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New Call to Action from  SHARE WILDLY!!!

Dear (Senator___________________ or Representative _________________):

Please explicitly tell me whether you support a “Congressional Oversight Hearing” that Addresses the Failure of the IRS to enforce the U.S. Tax Code against the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS), a tax-exempt, public charity. In this regard, the following documented facts substantiate that the IRS has allowed the HSUS to excessively lobby and to engage in prohibited political campaign activities.

1. Twenty-Seven Members of Congress have forwarded to either the IRS, the Treasury’s Inspector General (IG), or to U.S. Attorneys in the Justice Department allegations that the HSUS is not in compliance with the U.S. Tax Code and the Lobbying Disclosure Act.

2. Mr. Pacelle, the President and CEO of the HSUS, “confessed” in April of 2011 to excessive lobbying when he stated that “We have passed 1,000 laws in the last decade.” (The Treasury’s IG has had the CD Voice Recording “confession” for over 19 months, but no action taken!)

3. Mr. Pacelle “founded” the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF), a Lobbying Subsidiary of the HSUS, and serves, from his HSUS Office, as its Executive Vice President. Consequently, Mr. Pacelle has “directly” and “indirectly” participated in the decisions of the HSLF to endorse or oppose nearly 1,000 Congressional Candidates since 2004. For example, in 2012 the HSLF contributed over $750,000 in the effort to defeat Incumbent Iowa Congressman King.

4. The HSUS has repeatedly and falsely stated on its Tax Returns that it has never directly or indirectly opposed any candidate for elected office – – IRS ignored documented “Complaints.”

5. The HSUS terminated its Registration as a “Lobbying Organization” in 2006; and the HSLF was never registered as a “Lobbying Organization” until February of 2012 – – a hiatus of nearly six years of “NO REGISTRATION!” Mr. Pacelle was registered with the Senate and House as the Chief “Lobbyist” for the HSUS until 2006, but never stopped “Lobbying” from 2006 to 2013!

6. Mr. Pacelle was also registered as a State Lobbyist in Missouri from 2011-2013. How many other Presidents and CEOs of tax-exempt, public charities have ever been registered as a Federal and State Lobbyist? Compounding the seriousness of this question is the fact that the HSUS reported on its Federal Tax Return for 2010 that it made CHARITABLE “GRANTS” OF OVER $2 MILLION to a Missouri Registered Lobbying Group – – “Missourians for the Protection of Dogs.” The Treasurer for this Group was a Member of the HSUS Board of Directors!!!!!

7. Most of the paid HSUS State Directors in all 50 States are Registered as State Lobbyists, and the HSUS has scheduled or conducted in 2013 HSUS “Lobby Day” Events in 37 State Capitals!

8. The HSUS “targets” and teaches children as young as 5-years-old how: to call the Washington Congressional Switchboard; to contact their Elected Officials in Congress; and how to “lobby!”

9. Mr. Losey has submitted to the IRS over 3,000 pages of documents that substantiate the HSUS’ excessive lobbying and prohibited political campaign activities. The IRS routinely responded to Mr. Losey’s 20+ submissions in the last 54 months by simply referring to the IRS’ “ongoing examination program” of tax-exempt organizations” – – BUT NO ACTION TAKEN!

10. The IRS has failed to act on the Complaint that it was “leaking” information back to the HSUS.

11. For 3 years the IRS also cited its “ongoing examination program” to Congressional Inquiries. Some Members of Congress are now questioning the “program’s” timeliness and integrity.

The above examples of improper HSUS activities are included in an Executive Summary that cites “30 Reasons for a Congressional Oversight Hearing of the HSUS,” and highlights the failure of the IRS to enforce the U.S. Tax Code, as enacted by Congress, against the HSUS. The Executive Summary and CD Voice Recording of Mr. Pacelle’s “Confession” are found at .
Address_____________________________ _________
City State Zip___________________________________



“Once Upon a Time” the Humane Society of the United States was organized for a noble purpose. However, in recent years the Humane Society of the U.S. appears to have lost its way, and has actively demonized so many decent and caring individuals who have anything to do with Animals. Consequently, the fundamental Principles and Rights of Humans that our Forefathers set out in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitutionare being desecrated by those who believe the Rights of Animals are greater than the Rights of Humans. And yet, a review of the words set out in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution reveals no mention of “Animal Rights.”

Human Rights are sacrosanct, as well they should be, and no person and no organization have an absolute right to desecrate the God-Given Rights of Humans. That is why I believe that all who believe in the Guiding Principles of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution need to work in concert to “Right the Unrightable Wrongs” of the Humane Society of the U.S.

Each of us represents the “Power of One.” And each of us has the “Power” to communicate with others, and to share with others how best to “Right the Unrightable Wrongs” of the Humane Society of the U. S. If each of us exercises the “Power of One,” the multiplier effect of our cumulative actions will become an insurmountable force that will ensure that our God-Given Rights are once again restored, revered and protected. Let us all work together as “One” in order to restore the integrity of our Rights as so eloquently summarized by the immortal words of “One Nation, Under God!”


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  Best -B


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