Zoo Wars IX -SERIOUSLY?!? Does anyone believe this shit?!?

Please explain why so many cats have died and are dying at Big Cat Rescue Roadside Zoo!!! Might be different if other places had such a high incidence of animal deaths or if most of the cats had a long life span of 18+ years like other places do but by clicking on the names of the animals of the BCR ‘memorial’ to the cats, you quickly see they do not.

145 cats-WTF?!? Does Carole Lewis Baskin have a ‘carefree’ plan for making money ‘after death’ of the cats and her SCAM-tuary/ Roadside Zoo?!?

Beginnings of Big Cat Rescue Museum by Carole Baskin

“As our cats have died over the years, I have preserved the skulls and pelts because one day I dreamed to build a museum dedicated to the history of exploitation of big cats. I saw our local Holocaust Museum and was so impressed with the way that the artifacts and photos told a story of where we had been so that we never go there again. Learning more about The Secret, I realize that I do not wish to focus on the negative aspects, but rather illustrate the positive change in attitudes, using the past only as a reference point. My desire is that people will be so moved by how quickly an entire planet changed its attitudes toward animal sentience that we will all see how powerful our thoughts are and how much more good there is that we can do.
Over 15 years I had a number of artifacts; remains of old friends, stored in boxes. With summer camp coming soon, I wanted to display the beginnings of this concept for the children, so I set out to find some lighted, locking cabinets. **The best price I could find for a 4 foot case was $600.00 and I needed four of them to start. I wasn’t about to spend that kind of money, so I put it out to the Universe and said, “You know what I am looking for and I am sure you will find it and bring it to me.” Then I put the thought out of my head.   [bloggers note-WTF!?! They have millions!!!]
Within a few days I got a call from one of our supporters who said he had four, lighted, locking cabinets that were still shrink wrapped on pallets that he wasn’t going to use and he would like to donate to the cats, if we had any use for them. They have now been installed in our Lion’s Lair Party Pavilion, where summer campers will come each day and where groups from all over come to have their parties and meetings. Our Educational Department is working with some of our artistic volunteers to create signage and backdrops.
Just one thought and the belief that it would become reality has given birth to our museum.”

**Seriously!?! Carole Lewis Baskin  spent over 300k chasing Joe Schreibvogle  in court? “so I set out to find some lighted, locking cabinets. The best price I could find for a 4 foot case was $600.00 and I needed four of them to start. I wasn’t about to spend that kind of money,” Is this woman for real?!? She’s still busy chasing him and STALKING him on the Internet and in Oklahoma…but thought she better not spend $600.00-HA!

Now being forced to improve caging for the animals, is building, in another area of the old landfill and calling it a vacation for the animals-Just who believes this crap?!? These animals want to be where they are accustom-they are territorial animals-not dogs; Carole-get a grip!!!


Back at GW, the baby bears are all living outside in a new enclosure…here, take a peek…


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PS-Zoo Wars has gone viral…others are reading and learning the truth-YIPPEE!!!

~ by topcatsroar on May 2, 2013.

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