Police department pay LARGE settlement!!!


Family receives large settlement from police department that killed their dogs

Family receives settlement from city

On Friday, a federal judge signed off on a $225,000 settlement for the family of two dogswho were shot and killed by Minneapolis, Minn., police officers who were executing a search warrant, reported Monday’s KSTP News.

James and Aisah Keten lost their two pit bulls after members of a Minneapolis Police Department “SWAT” team entered their residence two years ago.

The officers were searching for a weapon which was believed to have been used in a crime – that crime, however, had nothing to do with the homeowners, and the weapon supposedly belonged to the homeowner’s brother.

The Ketens filed a lawsuit claiming that not only were their dogs killed in the raid, but that their residence was ransacked and their children were in danger due to the proximity of the shots which were fired at the dogs.

According to Officer.com, one of the dogs was shot and killed in the kitchen, reportedly under a table, where two children, ages one and three, were eating their breakfast.

The officers never did find a weapon inside of the Keten’s home, and nobody was arrested.

Though the police department has been ordered to pay the family a large settlement, they are not admitting to any wrong doing.

A police department spokesperson provided a written statement to KSTP News which said that the officers:

were charged by two aggressive pit bulls and were forced to make difficult decisions.


Let’s see they were forced to make difficult decisions so they paid $225,000.00…for TWO dogs and endangering the children…Sure, did make the WRONG decision!!! Lousy bastards!!!

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~ by topcatsroar on April 17, 2013.

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