Commentary: May you RIP Kentucky

Photos of Kentucky

[After-before entering the shelter below]

California Penal Code section 597 states in pertinent part, “(W)hoever, having the charge or CUSTODY of any animal, either as owner or otherwise, subjects any animal to needless suffering, or inflicts unnecessary cruelty upon the animal . . . is, for each offense, guilty of a crime punishable pursuant to subdivision (d).” [Emphasis added.]

So what happens when the animal in question is in the custody of San Bernardino County Animal Control Services at the Devore Animal Shelter? It seems that as far as the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisorsgoes, the law does not apply.

That is certainly the message the rescue community is given time after time. Eight months after passing an ordinance creating a citizen-led commission to advise on conditions at the Devore Shelter, only two commission members have been appointed and not a single meeting has taken place. The process to appoint members to a commission takes between two to six weeks, so it is obvious what members of the board of supervisors think about animal abuse in the nation’s largest county.

Intake photo for Kentucky

Intake photo for Kentucky
Such a commission would come in handy this week. You see, there is a case of extreme animal abuse . . . abuse at the hands of shelter workers and possibly their contracted veterinarian, assuming the poor animal was actually ever evaluated by the veterinarian during the days he was in the county’s custody.

This is the story of Kentucky, a beautiful grey and white Tabby with haunting green eyes. The evaluation by an independent veterinarian states Kentucky suffered the following (as best as we can read it):

  • Pet unable to stand w/o falling over
  • No palatable Bladder probably res (sic) in leaks and smell
  • Tissue on testicles is damaged and devitized aft (affect? sic) . . . bilat descended testes- urine scald- feels like sandpaper
  • live fleas massive (? sic ) flea dirt
  • Litter – guinea pellets falling off fur
  • Sneezing nasal congestion
  • Neurological damage to Spine and three limbs
  • Ear mites, alopecia Scabs behind ears – ear mites and self-trauma
  • Matted air ventral (sic) neck
  • Backbone is hunched up
  • Definitely looks like HBC (?HitByCar) w /neurological damage to spine legs and LMN bladderURI and flea infestation and urine scald
  • Start w/ FELV/ FIV test 1/hrver guarded to poor prognosis for normal function
  • Recommend euthanasia alt(?) poor condition and poor chance of a recovery
  • He has neurologic damage to Spine, 3 limbs, urine scalding tissue on testes+hind rd is damages(?) and devitalized alt(?) urine scald & may likely rot off.
  • Severe matting of entire hairoot, ear mites , thickened alopeeic (?) skin w/ self- inflicted wounds/tears in skin, 2” (size?)
  • URI

Kentucky was forced to stay in a cage in this condition by shelter staff for a minimum of five days without treatment. Once a rescue was allowed to step in and obtained this outside opinion, Kentucky was humanely euthanized.

Kentucky is just one case of many where sick and injured animals are not given treatment and allowed to suffer at the hands of those charged by law with their care and treatment. Any private citizen who treated an animal in such fashion would be charged with a crime. In this case the crime can be a felony.

What is the difference between a citizen abusing an animal and a government bureaucrat abusing an animal? There should be no difference. Yet there is. Why are government officials being given special treatment in this case?

Are you willing to get involved? If so, please email San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos at, by phone at (909) 382-3669 or on Facebook at San Bernardino County District Attorney and respectfully request a complete investigation into this matter specifically and the Devore Animal Shelter as a whole.

The district attorney has an animal cruelty task force. Let’s find out if it is for real or just more lip service from a corrupt county that will stop at nothing to protect corrupt individuals


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