40 ‘RESCUED’ Pets-DIED!!! The Horror of ‘Animal Rescue’

This is what happened after a bird ‘rescue’ of totally healthy birds!!! Thank you Scotlund Haisley-NOT!!! The owner was prosecuted to the full extent of the law…even though there was NO crime…Do not assume that because an owner was accused that he is guilty!!! -With the rash of animal seizures, like no other time, does not mean anyone was guilty-it means the Animal Rights Extremists have stepped up their assault on animal owners…and become Animal Abusers themselves!!! There are many such incidents and the media rarely doing a follow up or bothering to put the pieces together…Their sensationalized news story done after the irresponsible reporting on animal owners.

The other side of the story is not always such a flowery outcome…

-And they wonder why we fight them on the issue of ‘rescue’ when it isn’t!!! Rescued to be killed or to die from neglect…never would have happened had the FAKE ‘rescue’ hadn’t happened….The owner left with her life and business destroyed!!!

You may have seen the following at the time but never put the pieces together-The end result for this bastard’s raids on animal owners-even HSUS tossed this creep!!!


Horror as police discover menagerie of 40 dead animals abandoned in home of pet rescue worker

January 18, 2012

Police are hunting an animal rescue worker after more than 40 dead pets were found in her abandoned house of horror.

The gruesome find came after neighbours complained about a foul smell coming from a rented home in Columbia, Maryland.

When police broke in, they found the bodies of 40 animals littered around the building.

Shocking find: Neighbours complained about a foul smell coming from the home of animal rescue workier Beth Lindenau in Columbia, MarylandShocking find: Neighbours complained about a foul smell coming from the home of animal rescue workier Beth Lindenau in Columbia, Maryland
 Police left a letter for the inhabitant, Elizabeth Lindenau, 40, a bird expert and former animal trainer at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. No charges have been filed, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Nineteen were found stuffed in a freezer, including birds, cats, rabbits, snakes and guinea pigs. Another 21 bodies, one a hermit crab, were discovered still locked in their cages. None appeared to have any food, water or heating.

Two cats, a bearded dragon lizard and a gerbil were found barely alive on Monday.

‘It was just sickening. My wife, she was going to throw up, she was so disgusted, neighbor Michael Antonucci told the CBS Baltimore affiliate.

‘I saw them when they first went in,’ said another neighbor. ‘He walked in and walked right out. Nobody could stay in long with that odor. It tears my heart out, it really does.’

Residents said they heard the woman renting the house was involved in an animal welfare group.

Pet cemetery: Police are hunting an animal rescue worker after more than 40 dead pets were found in her abandoned house of horrorPet cemetery: Police are hunting an animal rescue worker after more than 40 dead pets were found in her abandoned house of horror

‘How can someone who loves animals and rescues them leave those animals to die?’ added Mr. Antonucci.

‘I couldn’t sleep last night when I thought it was just one animal.  I really had a hard time.  To hear this, it’s going to be another disturbing night,” a neighbour told ABC News. She added that she had only seen the woman with two dogs and there was no indication all the animals were inside the home, which had all electricity and power turned off.

Police are trying to locate the tenant, who is expected to face child cruelty charges. She hasn’t been seen in at least a week.


Imagine being the previous owner already suffering from the loss and reading this in the news…it was January…no food…no water…no heat for tropical animals-They either starved or froze to death or BOTH!!!-and this so called ‘rescuer’ got off while the owner’s duress continues…Stop supporting FAKE animal rescues!!!-Hold rescuers responsible for their crimes!!! Make it stop!!! This is not a single incident…animals being killed and dying in the hands of these so called rescuers-What BULLSHIT!!!

animal seizures and rescues are being conducted by a very sophisticated

network of 

organized crime who have developed a very sophisticated scheme by which

they are 

criminalizing longstanding animal and livestock owners; divesting them of

ownership of entire herds of livestock and commercially valuable animals.

all of it done at taxpayer expense and thru a highly developed scheme to

collect donations.

follow the animals ~ follow the money!!! 

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

Stop supporting the negative and support the positive… 


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One Response to “40 ‘RESCUED’ Pets-DIED!!! The Horror of ‘Animal Rescue’”

  1. http://columbia.patch.com/articles/man-who-took-responsibility-for-dead-animals-in-wife-s-trial-files-insanity-plea
    Man Who Took Responsibility for Dead Animals in Wife’s Trial Files Insanity Plea
    The man who said he cared for the animals that were left to die in a Columbia townhouse filed a plea of insanity in the case.
    For the rest of this story follow the link…sickening!!!
    She stuck around long enough for a media report and got off-so did he…
    “At the trial, Lindenau maintained she had moved out of the townhouse in April of 2011 and had only returned once, in August of 2011. Between April 2011 and January of 2012, Decker testified he was taking care of the animals.

    Neither Decker nor Lindenau lived in the townhouse after Nov. 2011, and the only time Decker would stop by was to feed the animals, according to testimony. Lindenau testified the couple was using the townhouse to store the animals until they had finished moving into her parents’ house on Hundred Drums Row.

    During that time, she testified she was also storing more than 30 birds in a friends’ basement that she had acquired through the Bailey Foundation, which she described as a bird rescue organizations she ran.

    Decker testified that he stopped taking care of the animals one day in mid-December 2011 after one of his beloved cockatoos died. By then the power and water had been cut off at the house, as the couple struggled with bills, according to Decker’s testimony. He testified that he never returned to the townhouse after that day.

    “At the point that I found [the cockatoo dead] I completely lost it,” testified Decker during his wife’s trial.”

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