Heads-Up Waco, Texas -Message from TX-RPOA

>From RPOA Texas Outreach and
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
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May 26, 2013

Heads Up!
What: Waco, TX, Public Meeting on animal ordinances to discuss proposals
that require microchipping and sterilization of pets, with exemptions
available for “appropriately documented breeding animals;” all pets sold or
transferred must be sterilized, ID chipped and vaccinated; animal
abandonment defined; and basic requirements for tethered animals.
When: 6:00 pm, Thursday, May 30
Where: City Operations Center, 1415 S. Fifth Street, (Waco).

This new pet sterilization mandate will replace Waco’s current $35 annual 
“Intact Animal Permit” that the mayor proclaims a failure with only 58 
permits or sold. Does this make sense? San Antonio wisely rescinded their 
Intact Animal Permit some years back as being unenforceable.

Nathan Winograd, founder of the No Kill Movement, says it’s programs and 
services that solve animal problems, not unenforceable legislation which 
results in more surrendered or dumped pets and Responsible Pet Owners 
Alliance concurs. Waco is taking giant steps backwards.

Waco’s mayor and Humane Society of Central Texas are firmly behind the
proposals according to this article.

There’s more in the city’s press release:

It is disturbing when local humane societies dedicate their resources to 
promoting animal “rights” anti-pet legislation instead of carrying out their 
mission statements to provide a safe haven for unwanted pets and find them 
new homes.

Please contact the Waco city officials below to OPPOSE these proposals which
will do more harm than good!
Mayor Duncan: wacomayor@waco-texas.com
Councilman Kyle Deaver:
Council members Alice Rodriguez, John Kinnaird and Toni Herbert have no
email addresses on the city website and do not wish to be disturbed..

Our RPOA Tri-City (Waco/Temple/Killeen) Chapter Co-Chairmen are:
Tina Patterson tina.b.patterson@att.net
Carole Zieris


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