Zoo Wars IV -Special Weekend Edition- Can you say AETA?!?

So is it ‘personal’ or ‘business as usual’ for Carole Baskin to be STALKING Joe Schreibvogle?!?

That’s equivalent to comparing an old junk yard at the old land fill to the new mall downtown!!! -There’s NO comparison!!!

For Baskin it appears to be business as usual-her vengeful, pure hatred for ALL exotic animal owners shows thru the bottle blonde exterior but not for any reason you’d think!!! Carole Baskin quickly developed a bad reputation when she was unable to properly care for the cubs she would go get and attempt to raise-and then, not making good on her promises…and the lies were over whelming…She now blames all that breeding on her late husband, Don, when it was what she was lusting for; to become the largest breeder of various species of wild exotic cats. Anyone who has a’ bond with a big cat’ would never do what she’s done and doing. She holds no alliance to the animals she claims to care for and love so much. From the start she wanted a pair of each species…wanted to own the largest collection of wild exotic cats yet had no ability or comprehension of their needs and hides her lust for ownership . One look at that zoo demonstrates the lack of safety concerns  -It IS a public safety issue like no other…A hurricane hits Tampa; there will be mass havoc…

There is no way to lock down BCR Roadside Zoo…An extremely dangerous situation that could develop rather quickly…there would be on hope for the animals…What a mess!!!

Proving, Baskin is a liar about her so called ‘rescue’ and just about everything else that comes out her mouth!!! Her idea for helping animals in captivity is to end their lives completely-Carole Lewis Baskin is in support of bills that call for legally placing these animals in Ohio’s Alcatraz for animals and South Carolina’s euthanizing them.

FWC  says BCR is NOT classified as a sanctuary’ proving it to be a Roadside Zoo!!! 


Schreibvogle on the other hand admits his love and passion for the animals. The park is well planned and clean. There’s plenty of food available and vet care. Building cages that are secure and safe for both the animals and the public. He’s taken money out of his pocket to ‘rescue’ animals needing to be re-homed…As soon as one project is complete with animals in safe haven he receives another call…More materials have to be purchased…more property cleared…calls go out and the message clear…Help bring these animals to safety and seemingly on the job 24/7.  Looking over the park daily, both he and Rink make inspections. His help is up on what they have to do with meetings both mornings and at the end of the day. He spends his days with his employees working along side them and how he wants things done. -All reports submitted to him on everything. This type of commitment is rarely seen and certainly NOT at the BCR Roadside Zoo!!!


Baskin won her court case but did she really?!? It got her NOTHING!!!

Joe is a man with a plan and never misses a beat!!! Even when there is no plan…Good will overcome evil!!!

So jealous of Joe and his TV station; the woman was lusting a wee bit!!! She quickly moved in and grabbed David Stanton

“Today, at 4PM EST Live Cat Chat with Carole Baskin and David Stanton on Wild Animal Television

You can call in via Skype for this interactive show. Details will be on the page” 

From the looks of it,  it didn’t take much to steal him to get him there…

WTF?!? Past employee after revenge…I think Baskin and Stanton deserve each other…But not just one STALKER, NOW THERE ARE TWO!!!

This demonstrates their intentions well!!! Neither Baskin nor Stanton get it…no matter what they manage to do to others, it doesn’t mean anything. None of it. The stalking, the numerous complaints to the USDA, the set ups at the park  with undercover people from PETA and the like, the break ins…Attempts to make others look black -the shame on you Carole Lewis Baskin –Thy shall not covet they neighbors property!!! –Ever hear about Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act?!? Looks like filing violations should be considered!!!

THE PLOT THICKENS…The FBI went thru Joe’s computers a short while back…Hummmmmmmm…just what will be found there?!? -HA!…It’s Karma Stanton…it’s coming for you…

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Disclaimer connected to this blog…Stay tuned for Zoo Wars and more!!!  Best -B

~ by topcatsroar on April 20, 2013.

3 Responses to “Zoo Wars IV -Special Weekend Edition- Can you say AETA?!?”

  1. How is it possible for someone to get a black eye when she’s already got two permanent black eyes? You say she developed a bad reputation when she was unable to properly care for the cubs, but didn’t her rep begin with Don’s disappearance? She can’t wear a bikini because it would expose that red hourglass on her tummy. Hasn’t she been self-flagellating and burning bridges ever since? This Stanton character who’s jumped ship and is now in bed with her, can’t even spell her name right. When the houses of cards known as PETA and HSUS finally do come down, their cohorts and bed-partners will go down with them -provided her rusty and flimsy BCS cages don’t collapse first.

    • No her bad rap began with in a year of having cats in Florida-ILLEGALLY!!!…Cubs dying…Her lies to the public began early on…a habitual liar.
      Don’s disappearance occurred years later and had already established a pattern of lies and people knowing…
      I doubt we’d ever find Stanton ‘in bed with her’…too funny…

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