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Save them all, Kill the excuses

Many pet killing facilities in this country are enabled by caring volunteers and rescuers who buy into the Save a Few, Kill the Rest business model.  How it works:  The pet killing facility allows members of the public to care for, network and rescue certain pets so long as the public plays by its rules.  The rest of the pets are killed.  The rules that must be obeyed typically center around silence on the part of the enablers – no speaking to the media or posting online about the truth of what goes on at the shelter.

How do compassionate people stand by silently while healthy/treatable pets are being killed all around them?  It a two-pronged attack – one from without and the other from within.  The pet killing facility tells the rescuers and volunteers:

  • We’re not monsters.  No one here wants to kill pets.  We’re animal lovers, just like you.
  • It’s the public’s fault that we have to kill pets.  With the exception of you guys, the rest of the public is irresponsible and uncaring.
  • We’re all on the same team.  But if you speak to the media about what goes on here, people might get the wrong impression and stop donating.  That will only hurt the animals.

The rescuers and volunteers carry the weight from there and tell themselves:

  • If I publicly tell the truth about what happens at the shelter, I won’t be allowed to walk dogs/foster kittens/rescue pets any longer and then the animals will have no one to be kind to them because the people here are monsters.
  • The people here aren’t monsters.  They only kill pets because the irresponsible public forces them to do it.  I am a member of the public and so are all the networkers, adopters, fosters, donors, rescuers, volunteers and transporters that I know.  Before we got involved with the shelter, we were all just regular pet owners.  I guess I and everyone I know are all exceptions.  Yes, that must be right because only uncaring people would surrender their pets to these monsters.
  • The people here aren’t monsters.  After all, they are allowing me to save a few of the pets.  And saving a few is better than saving none so I am going to keep my mouth shut and play by their rules in order to maintain my privileges.  If I don’t, they might kill Fluffy, whom I’ve been working on getting into rescue for 2 weeks, in retaliation.  I can’t risk these monsters killing Fluffy.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these statements?  This is how our broken shelter system’s status quo of Save a Few, Kill the Rest is maintained.  The monsters sell it and the compassionate public buys it.  If you buy it, there will always be a place for you at your local pet killing facility.  Because there will always be a Fluffy.  They will dangle a Fluffy in front of your face forever and taunt you with their power of life and death.

A pet adopted from UPAWS, as posted on Facebook.

A pet adopted from UPAWS in Michigan, as posted on Facebook.

If  however you decide to empower yourself to be free from this mindset, to put the responsibility for Fluffy’s protection on those paid to protect her, and to stand up for what you know in your heart is right – that ALL SHELTER PETS HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE – let me know.  I’ll stand by you.

We don’t have to accept saving just a few.  We can save them all.  As compassionate pet advocates, we must reject the myths of pet overpopulation and the “irresponsible public” that have been put forth in an attempt to justify needless killing.  It is our duty to publicly condemn the notion that saving shelter pets is a “privilege” which directors extend only to those who play ball.  We must organize, not to enable more killing by keeping quiet, but to garner legislative support for the Companion Animal Protection Act to protect pets from monsters.

Take back your power.  Giving it up was a tragic mistake but one that can be made right – unlike killing.  Save them all, kill the excuses.

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Is the animal shelter/humane society shelter a n kill or do they have a 3 day hold limit and proceed with the killing?!? If so…DO NOT SUPPORT THEM!!! I have been saying this for sometime…especially if you livein a small community and a especially with a ‘founder/president of’ with illusions of grander!!! How will you know the truth?!? Ask questions and thru the freedom of information act find out what happened t the animals!!! Where’d those animals go??? Especially with a claim they have saved or touched the lives of the poor animals (hence, give us a donation we are a 501-c-3; I can come up with so many other places that need money that are also tax deductible and do not murder the animals they claim to be rescuing!!!-I am sure that you could do the same!!!) and all they did was take them to a kill facility…YES!!! That is going on so they can ‘claim’ they never kill the animals -HA! What a load of crap if you ask the facility where those animals went what happened to the animals!!! Just remember, you might not be happy with what you find out but at least you will know to stop contributing to KILLING animals!!!

Animal seizures and rescues are being conducted by a very sophisticated network of 

organized crime who have developed a very sophisticated scheme by which they are 

criminalizing longstanding animal and livestock owners; divesting them of

ownership of entire herds of livestock and commercially valuable animals.

All of it done at taxpayer expense and thru a highly developed scheme to collect



Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my oppinion and the oppinion of others…  Best -B


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