentally damaging.

In the announcement, HSUS attacked “industrial agribusiness interests” and “industrial farms.” Yet in Prescott’s email to Animal Ag Alliance attendees, he noted, “we publicly praise largescale [sic] producers.” So HSUS is happy to bash large “industrial” farms, but tone down the rhetoric when it’s trying to reach out to people who might support these farms.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B

~ by topcatsroar on May 31, 2013.

3 Responses to “Beware the HSUS olive branch”

  1. There’s a word for that, and it’s not a new one…”Doublespeak.”

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    • I didn’t write these articles and reason there is a link…I do comment and post commentary from time to time. I try to post what I believe is significant information that I believe every animal owner/lover should be aware of…Frankly, I am not that smart but I am smart enough to know right from wrong and what I consider important…Feel free to post links and alerts to anything you find of importance to the general animal community that is following this blog. Please feel free to share the blog with your social networks as well…TY!!! Best -B

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