PETA comes after Pets Alive…and loses

PETA comes after Pets Alive…and loses

OK, so this is funny. You all know about PETA by now, right?

There are literally hundreds of websites that point out how many animals they kill, how they don’t believe that any pit bulls coming into a shelter should be allowed to live, that all feral cats should be killed, and how they are anti no-kill – claiming that no kills shelters just hoard animals and the animals live in terrible conditions as a result. Sigh. Yawn.

If you’re new to all of this, you can look at some statistics. No lies. Not made up. They can be found on PETA’s own website, they don’t deny the truth. They claim all the animals they were called out to help couldn’t be saved. That there are no homes for them. Or that they were sick. or that they have behavior issues. Or a million other reasons that don’t make any sense to those of us doing it every single day.

Take a look at their published stats:

So why this blog? Well, recently they sent me an email – taking Pets Alive to task and explaining how WE could do things better. I actually fell off my chair I was laughing so hard. Really. Many of you might think it would make me mad, but I found it absolutely hysterical. The organization that is the KING OF KILLING is giving US an admonishment and an offer of help for how we could do things better. Giggle. C’mon. It’s hysterical. They then go on to tell us four principles to saving lives. Giggle again. Ok, not a giggle…a guffaw. I spewed coffee out of my nose.

I needed this. I really did. It has been a long few weeks and this is hysterical. I attached a screenshot of their email to us, below. (You can click for it to open to a larger size for easier legibility). I then cut and paste my response below the letter. Enjoy.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 4.13.02 PM


Dear Teresa,

Let me first correct some of your incorrect statements and clarify some items.
Items 2 through 4 of your letter, we already do and do so well that we are asked to teach others how to do them. As to item #1, let me teach you a little more about who we are.

First of all, Pets Alive is not affiliated with Pets Alive Austin, San Antonio, or any other Pets Alive organizations other than our three locations: Pets Alive Middletown, Pets Alive Westchester and Pets Alive Puerto Rico. We have been around for over 30 years.

Second of all, we are not a No Kill animal shelter. We are a No Kill animal SANCTUARY. Please take some time to understand the difference between a shelter and a sanctuary. At Pets Alive, we have an extensive behavior modification and rehabilitation program. We do not provide local animal control, nor do we do many public intakes. Rather, our goal is to be a resource for shelters that do not wish to murder the animals in their care. This is a “win-win.” Those shelters, when they run out of space or have a special needs animal, can contact us and we work with them to either place the animal or take the animal in here.

Last year for instance we saved the lives of 3,500 animals, including many animals that shelters would have killed without even trying to find them a home. Think about that: We saved 3,500 animals on a budget a fraction of PETA’s. Our revenues last year were about $850,000. At the same time, PETA took in about $35,000,000, took in less than 2,000, but killed almost nine out of 10 of them. By way of comparison, if we had your revenues, we could have saved 144,118 animals. How is it possible you could not even save 200? You claim they were all “unadoptable,” but many if not most of our animals are also classified as “unadoptable” and yet we saved them.

Over the years, this includes over 78 animals from a terrible situation in West Virginia. Some animals were dead; some were covered with mange; most needed critical emergency medical care. We saved every single one and every single one was adopted.

We also helped 120 beagles when the vivisectors that were cruelly and inhumanely testing on them went bankrupt. PETA would have likely killed every one of those poor souls, but Pets Alive didn’t. We took them in, worked with them, gave them love adopted out all 120 animals – not a single life lost and all are still happy in their forever homes.

When storms in Baton Rouge, LA, decimated the area leaving hundreds of animals homeless and the local shelters inundated, we took in over 140 of those animals and not a single one died–they are all living in loving homes and with families today.

Another time we took in 135 animals from a situation down in Arkansas. Many of those animals had no social skills at all and two were deemed aggressive. At least half of them had serious medical issues. We took them all in, vetted them and taught them the needed skills to be adopted. All are in homes today. Not a single life lost.

When the Animal Care & Control in NYC started mass killing kittens during kitten season we started our ITTY BITTY KITTY campaign and in two weeks we took in HUNDREDS of kittens and, you guessed it, we saved EVERY SINGLE ONE! All were scheduled to be killed by the pounds you celebrate, but all are now in homes today thanks to a No Kill sanctuary you vilify. When an elderly woman here in town died and left 50 cats behind, local animal control called us and together, with other organizations, we saved every single one of them.

When a puppy mill shut down leaving over 220 dogs behind, we moved in and once again saved every single one of them.

I would like to make you an offer. Allow my team to visit PETA and evaluate your protocols. Allow my team unfettered access to your “shelter” to evaluate the animals you kill. And allow my team to teach your team how to save, rather than end, the lives of animals. Together, we can make PETA what its members erroneously think it is: an organization filled with people who love animals. Because as it stands, you cannot torture the definition of the word “love” to encompass their mass slaughter. In the end, killing an animal is not an act of love. It is an act of violence. And it is time for PETA to end the violence it inflicts on animals.

Kerry Clair
Executive Director/President
Pets Alive Animal SANCTUARY

P.S. To learn about our other programs and services, visit
You’ll see many programs we have in place, all dedicated to helping SAVE lives. Not end them.

I think they lost that battle.
::blowing on nails and rubbing chest::

Of course my initial response was just going to be “BITE ME”….and those of you that know me, or read my blogs, know that’s true, but as a friend says “This was a LEARNING experience”…and they needed a little education about what and who we are. They will of course have no response, nor will they take us up on our offer. Keep in mind that they sent cameras down here and video…and they came back with nothing.

In all their attacks on no-kill you also never see PETA mention that there are 100 no kill open admission shelters out there. Why don’t they ever bring them up? ENTIRE communities that take in every animal that come to their door and NEVER kill them. OVER a hundred and doubling every year. Isn’t it odd they never mention those at ALL?

OK, well I’ve had my laugh of the day. Come on at us PETA. We’ll spank you and send you on your way every time.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of otheres…Stay tuned  Best -B

~ by topcatsroar on April 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “PETA comes after Pets Alive…and loses”

  1. Hmmmm… One thing about this I do have abit of a problem understanding. This Kerry Claire says they are NOT a shelter, but a sanctuary. Then he/she goes on to point out how many of their animals have been successfully adopted out. I thought sanctuaries do not adopt out any animals? I’m not trying to knock Pets Alive, but isn’t that the function of a shelter and not a sanctuary?

    • I am not totally familiar with this organization-most certainly an interesting post of there’s!!!

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