Zoo Wars XIV -Meanwhile-Back in Ohio!!!

Yup…There must be a law concerning a small monkey in a tree so they HAD to KILL it!!!-SERIOUSLY!?!

Small monkeys are NOT part of the new law…IF they consulted their own regulations they should have known…It’s not like they are expected to know one monkey from another but they should have known that a small monkey would be exempt and gone for a method for capture…

No one was called out on what they did the first time, including shooting young animals in their cages!!! If they could get close enough to shot…then they could get close enough to shut the door…

Once again, wrong call and someone should, but likely no one will, be called down on this!!! Screw you Jack Hanna…Hope you are as happy about this call as you were about the creation of that law!!!


Image from Wikimedia Commons

CLERMONT COUNTY, OH (FOX19) -A monkey on the loose in Clermont County was shot from its post in a tree on Saturday.

Clermont County Sheriff’s Department along with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources were notified of a loose monkey in the area on Saturday afternoon. Authorities were called to the 300 block of Main Street in Neville, Ohio.

A small monkey was later discovered in a tree. Authorities tried to get the monkey down from the tree without any luck.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources said that due to new Ohio laws regulating dangerous animals, the monkey could not remain in the tree. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources was forced to shoot the monkey to get it down.

The monkey’s body was sent to the Ohio Department of Agriculture for analysis.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has not received any report of a missing monkey. They are unsure where the monkey came from.


Let’s thank some the main backers of the new law in Ohio shall we!?!

HSUS~CEO Wayne Pacelle

Carole Lewis Caskin~CEO Big Cat Rescue (BCR)

Jack Hanna~Columbus Zoo

Tippi Hedren~Shimbla

Sheriff Lutz

The legislatures responsible for this law and lest we forget Governor John Kasich!!! -PHOOEY!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others -B




~ by topcatsroar on May 19, 2013.

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