Federal Case -Plaintiff wins!!! -4th Amendment suit and damages


Former ranch owner wins Fourth Amendment suit against county

Woman who owned Thyme & Sage Ranch awarded nearly $200,000

On Wednesday a federal court awarded a woman convicted of mistreating animals nearly $200,000.

Petkus owned the Thyme and Sage Ranch in Cazenovia when it was searched in May 2009. There were 190 animals seized, with authorities citing poor living conditions. The ranch considered itself an animal rescue facility and had been in operation since 2001. It also held a contract to operate as the official shelter for Richland County. Petkus was found guilty of six misdemeanors in 2011, including intentionally mistreating animals. She was sentenced to three years of probation. Federal court documents filed in May 2012 showed Petkus accused Richland County of being negligent while supervising around 100 people who searched Petkus’s property in 2009. Petkus claimed thoseindividuals damaged and stole her personal property. 

In federal court documents, Richland County and Wilson Mutual Insurance Co. denied most of the allegations Petkus put forth. [bloggers note: HS!!!]

A jury sided with Petkus this month that her property was damaged or taken during the search of her premises and that it was not reasonably necessary to the duties of the law enforcement officials. The jury also decided Richland County’s deliberate indifference caused the damage to Petkus’s property and Richland County was negligent in performing the search on Petkus’s property. Petkus was awarded $133,480 to compensate for damage caused to her property and another $60,000 to compensate for violating Petkus’s Fourth Amendment right. WISC-TV reached Petkus by phone, who called her the court’s decision a victory. But she also said she didn’t want to comment further because the case isn’t necessarily over. That’s because Richland County can decide to appeal the most recent federal court decision.

That decision will play out over the next several weeks.


Hopefully the county has wised up that to appeal at this point will cost the county even more money…TRANSLATION -TAXPAYER MONEY!!! These cases are usually settled out of court when people know they are guilty and no chance for a win, make a reasonable settlement. When the damages are extremely high, it goes to show that a settlement would be smarter than the publicity of the case itself -not good!!! They are going to have to pay; even in cases where the accused was convicted!!!-Imagine that-yippee, breaking the law to get the law does not justify the means!!!

Imagine no conviction and your rights trampled like many of these animal cruelty cases. The abuse of any US citizen is wrong. They are supposed to know the law and do their jobs properly…Not say, ‘well she was guilty of animal abuse’; even if she was or was not convicted, as if that made what they did right-It most certainly was/is NOT!!! Only idiots would be so supercilious as to go all the way to court…time Richland County start looking for their officials to obey the law and show citizens some respect!!!…or get new people in there who will -ya think?!?

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others-Including a jury [YIPPEE for justice served!!!-God bless America!!!] Best  -B

~ by topcatsroar on May 6, 2013.

5 Responses to “Federal Case -Plaintiff wins!!! -4th Amendment suit and damages”

  1. […] Federal Case -Plaintiff wins!!! -4th Amendment suit and damages […]

  2. One thing to note…the Plaintiff, Jennifer Petkus was PRO SE!!!

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    Keep up the pleasant work.

    • Than you so much!!! It is encouraging and hopeful that someone gets something out of this…While I do use the blog to document some things in my personal life issues…I hope that it might be providing useful information for others…something good needs to come out of what happened-no way I can sit idle without pointing out the truth of what happened to us but also to others…sure feels good to see a pro se Plaintiff beat the odds!!! -B

  4. Even when they know they went about it all wrong and broke many laws themselves, they’ll still fight it. Especially when they have a high-priced, experienced attorney who knows all the loopholes and tricks to pull. The prosecutors don’t really care what it costs, because it’s taxpayer money, not theirs, paying for it all. So the citizens and the local administrators must be made aware of these shenanigans that are wasting their money and destroying lives and maybe they’ll pull the chokechain on the ones pushing for a win at all costs!

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