UPDATE:Time is running out for chimpanzees!!!

Captive wildlife is once again threatened by useless laws that serve no purpose but to harm animal and animal owners-They speak of the bond between the animals but ignore the bond between the animals and their owner…furthermore, these are not experts!!!

It has already been documented that dogs go thru such trauma and stress when stolen away from their owners they become depressed and often sick. Known as stress related colitis that has been directly linked to such issues that threaten their lives, cause illness and death.

This caging was updated; an extreme expense on the owner and all that was lacking is lacking is a permit that these officials are refusing to provide; furthermore, I truly doubt they would be so willing to give up their property. This scenario is all too familiar with the new bans now in place in many states however, these animals are not banned with a county unwilling to provide. They want him to make a sacrifice of valuable animals and no promise they will allow for a permit for the two animals he will be allowed to keep-For how long!?!…Kind of lacks in translation -will be allowed to keep them in the future…PHOOEY!!!


Hanover denies request to keep unauthorized chimps

A Hanover County man with a backyard zoo was told Wednesday that he must get rid of his four unauthorized chimpanzees. If he fails to do so, he could be criminally charged and the court could potentially rule that the chimps be euthanized.

With a looming June 23 deadline to get rid of the four chimps, Curtis W. Shepperson made a last-ditch effort to get permits. But county supervisors voted his request down late Wednesday night.

“Chimpanzees are dangerous, vicious animals. The citizens of Hanover County should not be vulnerable to them, and I’m not willing to take a chance on the safety of our citizens,” said Supervisor G. Ed Via III, who represents the Ashland District.

A few residents spoke passionately in favor of letting Shepperson keep the chimps, while others were adamantly opposed.

“An adult chimpanzee can be an extremely dangerous animal if mishandled or threatened. I guarantee you none of that is happening at Windy Oaks,” said Morgan Sams, a caretaker of the animals at the private Windy Oaks Animal Farm on Bultaco Trail in a rural section of eastern Hanover.

Supervisor Elton J. Wade Sr., who represents the Cold Harbor District, which includes the Shepperson home, said he’s visited the backyard facility in which the chimps are caged. Following a chimp escape at the property about two years ago, major improvements have been made to make it more stable, Wade said, adding that he doesn’t believe there’s any way the chimps could escape without someone letting them loose.

Board of Supervisors Vice Chairman Sean M. Davis, who represents the Henry District, said human error is exactly the concern.

The county has documented at least two separate incidents of chimp escapes from the property. The last known escape was in 2010. [bloggers note-They gt out but obviously no one was hurt or that would have been mentioned I am sure!!!]

“You have an extremely large facility — steel and concrete and those types of things. But that was not the issue in the escape. The issue was human error,” Davis said. “It wouldn’t have mattered what kind of facility you had.”

Shepperson has permits for dozens of animals, including various breeds of monkeys, a kangaroo, a zebra and two chimpanzees. His home is adjacent to that of his daughter, Kimberly K. Shepperson, 30, who is accused of attacking her 11-year-old son with an ax and setting fire to the house Feb. 21. [bloggers note: What exactly does this incident with his daughter have to do with chimpanzees?!? I tend to think part of the media smear…]

Shepperson had been granted permits by county supervisors for two chimps in 1999 and 2000, according to county documents, prior to a series of national news stories in recent years about brutal chimp attacks. [bloggers note: And you don’t think they public is influenced by media reports whether properly researched or not-think again!!! often not showing the whole story and/or the other side of the story yet influencing the general public to believe the written words. No statement of the value of these animals or the cost of that caging. No factual information on what wrongly taking animals and criminally charging their victims does to a person including PTSD…knowing what they will do does not elevate the pain of the loss of property especially when bonded to their animals-owners are starting to fight back-They take these chimps and it seems they are in for they fight of their lives and possible suit for having done it!!!]

In addition to those two chimps, the county discovered after multiple chimp escapes that Shepperson also had four illegal chimps. He was given more than two years to get rid of the unauthorized chimps, including a six-month extension.

The county could also revoke Shepperson’s permit for the two authorized chimpanzees, for violating the terms of the permit, but there has been no move to do so.

Nearby resident C.E. “Kip” Davis told supervisors it’s too risky too allow “predators” to remain in private hands.

Deputy County Administrator James P. “Jim” Taylor said a Florida organization with a sanctuary for chimps has expressed interest in taking all six but would not want to split the animals up, because they form family-like bonds.

Shepperson said after Wednesday’s board meeting that he’s not willing to voluntarily give up the two chimps for which he has permits.

Supervisor Angela Kelly-Wiecek made “a personal plea” to Shepperson.

“You have some time between now and June 23, and if you have the opportunity to take all six of these chimps and place them somewhere as an established family — and I believe that is the ideal in terms of the welfare of these chimps — please make that sacrifice.”



Disclaimer connected t this blog…Things said are of my pinin and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  Best -B

Stop supporting the negative and support the positive… 


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