Zoo Wars -second edition BREAKING NEWS!!!

WHAT exactly is Big Cat Rescue and WHY has Carole Lewis Baskin still STALKING Joe Schreibvogel, better known Joe Exotic or The Tiger King.

While this is only my second post on Zoo Wars, the stalking that began in 2004 continues to this day!!! It is somewhat shocking to see money donated to a 501-c-3 go for lawyers fees in an attempt to take him and the park down. Baskin must have believed there was big money in it for her however, that has become something to laugh about, although I am sure Baskins isn’t laughing; far from it actually…and neither is Joe who tires of the harassment from a STALKER!!! Her suit against him for ‘copy write infringement’ was her great success story-too bad Joe is bankrupt…there’s nothing there from which he can pay her -he owns nothing, has nothing!!! Sure would have been wiser to have found out before spending 100s of 1000s of $$ of contributions intended for the animals to win NOTHING!!!  But the plot thickens…

According to the Florida Wildlife Commission Big Cat Rescue is NOT a sanctuary!!! Opps…Yes, it’s true…Big Cat Rescue is nothing more than a ‘Roadside Zoo’…the very same that Baskin complains so much about and attacked. Now while I am not sure of what exactly it is that classifies  a zoo or park as a ‘Roadside Zoo’…It must not be a good thing in the eye of an Animal Rights Extremist because they are always complaining about them and against them!!!

The USDA/APHIS is responsible for Animals Welfare. Of course what is acceptable to one inspector just might not be acceptable to another. We see this all the time especially with the current poor conditions that continue at Big Cat Rescue and most certainly is no more than a Roadside Zoo!!! IS a hazard to both the animals safety and the public. Also regulated by FFW -THIS is regulated?!?…ugh…Whose of the opinion that this is safe for animals and public safety?!?

BCR 3 BCR CAGE 1 BCR cage 2


There is no comparison to GW Exotic Animal Park


Bottom line is that Big Cat Rescue is ADVERTISED as a sanctuary and FWC says it is NOT-This is purposely committing FRAUD on the public. *see below

Oh what webs we weave, when we practice to deceive!!!

Just because there is a 501-c-3, it does not mean anything more than they do NOT pay taxes…They operate as any business without so much as a dime paid in taxes on contributions with the contributions it receives being tax deductible!!! …Animals needing placement in Florida that need to go to a sanctuary will NOT be going to Big Cat Rescue!!!

This explains why Baskin has to buy animals, bring them in from out of state -no matter that it was illegal to do so…or court awarded -Hey, no private owner  in the country would even consider surrendering a dead animal to BCR!!!

100% FRAUD!!!

and there is more!!!

This makes me sick-Does she have the sheriff in her pocket?!? Maybe so …She has HSUS…WAIT-Wayne Pacelle~CEO HSUS brought her into his organization of sanctuaries (GFAS) and the state of Florida says she is NOT!!! PDF link: [  http://www.rexano.org/BCR/FWC_Sanctuary_BCR.pdf ]

Big cat Rescue is listed on the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries-Yet in conflict with the language of what a sanctuary is with the state of Florida rules and regulations that governs sanctuaries-It can not be part of GFAS as it is NOTconsidered a sanctuary when accordingly, it does NOT meet Florida criteria as a sanctuary. Furthermore should be removed from GFAS because it is fraud by association!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned for MORE Zoo Wars-the original seris  Best -B

~ by topcatsroar on April 19, 2013.

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