Zoo Wars VIII Big Cat Rescue Goes after Tony the Tiger

While there is no mention of Carole Lewis Baskin or BCR in the article-none the less, she’s part of this foul play and has Baskins stink all over it -instigated and manipulated to try to take Tony the Tiger from his owner…These are the actions of a sick mind…And NOT the actions of someone who loves animals…It was an assault resulting from the need to raise money-There was never a cage built at BCR that is waiting for Tony, maybe an empty cage as a result of anther cat dying there…but she sure did rake in the money to build one!!!

Face it, a lot of donated money went straight into Wayne Pacelles money pocket ($100,000.00 that’s an awful lot of ‘Tony cages’!!!) She was even a major sponsor at the AR Convention last summer. I know of no animal lover that would contribute to Wayne Pacelle or support HSUS only fakes and frauds!!! BCR has SCAMMED everyone on this issue including ALDF…who had no business poking their nose in it to begin with…Who exactly did they think they were…Animal Control officers?!? More like FAKE Animal Control Officers-I know one of those…HUMANIACS!!! and the lowest of low life claiming glory on stealing and killing animals…

She likely used some of the donations for all those post cards she sent out to all over Gross Te…bad mouthing Tony, Michael Sandlin and the Truck Stop…


La appeal court: Truck stop tiger permit invalid

A permit to keep a tiger named Tony at a truck stop outside Baton Rouge was invalid because the truck stop’s owner wasn’t the animal’s legal owner, the state 1st Circuit Court of Appeal ruled Thursday.

The three-judge panel upheld most of a district court ruling in the case involving the 12-year-old Bengal-Siberian tiger mix displayed as an attraction at Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, about 20 miles west of Baton Rouge. The panel, in its decision, also upheld an order barring the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries from granting a new permit to truck stop owner Michael Sandlin.

“We’re thrilled,” said Matthew Liebman, attorney for the Animal Legal Defense Fund, of Cotati, Calif.

The court ruled that the funddidn’t have legal standing to go to court against the permit but four individual plaintiffs did. Liebman said that being disqualified was “a footnote” in the case since the non-profit also represented the four individuals.

Truck stop attorney Jennifer Treadway Morris said she will request a rehearing — and, if that fails — ask the Louisiana Supreme Court to consider the case.

“We think there’s plenty of reasons we can seek a rehearing,” she said.

The state, not Sandlin, is the defendant in this case. Sandlin has filed a separate lawsuit challenging the law. It is still in court.

There have been tigers at the truck stop since 1988. Tony and his 40-by-80-foot cage have been a focus of

animal rights complaints at least since 2008.

Treadway Morris said her challenges in this case include the contention that the four people accepted by the appeal court as plaintiffs should not have been able to sue because they don’t have any financial stake in the matter.

The 1st Circuit found that all taxpayers have a right to go to court if they feel a state agency has acted unlawfully.

“What the court said is that taxpayers do have an interest in how their money is spent,” Liebman said. “And when the government is spending money for permits that are inhumane and illegal, you have a right to challenge that decision in court.”

A department spokesman did not immediately respond to an email asking for comment on the ruling, which The Associated Press received from Liebman after 5 p.m.

Until all appeals are completed, Tony will stay in his cage at the truck stop, Liebman said.

If the animal rights attorneys win, he said, “we would expect the department to step in and seize Tony and send him to a reputable sanctuary.”


There you have it -the result of this sorted ugly affair. Their opinion of a reputable sanctuary-Big Cat Rescue??? They are NOT a sanctuary-It’s a Scam-tuary!!!

Posted by TopCat-

I can not believe that LA would do this to a long standing citizen of the community and this business that in every way has given back to the community. Mr Sandlin doesn’t make a single dime offering this exhibit to the public for free.
He has provided well for the tiger and at this point, if they move him would be detrimental to the tiger as well as Mr. Sandlins health. If they can not renew Mr. Sandlins permit then they sure as H*ll have no business allowing Chimp Haven to get even more chimps at that facility thus less allow that facility to be open and charge fees to see those animals. It is NOT sanctuary if open to the public-period.
I am sick over this. Another responsible owner going down is unacceptable. LA you should reconsider what you are doing to this tiger and his owner-Let him live his life at the Truck Stop in peace!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned for more Zoo Wars and more  -B

~ by topcatsroar on April 27, 2013.

4 Responses to “Zoo Wars VIII Big Cat Rescue Goes after Tony the Tiger”

  1. If the animal rights attorneys win, he said, “we would expect the department to step in and seize Tony and send him to a reputable sanctuary.”

    This lawsuit is against the state, not the truckstop, as has been said in this article. So, winning a case against the state somehow means they can step in and seize Tony? How so? There’s been no cruelty, and no tiger attacks. All they can really do is to require his removal from the state. It’s not even their place to order that he be sent to any specific “sanctuary.” If Sandlin decided to shut down the truckstop and move it and Tony somewhere else, that’d be his choice. If he choses to just move Tony, that too is his choice and right.

  2. Cruelty is in the eye of the beholder. Sure, Tony’s well-fed and was never physically beaten, but living in a concrete cage is not the life a tiger was meant for. And legally, on Aug. 15, 2006, Tony was not owned by Michael Sandlin; rather, he was owned by Tiger Truck Stop. Additionally, on Aug. 15, 2006, the ownership and possession of Tony by Tiger Truck Stop and the possession by Michael Sandlin in Iberville Parish was in violation of a local ordinance, and thus, illegal.

    • Don’t you have your story wrong!!! (Note: That’s not a question-That’s a STATEMENT!!!) Tony is NOT in an all concrete cage and you need to do your homework before making such MALICIOUS statements!!! And that is exactly what that is!!!
      You have never been to see Tony or you never would have made the statement where as…I HAVE!!! The cage is HUGE!!! Has a large area of grass and mostly grass with enrichment. The den area is concrete and also includes A/C and heat…No WHERE will you find that at any sanctuary where there would be a possibility of not being well-fed. WAO that was shut down in 2010 is a prime example of animals starving at a BULLSHIT SCAM-tuary as most of these so called sanctuaries are…SCAM-tuaries!!!
      If there is some stinking paperwork issue than that could have easily been corrected by the state long ago even after Carol Lewis Baskin stuck her nasty nose into it and called on ALDF for help that was NOT needed and as the court found…had no business being involved in it… After all, Carol Lewis Baskin has been defrauding the public long enough-Big Cat Rescue (BCR) is NOT considered by FFW to be a sanctuary and the place is a mess, as already shown on this blog. BCR is also a threat to public safety and animal safety and needs to be addressed and sanctioned-go jump on that band wagon before yet another cat DIES or another member of the public is injured there…145 cat deaths at that horrendous place!!!-SEVERAL incidents involving the public!!! -THAT’S FACT!!!
      Michael Sandlin has contributed more to that community and Louisiana than most of it’s citizens and deserves better treatment for all he’s done. Jumping on a technical paperwork issue merely needs to be corrected and Tony allowed to stay where he is. Furthermore, it will be Mr. Sandlin’s decision where Tony goes and no one else!!! Open your eyes and shut your trap. -B MegaDrive needs to slow way down!!!

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