Scotlund Haisley

Scotlund Haisley the man who busts the door down-Fired from HSUS now has his own Animal Rights organization to gather  money

TN Pet Law News

They’re Back, and Asking for Money Again

Please do NOT donate to this man or this organization. They have a terrible reputation among dog owners and breeders. ARC (Animal Rescue Corps) is backed by a multi-millionaire who pays for their raids, whether they are justified or not. Scotlund Haisley is being sued in multiple states and cases for illegal pet seizures. The animals are adopted out as soon as they are seized and there is never much wrong with them. They only seize them as a way to scam money from the public. Carlotta Cooper Sportsmen’s and Animal Owner’s Voting Alliance — Tennessee Director Seen on a dog e-mail list this morning. Here’s a tip: watch the video with the sound muted and form your own conclusions instead of letting the voice over tell you what to think.

Can a brushfire be a good thing? It was on Thanksgiving! 65 Fighting Dogs were rescued from horrendous conditions because the firemen who put out the fire noticed the dogs wearing heavy logging chains, no food or water available, no warm beds, no loving care. Please see the video!

You can donate direct through (deleted) If you don’t want to donate directly, I will take donations and send gift cards. They are also collecting supplies, but that is in Indy on Wed and I don’t think we can pull that off.


[They are asking folks to crosspost their plea for money.]

Have you heard about Operation Broken Chain? A large-scale suspected dog fighting operation has been uncovered in Ashland City, Tenn. The dogs were discovered by firefighters who had responded to a brush fire on property along Buckeye Road on Thanksgiving night. Dozens of dogs, primarily pit bulls, and some beagles, were chained on the property with heavy logging chains. Some puppies were behind bars in rusty, wire cages. Shoddy, makeshift shelters littered the property and the underweight dogs were lacking access to food and water. The overwhelming task of removing the dogs from the property was undertaken on Saturday by several organizations, including support from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Animal Rescue Corp Cheatham County Animal Control, New Leash on Life, Agape Animal and the Nashville Zoo.

ARC President Scotlund Haisley stated: “We believe this is the largest dog fighting rescue in Tennessee history,” “The conditions Animal Rescue Corps found on this property are the worst I have ever seen at a dog fighting operation in my 22-year career in animal protection.” In the end, rescue officials were able to move 65 dogs to an emergency shelter in Nashville. The dogs rescued from the property will be cared for by the American Rescue Corp. until they can be assessed for placement and transported to rescue organizations. But, there is a second part to this story. Many of the dogs will be placed with our friends at Cheatham County Animal Awareness, who have their own struggles right now. They are in the process of putting a roof on their shelter to keep the residents out of the elements. They need to get this roof completed in order to get as many of the former fight ring dogs moved to their facility. Mobile Mutts has committed to help BOTH groups….

Uh, yeah. A second part to the story. You know what it sounds like? It sounds like “Cheatham County Animal Awareness” needed a new roof and they said to their friends with ARC, “Hey, why don’t you seize some dogs so we can come up with the cash?” After all, ARC has done so well raising money from an unsuspecting public in the past in Tennessee when they’ve seized dogs. All you have to do is come up with a cute name for your group and make up a sad story. As for that oh-so-fortuitous brushfire, kind of makes you wonder if someone set it intentionally to call attention to the dogs, doesn’t it? Someone sets a little fire, gets the authorities out, and then ARC is ready to spring into action so they can help their friends get a new roof, among other things.They can kill so many birds with one stone (pardon the pun), and it all sounds so very innocent. This might sound far-fetched if we weren’t dealing with animal rights zealots.  ARC is funded upfront by the Ady Gil World Conservation group, best known for their support of the Sea Shepherd Foundation and anti-whaling activities, among other animal rights groups. You can find that information on their web site. Google “Ady Gil + ARC” and you’ll find lots of hits about raids the organization has supported. They also put out press releases when ARC does raids. They’re quite proud of they’re financial support of the group. So, the dogs that have been seized don’t need any public financial support. Any money donated is gravy. In this case if someone donates, they will probably be putting a roof on some building for a questionable “animal awareness” group that helped seize some dogs to make money for that purpose. So, watch the video with the sound OFF. Form your own conclusions. And don’t fall for the scam from ARC unless you just want to help put a roof on this building for the group in Tennessee. Personally, I think it would have been more honest if they had just had a fundraiser instead of seizing someone’s animals to try to get money.


animal seizures and rescues are being conducted by a very sophisticated

network of 

organized crime who have developed a very sophisticated scheme by which

they are 

criminalizing longstanding animal and livestock owners; divesting them of

ownership of entire herds of livestock and commercially valuable animals.

all of it done at taxpayer expense and thru a highly developed scheme to

collect donations.

follow the animals ~ follow the money!!! 

*[in some cases this security bond is over $100,000! “If the government comes for your stuff, you shouldn’t have to put up a bond just to get to the point of having a trial.” says an attorney in Texas who won a stay via The 1st District Court of Appeals on this] …

**In the case of the Portland parrots some were sent to the Bailey Foundation, a so called rescue in Maryland run by Animal Rescue Corps member, Beth Lindenau, where they lived without heat and died of starvation, a terrible end. Others were sold for $400! So much for caring adoptive families…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things saud are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on April 27, 2013.

