Kill the Puppies and then their Mom-WTF?!?

This is sickening!!! Not for the weak of heart!!!

Maricopa Co: Cruel and Unusual Treatment of a Stray Dog and 10 Puppies

May 15, 2013

Maricopa Co

Maricopa Co ACC in AZ impounded this obviously pregnant dog as a stray on April 22, 2013. Records obtained via FOIA request indicate that four days later the pound’s vet cut out her uterus which contained 10 full term puppies, old enough to survive outside the womb.  These pups had a right to live.  Medical records contain no mention of how the uterus containing the puppies was disposed of nor is there any notation of Fatal Plus being administered to the pups. They were presumably thrown into the trash can to suffocate and die.

Although this poor dog was cruelly subjected to a behavioral evaluation just 3 days after the killing of her pups, she passed. The day after, Maricopa Co noted she was “not kenneling well” and put her on the kill list. This dog had a right to live.  Mercifully the so-called irresponsible public came through to save this dog from additional harm at the pound and she was taken in by a rescue group.

Remind me again how the mistreatment and killing of pets in animal shelters is the public’s fault?


WTF?!? Who would consider ‘DISPOSING’ OF A PREGNANT DOGS PUPPIES when the dog was so far along…Is it common practise in these so called animal shelters?!? As it is they are NOT giving puppies and kittens proper care and for the most part ‘disposing of them’ at an alarming rate!!!

And now Texas is considering a bill that anyone suspect of  breeding and selling will be treated as if they have no rights in this country?!? WTF is going on?!? When did breeding animals become a crime?!? Comparable to ‘there are so many accidental pregnancies that if you want a family, you are required to adopt’!!! This is not the world I raised my children to live in and most certainly leaves even less for my grandchildren!!!

I strongly suggest you fight that bill in Texas from becoming law, now matter where you live, least that kind of law travels to where you live!!!

Anyone supporting these bans and the Animal Rights Extremists Agenda should not be allowed animals  or children!!!

PHOOEY!!!  -B   Much thanks to YesBiscuit for pointing this horrible reality out, no matter how sickening this is!!!

animal seizures and rescues are being conducted by a very sophisticated

network of 

organized crime who have developed a very sophisticated scheme by which

they are 

criminalizing longstanding animal and livestock owners; divesting them of

ownership of entire herds of livestock and commercially valuable animals.

all of it done at taxpayer expense and thru a highly developed scheme to

collect donations.

follow the animals ~ follow the money!!! 


~ by topcatsroar on May 17, 2013.

One Response to “Kill the Puppies and then their Mom-WTF?!?”

  1. I strongly suggest you fight that BAD BILL in Texas from becoming law least that kind of law travels to where you live!!!
    I c/p each email address and sent as one email; took less than 5 minutes-PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS!!!

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