A picture is worth a thousand words!!!! -Editoral

The following pictures came in from an ‘un-known source’…

To ALL those who don’t want to believe the truth -that secretly, Carole Lewis Baskin is a real nut job…That she has always been, and still has her eye on the ‘gold at the end of the rainbow’…for Control of ALL the Big Cats in the US and now with the with help from HSUS (both under investigation by the FBI), she is heading toward achieving that goal…Now connected thru accreditation of GFS an HSUS organization of a slew of ‘sanctuaries’;with several that have recently gone under fire as some of the worst ‘sanctuaries’ in America…ALL have bought their way into accreditation and show their alliance to HSUS…and have protection from HSUS. Seriously, it is no great achievement when your dream destroys the dreams of others!!! However Baskin’s dream is for money and destroy the animals she ‘so dearly loves’…She should be careful what she wishes for-it just might bite her in the arse!!!

ALL The Animal Right’s Extremists organizations are connected to one another…including Carole Lewis Baskin and ‘her’ Big Cat Rescue. A SCAM for donations -aren’t they all and their connection to HSUS or other extremist group, just proves it!!! All too often the donations are used for legislation purposes -NOT the animals!!! How many people have donated to BCR for the cats or for a project or a mission, with BCR turning around and giving to her own legislative network (calling it education is unacceptable, where she attacks Private Animal Owners and encourages others to attack Private Exotic Animal Owners?!? Just how is that legal?!?-HA! Does it matter when by the time it’s caught; damage done…

She attacks the laws and along side Wayne Pacelle (“One generation and OUT!”~CEO HSUS) and this past summer, BCR a major sponsor at the Animal Rights Convention in Washington D.C. The funny thing about that is that this woman has more than enough money to support her animals, most being small wild cats and domestic (Bengal) so why has she changed her purpose from breeder/collector and set on a path destroying others?!? Power trip maybe?!? Could it possibly be that no accreditation organization would accredit BCR-She had had her own ‘organization’ going for awhile but no one would join, too funny!!!…And why would other Private Owners want NOTHING to do with this psychopath?!?-HELLO, I said PSYCHOPATH and they are ALL under attack and on her ‘911 site’…She’s afterpower and revenge and out to get out of it all that she can….That plaque she displays as ‘accredited’ totally worthless- the standards at BCR are far from the best!!! Baskins learning that such hatred towards others comes with a price…

At last I have the proof…

To see the pictures go here: http://www.exoticendangeredcatsoftheworld.com/topcats/?p=135

Well I don’t know where those pictures came from and nor do I care…but sure glad they were sent to me-one good turn deserves another…right Carole?!? -Screw you!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said of my opinion and the opinion of others as well as for Educational Purposes-KNOW THY ENEMY!!! Best -B


~ by topcatsroar on April 5, 2013.

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