NOT just an option!!!


~ by topcatsroar on April 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “NOT just an option!!!”

  1. There seems to be a “new” movement underway, so in keeping with all the other “change-your-neighbor’s-behavior-to-fit-your-own-views” trends, to eliminate sign language in favor of “oralism.” This view has been pushed by the Alexander Graham Bell Society for many years. (And you thought this was a “pro-deaf” group? The AGBell Society is about as good for the Deaf as HSUS is for animal owners!) Anyway, this movement is about like eliminating Braille -the system of raised dots for the blind- and expecting blind people to read like everyone else. That’s foolish, naive, ignorant, and plain stupid. And so is the idea of eliminating a language that’s been around for many generations, has been proven to work, and has roots going back probably further than any spoken language. It’s about as foolish as a plan to force people worldwide to abandon their native languages in favor of English -or Spanish -or French, Latin, or any other one language. It’s as stupid as deciding that men and women alike can use a urinal -or eliminating all urinals so men can sit on the potty the same as women. It’s as biased and discriminatory as Forcing all ethnics to give up their cultural identities in favor of just one, whichever that may be. And it’s as naive as the people who thought teaching deaf children SEE or SEE2 (“Signed Exact English” -a separate form of sign language from ASL) would improve their vocabulary and skills. It’s just another of the ways people today are pushing their own uneducated beliefs on others and sticking their noses where they don’t belong, to gain control of others.


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