Caboodles Update

from Caboodles Ranch:

Here is some information on the status of our various legal actions.

Judge Parker issued a “Findings of Fact” on 12/31/12. It stated that

1-the Sheriff did not expend any costs for the care of the animals. (The Sheriff filed suit asking to be paid $1.4 million in expenses he did not pay. The ASPCA said the raid would not cost the county any money.) FL S. Chpt. 57.051- clearly states that an official cannot charge fees in excess of the amount to which they are entitled. The remedy is that CR can recover four times the unlawful charge from the Sheriff, not the ASPCA. We are exploring our options. This is not a “technicality,” as opponents would like you to believe. It is a Florida statute and has withstood judicial review.

2- The Findings also stated that the ASPCA was not an agent of either the Sheriff or the county. The procedural requirements were not followed, as required by FL S.828.03. If the ASPCA was not a legal agent, what right did they have to come onto private property? Again, we are exploring our options, and I hope other facilities that have been “rescued” by the ASPCA will look at their statutes and see if the same requirements apply. Also statutory, not a technicality.

There is another pre-trial hearing for the criminal case on 3/11. A third prosecutor from the state’s office has been assigned.

The ASPCA has asked for and then canceled two hearings on “amending the August 9 Order.” Yes, months after they violated an Order that was in force, they now want to amend it. The Aug. 9 Order forbade it from denying CR supporters the opportunity to adopt at the adoptions; asked that Craig Grant’s personal pets not be adopted out; and that the cats should not be moved all over the state. The ASPCA violated ALL those provisions and now wants to amend the Order, even though the court found they were not a legal agent of the county. Curious.

Thank you for your continued support. Craig gets to read your comments and it helps. He has gotten some medical attention, is feeling much better, and is continuing to fight for justice.


This is happening in a lot of these ‘cruelty cases’…Animal seizures with not-for-profits making charges that don’t exist ALL at TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!!

Animal seizures and rescues are being conducted by a very sophisticated network of organized crime who have developed a very sophisticated scheme by which they are criminalizing longstanding animal and livestock owners; divesting them of ownership of entire herds of livestock and commercially valuable animals. All of it done at taxpayer expense and thru a highly developed scheme to collect donations.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  Best -B

~ by topcatsroar on March 6, 2013.

One Response to “Caboodles Update”

  1. What kind of court system seems to beg leave from the SPCA or any other organization like them, such as PETA? What kind of sheriff deliberately and knowingly lies about the costs incurred especially when it is so easy to expose that lie? That’s right. The court system has something horribly wrong with it and it refuses to do its job when the SPCA is involved. The sheriff committed a crime, a real crime violating a real law.

    Good for Craig Grant. He is a real American.

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