Zoo Wars XV -Decision To Shoot Baby Monkey Angers Animal Lovers

Update to Zoo Wars XIV -Meanwhile-Back in Ohio!!!




Decision To Shoot Baby Monkey In Clermont County Angers Animal Lovers

Most people are familiar with Capuchin monkeys. They’re the little one’s frequently seen in images with organ grinders.Over the weekend a baby Capuchin was on the loose in the Clermont County. It took place in the community of Neville. After attempts to capture it failed, authorities made a decision to shoot and kill it.Local 12’s Rich Jaffe says that decision struck a very emotional note with animal lovers.Normally exotic animals in the state of Ohio are regulated by the Department of Agriculture but the Department of Agriculture doesn’t have a law enforcement arm. So Saturday, when the capuchin monkey was on the loose in Neville, a call was made to the Division of Wildlife and the local game warden responded.

The monkey is not much bigger than a large squirrel. A local woman Teresa Bullock who owns monkeys and is considered an expert by some people was also called. She talked that evening with Yvette Riley. “So she grabbed baby toys, things that monkeys like, baby bottle and down she went. She says Yvette it was chatting back and forth to me it was coming down the tree was halfway down the tree and then in steps the wildlife person and just takes over.”

According to state officials, two wildlife officers and Sheriff’s deputies were on the scene from early morning into the afternoon. The monkey ran from tree to tree, as officers contacted their supervisors in Columbus and discussed the situation. After canvassing the neighborhood and not finding an owner, officials eventually determined the threat of the monkey escaping outweighed the possibility of capture. “They shot it and it was screaming and it was all just pitiful this little baby monkey and she said it wasn’t some gorilla or an ape.”

David Stricker is a Clermont County veterinarian who specializes in exotic animals. Among other creatures, he treats a lot of monkeys. “They have their place but I don’t recommend monkeys for everyone. It’s like having a special needs child for 30 years.”

Stricker says the baby Capuchin posed no serious threat. “They’re really not dangerous, but you could get into if you try to catch it they’re gonna bite. Just like if you try to catch a raccoon it’s gonna bite. You try a opossum it might bite.”

Wildlife officials stress this was a public safety issue but not everyone agrees. “I think it could have been handled a lot different especially in this situation.”

The more I read about law enforcement and their lack of knowledge and compassion for animals and their owners, especially in Ohio; the more sickened I am. They seem to have some sort of ‘symbiotic bond with the media’ to perpetuate the lies they are told inspite of the truth. No one is safe when the media sides and is used by authorities; they sure made a big attempt here to back the wrongful killing of an innocent animal…
This monkey posed no serious threat and no attempt was made for safe live capture of a small baby monkey period!!! PHOOEY!!!
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on May 22, 2013.

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