UPDATE: No Excuse Acceptable

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Mor(e)on Mobile Co Pet Killing Facility

I get a knot in my stomach when I hear that an advisory committee has been appointed to make recommendations about a pet killing facility.  Nothing good ever seems to come from it.  Add Mobile Co, AL to that list.

Yesterday Mobile County commissioners received their first report from the advisory committee charged with making recommendations about the deeply troubled pound.  Here is my summary of the recommendations and seriously, I did not make these up:

  1. Use part of the county’s Maddie’s Fund grant to pay Maddie’s Fund for a shelter evaluation.
  2. Shorten the hold time for cats deemed feral (such as Porkchop) to 3 days so they can be killed quicker.
  3. Continue the “breed specific policy” that no puppy over 3 months old deemed a pit bull, chow or wolf hybrid will be allowed to live.

Bear in mind this is a place that kills many animals upon impound in violation of state law.  They clearly can’t tell a well cared for pet from a feral cat and I can only imagine how well they do in determining dog “breeds”. (Pitbulls and wolf hybrids are not “breeds” and it’s nearly impossible to determine lineage for mixed breeds based on body shape.)

No doubt fans of Maddie’s Fund will be supportive of the idea of putting the county’s grant money back into the Maddie’s Fund bank account in exchange for a shelter evaluation.  I am not so excited.  My thinking, wacky as it may be, is to clear out everyone committed to pet killing in Mobile Co and replace them with compassionate people committed to no kill – starting with a director.  Once there is strong leadership in place, use the grant money to assist in implementing the programs of the No Kill Equation.

In other words, stop killing animals, start doing your jobs.  The road map to success already exists and is available to everyone.  No middle man required.  Put that in your advisory committee pipe and smoke it.

(Thanks Clarice for the link.)


YesBiscuit is a recommended blog:


Shelter (noun): Something that affords protection; a refuge, a haven.


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