What the Heck?!?

What the heck?!? -Why might be the bigger question!!!

From time to time, I have pointed out ‘shit-holes’ for animals. It really bothers me to do it but when others comply and spend their money on proper equipment and updating their facilities; then why can’t others?!? Often taking money out of their own pocket or going into debt…Don’t these animals (all animals) deserve more and should we not point out a safety issue when those of us in the industry see one?!? I look in the eyes of an animal and see their soul.

Why is it so difficult to police ourselves?!? Possibly because we are all  ASSUMED guilty by association by owning the same types of animals.  Once placed on a blog with a large readership, it then could led where I might not wish it to go!!! Isn’t that exactly what happened when Jack Hanna, Carole Baskin, Tippi Hedron and others attacked Exotic Animal Owners in Ohio ending up with an animal ban like no other; with some domed to go to the ‘Animal Alcatraz’ they built for them where they go in and won’t come out; never seeing the light of day or breathing fresh air again?!? I doubt anyone would have ever dreamed that would happen!!!

We fight the bad bills and our right to ownership but as long as some of these places continue, we will see further destruction of our rights to ownership!!!

So I find I have to once again make an exception, not because I particularly want to -more like I have to!!!

There is a potentially dangerous situation a foot…I have contacted these people and attempted to make contact so, for now, I will not mention the name of the place. I have sent them a personal FB message and found an email account where I have send them notice of this post and advised them not to take this unit out…it needs repair and dangerous-But then I see their facility on FB and I want to puke-WTF?!? Where have the authorities been?!?

I do not know why the authorities have done nothing as I do not understand why my caging was question, MG,  there is no comparison!!! Why is this shit-hole housing animals when a beautiful facility in South Florida has been denied??? Why were my transport cages questioned and what great lengths people went to to manufactured evidence, with the lies in the media that were totally uncalled for and totally unacceptable; destroying my good name and reputation-Taking more that $207,000.00 of valuable animals and property…and placing a case into a court that did not have subject matter jurisdiction even on the appeal it was placed in a court that lacked jurisdiction according to state LAW!!! To deny a deaf man his right to his phone calls and to an interpreter…despicable…and made a complete mockery of my life…his life…with all brand new facilities and a pile of chain link sky high of everything needed for a beautiful facility…

Is the fear of caged animals so great that they would do anything to see it closed before it ever began…Or is the local NFP afraid of the ‘new kid on the block’?!? DID anther animal sanctuary want my animals so badly that the owner actually had the gall to place the first phone call of fictitious complaint ( -a convicted felon at that) from a far away state and then awarded ‘first choice’ of the animals …OMG!!! Or, was it merely fun to destroy someone else’s life with that ‘good ole boy’ attitude in this podunk Hell on earth-all this and more, remains unclear to me as we wait for the case to move towards trial for the wrongful theft and abuse of our civil liberties…and more importantly, to the animals who suffered because of man’s greed!!! Or is it places like this that come to the minds of some ignorant bastards and reason for shutting down a facility without giving it a chance…no matter what they see with their own eyes…

It’s been more than a year since I spoke of this…But now realizing what my friend was pointing out to me and then a review of the place on their FB page, I realize I am left with no other alternative than to show you what has been found…ignoring how it has triggered strong and deep emotions within me-

If we are to gain in keeping our rights to ownership then we absolutely must police ourselves and if maybe ‘a little egg on their face’ by finding themselves on this blog to make them realize they are well over their heads, then so be it…my job is done…Don’t hate the messenger when there will and are people such as myself without their animals suffering because of people like them…This the reality for Exotic Animal Ownership and to some degree, as no other group of animal owners, being banned in so many states and places…no other group so poorly represented.

When people like Joe Schreibvogel go out of their way for animal and people protection; I have to do my part in the ‘scheme of things’…No matter what your choice of animal ownership I must stress to you to Join USZA…the largest organization protecting your rights to animal ownership.

A shit-hole is a shit hole but they have rights to privacy and a chance to “clean it up…or shut it down”…themselves…Animal seizures must be stopped and I know of no other way to try to make a difference even though, I know this is not going to stop Animal Rights Extremists from doing the things that they do…Wrongful Animal Seizures…

However, I must stress, that’s about money and “glory” and this about Animal Welfare. STOP THE ANIMAL BANS!!!

This is suppose to be a transport cage and how they display their tiger-YES!!! He’s in there…I can’t help but wonder how far they traveled and how far they have to travel back home!!!

It appears this is the door to transfer this tiger…The hinge is pinned and there is no safety to hold the pin in place…Not only that but there’s a break below this door and the board that this tiger is lying on MUST be replaced…OMG!!! [note-where does that tail light go?!?]

If this is putting their best foot forward than you can only imagine the poor condition of the facilities even though the animals appear totally healthy!!! People in Ohio with beautiful and wonderful facilities will no longer be able to keep their animals because of people around the country not living up to their responsibility…again I have to ask…Where have the authorities been so this would have never been an issue?!?

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B

~ by topcatsroar on April 16, 2013.

2 Responses to “What the Heck?!?”

  1. As hard as this was for you & as hypocritical as it makes us feel to do this to another…. We have to keep in mind what is best for the animals. Hugs my friend.

  2. Actually, I believe the reason they swoop in on newcomers to the county is, everybody is below poverty level, so they want to ensure that you start out that way too. Nobody works in this county, so why should you? Plus, they want all newcomers to know where their “Hilton hotel” is and how comfortable the stinless steel beds can be.

    As for that picture, you cropped out the trailer’s tail light, in the lower right corner! I think the bracket rusted off and the light is waiting for them to collect enought money to fix it. But to leave it out like that when set up for a show is pretty ignorant, to say the least. Plus, that broken flooring could at least be covered so the public can’t see it! Better yet to fix it right. Looks like there’s plywood on top of it, and the tiger’s paw is not sticking out the hole in the bottom. But it’s only a matter of time before that plywood gets torn up and more than just his/her PAW is sticking out!

    The pin holding the door… Anything could pull that pin out. The tarp flailing in a strong wind, for example. And with just one pin pulled, the tiger could force the bottom of the door enough to do some real damage -mostly to its own paw.

    But the worst thing of all, for the rest of us, is what the public sees there, and their reaction to it as “typical” of all cat shows.

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