21 Responses to “Scotlund Haisley”

  1. Do I need new glasses, or did I actually see one of their goons in that vid hauling a kennel carrier with a dog in it, tipped way over, hanging onto it by its door? I didn’t see any “fighting dogs” in that vid, and only one that seemed genuinely afraid of this guy -who’s known for kicking in doors with his storm-trooper boots- and seeming to plead, “Don’t kick me, please!” Is there supposed to be some sort of evidence of a dog fighting ring in that vid? One of them does say it’s the worst he’s seen in 22 years. -Oh, sorry, EVERY one is the worst they’ve ever seen. I bet out there in the woods, the stench was deplorable too.

  2. How horrible- The dogs had 55-gallon drums for doghouses! Hey, that’s a clever idea! -Very roomy and good rain shelter too!

    • And they only cost about $12.00 simple to add legs and bedding; or you can even buy them ready made. -B

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  4. OK… I would just like to say that I have personally seen these dogs and the abuse that the abuse they suffered brought me to tears. Thank god these dogs were rescued.

    • BULLSHIT!!!

    • I suspect Top Cats had a reason to cast aspersions on animal rescue probably some douchbag that exploits animals in some way for profit and this ar stuff threatens his scam. He’s putting out total lies here.

      • Watch who you are calling ‘douchbag’…I’m on your side both pro breeders and rescues but not when they seize animals that are healthy from their home for the merchandise, proclaim rescue, break the law to do it…What the hell happened to help thy neighbor (about here I might insert BITCH but giving you the benefit of a doubt that you DON’T know who you are addressing)…Sick of the unlawful seizing of happy healthy animals -as you should be as well -B

  5. You are so full of shit. What is your interest in this? Are you a breeder or in what way do YOU profit from unregulated animal abuse?

    • I don’t and haven’t ever turned a profit at he end of the day…and not been in business with animals in anyway either for or not for profit in years…So far this is 2 strikes…NO one if forcing you to come to this blog…don’t like it …don’t get yourself all worked up…seems your panties are in a knot, just leave, take a deep breath…(really, this is super easy)…just a click away and poof I’m gone, LOL -B

  6. Scot Haisley is a million times worse than the loving dog owners he villinizes. He is a total CON MAN. CON ARTIS SUPREME.!! DO not fall for this uneducated idiot!!! He is worse than the cockroaches he claims are on the dogs he rescues. SCOT IF YOU READ THIS PRODUCE PROOF OF THESE COCKROACHES OF I WILL STEP ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Stay out of my house OR ILL SHOOT YOU!!!! HANDS OFF MY DOGS YOU BASTARD!!


      • Your comments are welcome here -revealing the truth -B Send the story of how you have been victimized and I will post it!!!

      • Scot has rabies psychosis and foams at the mouth! DO NOT allow this creek onto your property!! BITE THIS IDIOT IF YOU SPOT HIM!!

  7. Hate comments towards this blog will no longer be posted so don’t waste your energy-You’re welcome to go get a blog of your own and post your opinion there -B

  8. All these assholes here that think those dogs are well taken care of. Are you joking? Why don’t you carry around those chains around your neck for YEARS and see how you like it? Rain, snow, freezing temps, hot sun in a barrel? What is the point? Why chain all those dogs? To protect the dirt, the trees? The place is a dump so what are they chained there for? What are they protecting? I hope this guy seizes ALL dogs and cats from you hillbilly, dog fighting, P.O.S. sociopaths.

    • I’m not a hill-billy and certainly not a dogfighter but Haisley is known for his lies and abuse including set-ups to proclaim himself a hero. Anyone who supports him and his outrageous tactics should be ashamed of themselves. He’s busted down doors, and even tossed out of HSUS for the law suits that stemmed from his unimpressive style which is as un-American as it gets.
      This is not a single case but instead, an example of the degree a private citizen, NOT a law enforcement officer, will go to in order to get some idiot like you to donate money that will increase his salary that he pays himself. Go give him more of your hard earned money; he’s likely working on a retirement plan and needs more gullible people like yourself, to give him money and the only reason he’s doing what he does.

    • Haha! Yes. Definitely a hillbilly. Because no hillbilly ever thinks they actually ARE one. So tired of publicly posted blogs where the blogger says to go away. If you really wanted that you wouldn’t be blogging.

      • I actually don’t care whether you go away or not-Your comments rather entertaining, lol…By the way Kelly, where are those sick starving animals?!? And where are they now…???

  9. You are an absolute moron. The end. About the only correct statement you’ve made is to follow the money. I suppose every industry that exploits animals for profit is a made up story by animal lovers to scam people out of money? Huh? That makes zero sense. People have been profiting off animal suffering for years. The funny thing is, conspiracy theory weirdos like yourself are just misdirecting your concerns. Clearly, you have vested interests in profiting off of animal suffering in some capacity – farmer? Hunter? Breeder? Don’t know what you are, but it’s obvious you have twisted all of the above to suit your needs. I find it funny that you posted pictures of the raid – I guess they borrowed some dogs, starved them for awhile, gave them some injuries, and then staged them for photos. As always, it’s so comforting to know people like you are out there pseudo-educating society about what “really goes on”! I feel so much better knowing that animal abuse doesn’t even exist!!!

    • Posting for documentation-Not a farmer, breeder or hunter-even if I was, it would not involve MILLIONS-Busting down doors and committing criminal offenses against PEOPLE!!! -I think you need to relocate because you don’t belong in the United States where people are protected with Constitutional laws and amendments -You stay and when something happens to you, you’ll be the first to scream for your constitutional rights…and the constitution was not written to protect animals-It was written to protect PEOPLE from intruders and thieves like Scotlund Hailsey. Are you married to this guy or what?!? Might as well be to risk exposing yourself as a Fanatical Animal Rights Extremist. ( Is this your correct email address? )

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