Ohio-Wild Animal Response Plan

I do not want to twist any words but this most certainly does shed a new light on what happened in Zanesville!!!


Muskingum County to create wild animal response plan

ZANESVILLE — After Muskingum County’s 2011 exotic animal incident, the state has tasked each of Ohio’s 88 counties with creating response plans of their own in case something similar happens in the future.

In Muskingum County, Emergency Management Agency Director Bo Keck is heading up the planning team. Keck has until July 1 to submit his team members to the state, then actual planning will likely begin later this summer, he said.

Each county’s Dangerous Wild Animals Response Team must have a law enforcement official, someone trained in first aid, someone from the health care field, an elected official, a firefighter, an EMA representative, a member of the media and an owner of an exotic animal.

The state also wants committees to have a veterinarian and someone from the local health department, but those slots are not mandatory.

Muskingum County already has emergency plans, and this one will be similar, Keck said. No matter the type of emergency, a big focus always is on communication between agencies, holding each other accountable for different responsibilities, and managing the media and communication to the public.

There also is a state Dangerous Wild Animals Emergency Response Commission, and likely the Muskingum County DWART will review the state plan and tweak it to fit at the local level, Keck said.

“Since we went through it once, we know what to expect,” he said. “If that state plan comes out as good as they think it’s going to, then we’ll just add to it and adapt it.”

Muskingum County’s incident occurred Oct. 18, 2011, when Terry Thompson set free 56 exotic animals from his Kopchak Road farm before killing himself.

Law enforcement officers shot and killed most of the tigers, lions, monkeys and bears to prevent them escaping the farm.

The county DWART plans are required as part of Ohio Revised Code chapter 935, which was signed into law September 5. The mandate is unfunded, but there really isn’t any monetary cost involved, Keck said.

“It’s going to be some meetings and, of course, putting the plan together, but it’s part of our everyday jobs,” he said. “There’s going to be time involved, but I don’t think it’s going to be major time.

“Whenever there’s an incident like this, no matter what it is, they’re always wanting plans for the next time. So that’s kind of normal in the EMA world.”

For exotic-animal owners in Ohio, life changed after the Kopchak Road incident when legislators passed Senate Bill 310. The bill bans new ownership of exotic animals and required existing owners to permit and register their animals with the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Owners also were required to insert microchips into each exotic animal for tracking/identifying purposes should the animal escape.

So far, there are 480 animals registered with the state. In Zanesville, that includes an alligator, four leopards, a grizzly bear, a black bear and two celebes crested macaques, according to a database maintained by the Media Network of Central Ohio.

There also are two African lions in Thornville, a bobcat in Roseville and a macaque monkey in New Lexington.

To view the complete list of registered exotic animals, visit zanesvilletimesrecorder.com/section/databases and click on the exotic animals database.


Apparently, the state is NOT happy with what happened and Lutz the Putz still believes it is just fine to randomly kill animals in their cages although all anyone needed to do was shut the damn doors!!! The animals, as usual, the innocent victims…

Went people do or make broad spectrum statements abut killing animals and then proceed t stake a claim that they had the right to do it is beyond WRONG!!! It is vile and a despicable action taken by IGNORANT law enforcement officials although they can NOT take back their words or their actions…ESPECIALLY, if they had their own agenda for placement, knowing they were NOT ignorant of any law, and well out of their jurisdiction!!!

At what point do you draw the line for animal protection and the conspiracy to kill or place the animals?!? ALL in the name of ‘public safety’ when no circumstance that the public was ever in any danger by animals in cages!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  Best -B

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