Zoo Wars -Is it stalking…or is it STALKING?!?

The second you pass through the office and into the GW Exotic Animal Park, there is a sense that this place is extra special. The grounds are well kept and the cages clean with animals everywhere, in every direction…Which way first?!? Wait -Did they say I can play with a tiger cub and take my picture?!? So back in the office to pay for the show. There’s time while waiting for the show to look around a bit; there’s signs posted thanking sponsors and information about the animals.  There’s workers rushing about, animals placed in lock down as they go in and clean the cages.; the animals so excited to see them go by and YOU start getting excited as you wait.

With purses locked up and any other things you might have brought along, you are admitted into the show area. And standing before you is the man on the billboards you passed along the way before turning off the interstate to go the the park. Right away you know this is no ‘roadside zoo’ as a ‘source’ on a 911 site and other Internet site had led you and everyone else you know to believe and already glad you went to see for yourself!!! This man was happy , energetic and obvious his passion and love he has for his animals!!! -This is NO animal abuser!!! After the presentation with his tiger Sarge his staff is right there to take you on a tour of the rest of this zoo…from tigers to alligators to the chickens and ducks roaming around this compound his message is clear about the animals. You just spent your day with the famous Joe Exotic and so glad you had come to see for yourself!!! The animals are amazing and the information provided is extensive explaining  from where these animals would roam/live in the wild to what is happening today today in their natural habitats. The experience is unlike any other. All this zoo is lacking is big sponsors and Joe as CEO gives it 100% so anything is possible!!!

Joe during a show with Sarge

So why did Carole Lewis Baskin start stalking this man and plague him with so much bad press in an attempt to ruin him and the zoo?!?…Just HOW long has this gone on and just WHERE does she get the money to do the things she does to him and other people and centered her focus on Joe Schreibvogle (Joe Exotic)?!? And the biggest question of all WHY?!? What’s in it for her?!?

Seriously, is this ALL that Carole Lewis Baskin (BCR) has this on her mind-Spending 100s of 1000s of what is possibly donations that was provided for proper care the animals and NOT lawsuits!!!

I have often posted about the ‘BCR scam’. The problems I have with her and that facility. That I find her arrogance and self righteousness appalling…So if this series of posts concerning this topic of, ‘zoo wars’ ,seems one sided against her; then you got it right…I most certainly am!!! She’s a BULLY and wants to control big cats in America. She has set out to destroy any use of big cats in captivity; to the extent of joining HSUS against ALL animal usage (I can’t help but wonder if she’s gone vegan for her cause!!!)

Her claim is that she’s a sanctuary so I suppose we are expected to see some poor planning, rather than the creativeness of a zoo/animal park…Built on an old landfill in a part of Tampa, Florida that at one time, was considered the outskirts of Tampa, to the now built up area, just off busy Gunn Hwy. The main road off the Highway is called Easy Street and once the name of Carole Lewis Baskin’s breeding facility, often referred to as a complete failure of her ‘Life on Easy Street’; having failed, she moved on and came up with a lucrative scheme for scamming the public for donations -it’s success for bringing in the money is no surprise or some great feat as the Animal Rights market has money to give as long as she can live up to the lies…Has she??? -Seriously!?!

Overview of Big Cat Rescue. I don’t believe that any consideration was given for proper caging and wondering why USDA/APHIS/FFW has NOT done anything about this facility NOT being in compliance-Who knows what is lurking behind all that overgrowth and there is no solid top on any cage…shelter means get in the den…What the Hell happens when a hurricane does hit Tampa?!? The city is well aware that this is there and in close proximity of the public-WHO will we blame?!? Baskin/the USDA/APHIS/FFW/maybe the city itself  for ALLOWING, APPROVING and ENDANGERING lives!!!

This is a PUBLIC SAFETY ISSUE like none other!!!

Baskin’s LATE husband, Don Lewis had been the heart of their business, turned up missing and no investigation ever turned up what happened to him; declared dead and the large inheritance opened the door. There has been much speculation with many believing that he was murdered and possibly buried under the septic tank. To date, there has never been another look at this ‘cold case’…One can’t help but wonder WHY with some many people wanting answers to what happened to him as he was living in fear of her for his life!!! Even back then Baskin was hated…And after seeing her STALKING Joe/partnered with HSUS…How many people are living in fear of this nasty, ughly woman?!?

Now married to another millionaire, Howard Baskin (often referred to as Howie), quickly got busy getting involved. But like CLB, no clue about the animals and ALL about the money although, I do not believe he has the same lust for power like his ‘new wife’, however as a lawyer, he most certainly seems to be getting off on the downfall of others and helping her ‘corner the market’ on big cat ownership.

So really this is not “Zoo Wars”…It’s how far someone will go to become a nuisance to the entire exotic community with her focus on Joe!?! -He is, most certainly, being stalked…and she has spent thousands of dollars to continue with her goal to shut this wonderful facility down and ruin his life. Just last year, CLB gave $100,00.00 to HSUS -WHY?!? More importantly, just where did that money come from anyway?!? From the looks of that facility, I can’t help been wonder why that money didn’t go to the animals!!! Exactly how much has this woman spent stalking Joe?!? Taking a deeper look, maybe we’ll get some answers and will she send her minions to speak for her as she appears to be incapable of answering questions and refused a face off with Joe who has always been open with the public about his life, the attacks on his zoo and how this woman is literally STALKING him…Will she send her minions once again to speak for her or hide with a fictitious name?!? We shall see-watch for the FB page ‘Zoo Wars’.

When did he become her prey and just how far will she go in an attempt to cause his demise?!? More to come on this issue….OMG!!! It’s ‘Zoo Wars!!!’…Stay tuned and follow this blog for more of this dirty, nasty battle…I think she wants to scratch his eyes out-literally (this is an OCD issue and I think she should consult a specialist!!!)

Status post on FB:

“Life’s big turns just keep getting funnier, Got an email this morning that Carole is spending tens of thousands of her donors dollars more on lawyers in Oklahoma now trying to get what I own. (Learn what the **** Bankruptcy means) but in the documents it is asking for a list of jewelry, gems, gold, silver, precious stones, and collectibles. Lets see if I can round this all up.
1- cheep ass wedding ring
2- a walmart watch that cant keep time
3- an arrow head that really isnt an arrow head
4- silver, 5 fillings in my teeth but I dont think thats real silver
5- Gold, the cheep ass wedding ring I have
6- Precious stones, Passed 5 kidney stones,
7- Collectibles, I have 3 old used ***** that are collectors items

Other than that, I hope she finds her pot of gold at the end of this gay rainbow because she is spending 100 times more money than she will ever find at the end of this rainbow…………..there are times when stalkers need to be labeled as stalkers and there is a time when people need to just face the fact that she really is dangerously obsessed with me and she is to the point of being dangerous now.”

Part 2 coming soon!!!  Best -B

This week only!!! Buy NOW!!! http://www.gwzoo.org/Facebook-BOGO-Ticket-Promo-0416-0419-2013.php

And if that wasn’t enough-Bring mom to the park for Mother’s Day, she will get in free!!!

~ by topcatsroar on April 17, 2013.

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